Saturday, 19 January 2013

"Sukitte ii na yo" photoshoooooooottt!

Hope you're alll doing well!

I'm doing pretty alright- just the weather still getting to me because it was apparently 46 degrees celsius max today and we tanked and had a last minute planned photoshoot haha! We cosplayers and photographers are crazy indeeed. Why last minute? Well we originally decided to postpone the shoot because it was too hot, but then realised we cannot shoot any other time unless super delayed so we just decided last minute to tank the weather and shoot.

Today we shot manga/anime "Sukitte ii na yo (say 'i love you')" with our photographer Jaychu and cosplayer Arisu who cos'd as my Tachibana Mei *A*)// <3 This shoot took quite alot of planning and effort (mainly for Jaychu and Arisu) because we had no idea where to shoot~ in the end we shot in the hearts of Chatswood where the area was more modern yet retained its grassy features.

But yeah, was difficult to capture shots because of such harsh lighting from the sunlight and just bits and pieces didn't seem so right or not what we all wanted. ALSO WAS JUST TOO HOT IN GENERAL, was actually super worried about Jaychu in hopes that she doesn't push herself so much in the weather because she was just SO RED LOLOL <3 and Arisu (our Mei) had to wear a long sleeve shirt with a vest in this hot weather, that's like death hahaha. Of course we took it easy throughout and had lots of rest and running around to spot for shady cool areas and had plenty of fluids to keep us hydrated and ate in an aircon'd area so all was good. Better if friendlier weather haha!

Anyway here are just some photos I'll share:

Here are just some makeup products I brought along in my makeup case along with my eyeshadow palette.
→  Liquid foundation
→  Powder
→  Spot on concealer
→  Eyebrow palette
→  Dark brown colored powder (used for contouring mainly)
→  Crayon, pencil and liquid eyeliners
→  Lip liner
→  Highlighter (below the eyelirnes)
→  Wig styling gel (the thing that says Fantasy Sheep)
→  Angled liner brushes, lip brush, powder brushes

Tried to keep it simple because its a relatively simple cosplay. After my Socking shoot, I learnt that most concealer (especially cream based) don't cooperate well in hot weathers as they melt and settle into your skin causing it to leave a crackly, spotty look. So this time since the weather was even more extremely hot, I did not wear concealer and just decided to double up my foundation. 
Despite some of my scars do peek through abit, nothing but a little shopping can't do ;) 
Secret of cosplayers revealed : we heavily rely on photoshop LOLOL!

New bag and tie my Mei (Arisu) got for me for the shoot, and now we having matching bags and tie haha! Oh super thanks to Arisu for buying it and blinging the bag for me <3 Did not expect it Q3Q.

Here's us just derping abouts the shoot and just fixing this and that and discussing on poses and yeah! Jaychu, Arisu (Mei), and me (Yamato) :D

Another derpy moment before shooting, me just getting my makeup on and Mei being.. not so Mei AHAHAH!! Props to Jaychu for the photo. So funny during this moment, this man walked by and he started asking something about makeup which we had no idea what he was saying and yeah, I somewhat get the feeling he's just amazed the fact we're doing makeup in a random area in this hot scorching weather LOLOL!
OH and see the shoes I'm wearing, they're female loafers which fits me and I wore it for Yozora Mikazuki from Haganai but yeah, first time I've had this problem but the back of the left shoe kept rubbing against the back of my foot towards the ankles and yeah, had a blister. But was worth it I guess, nothing but a little blister anyway.

Yamato (me) abducting Jaychu's camera and camwhoring with Mei (Arisu). Enjoy my awkward smile, well awkward Yamato in general hahaaha! MEI! YOU ARE TOO CUTEEEEEEE!!! <3

Picture of me driving back home after the shoot, even though I shouldn't be taking pictures while driving but it's okay, I was stationary and stuck in traffic XD! Tired and sleepy being stuck in traffic in this hot heat without air con because my car ran out of the cool air gas thingo which I really should get that repumped.
We finished up around 3.15pm because I had to leave since it's quite a travel for me and had to go back to help my aunty with her work. So we walk back to the centre we ate from and where I parked my car and turns out there was a fire drill so we had to wait at the entrance for about 10 minutes. Just our luck after the heat but all is well after we could enter and buy cold drinks *A*

SO YEAH! Was super fun as always shooting with them and I think we managed to get quite a number of photos in this hot weather, so overall really good :D Omega thanks to Jaychu and Arisu for the shoot!

Definitely think we will be reshooting "Sukitte ii na yo" soon in a more friendly weather and hopefully my make up and wig will be better as the wig just looked super flat, missing the volume that Yamato has and yeah. 

I look forward to the release of photos and reshooting <3 

Until then, time to head the showers again and head to bed for a long day tomorrow helping my aunty!

Take care, stay well and goodnight!

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