Sunday, 31 March 2013

First visit to "Taste of Shanghai" restaurant

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

On good Friday (29th March 2013), I was with a friend of mine having a mini photoshoot and after the shoot we decided to go grab something to eat. So my friend suggested this restaurant called "Taste Of Shanghai" and have some dumplings and chinese food. I've heard of the name since there's one restaurant in Ashfield, World Square CBD, and Eastwood; but I've actually never tried it so we decided to go there.

We headed to the Eastwood restaurant since we thought we could avoid traffic and possible queues at the restaurant. Got to Eastwood at around 5.30pm and we see that there was a massive queue.

Found parking and headed to the restaurant to get a ticket for two to queue up which was approximately a 30-40 minute wait (it was hella crowded with people). 

We actually had to remind them about our ticket number which the service lady said she called out our number three times, but we clearly heard her saying "73, 73, 74, 74, 74, 75, 75, 75, 76 -ticket 76 gets their table-" .. we were number 72, but we told her that we were waiting just at the counter and didn't hear her ever calling out 72; nicely enough she gave us the next free table immediately so that was good.

Ordered straight away once we got our table since we already looked at the menu while waiting and decided on what to get, two dumplings and a main/side.

Here are the food we got:

no.005 Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
First thing that came out was the steamed soup dumpling shanghai style consisting a filling of pork and ginger with succulent juice contained within eat dumpling. For 8 dumplings it costed $8.80AUD which I thought was alright since I know other places that does steamed soup dumplings and cost heaps more.
These dumplings were steamed to perfection and you can definitely tell the pastry and the dumplings itself is fresh and handmade. The pastry was still moist, not dry and was still able to hold all the contents within the wrapper even when lifted (often cases the wrapper rips when lifted which causes the soup to leak out). The fillings inside was super hot and seasoned with balance flavors of pork and ginger. The only downer is that some of the fats used to make the soup did not dissolve, leaving it to just be a clump of fat. Overall fantastic.

no. 010 Pan Seared Pork Dumplings
 Second that came out was pan fried pork dumplings which costed $9.80AUD for 8 pieces. Now when they came out I thought they would be just like your typical gyoza HOWEVER these are quite different. The pastry is puffy and slightly more thicker and the filling actually contains soup like the soup dumplings above! This was the first time I've ever had pan fried dumplings where it contained soup and it tasted great. Once again the filling is like the steamed dumpling with balanced flavors of pork and ginger with lovely soup. This time however, there was no clumps of fat undissolved so it was really pleasant to eat. Be warned though, this dumpling is really filling because the pastry is more thicker and more puffier. Despite saying that about the pastry- it is still enjoyable to eat as the pastry isn't tough or chewy.

Pan seared Pork Dumplings as above, can see the soup pouring out and the thicker pastry.

No. 606 - Peking Style Shredded Pork with Pancake
Our final dish for the night was the peking style shredded pork with pancakes to serve which costed $16.80AUD with an extra $3.00AUD for pancakes. This dish is to be eaten rolled up with the pancake containing the shredded pork and the cucumber inside. Was quite enjoyable to eat since the flavors were really there and the leeks stir fried together really tied the flavors together. The cucumber wasn't so fresh, seemed like it was exposed to heat for too long so it kinda was semi-steamed? My friend and I thought that the dish just had too much sauce and was abit on the salty side so just slightly difficult to consume without the pancake. I would still recommend this dish since it's delicious and easy/fun to eat, pretty sure on a less crowded day then it'll be more enjoyable than what I had.
 I've had this dish before at Noodle King at Chinatown on Sussex St and when compared to Taste of Shanghai, I would say that the one at Noodle King is better ONLY because the flavors are more subtle and more balanced with the saltiness and the sweetness. 

My friend bought their Seafood Stir Fried Noodle no. 1306 to take-away for her parents and we were quite disappointed how it game out since it just looked like simple noodles with sauce and a couple of prawns. Not really so much of "seafood", more like combination since we saw beef pieces in it too.

One thing I took notice around me is that alot of people ordered "no. 006 Pan-Fry Pork Buns with Sesame" which seems to be one of their popular dishes. We were just too full to order it so maybe next time I'll go try it out.

I would say the service in general was quite good, considering the place was super crowded, they actually handled themselves and the customers quite well. Was fast and speedy, food came out quickly, calling for service was fast, tables and dishes was cleared fast etc. Only downer was the lack of communication between customer and the service people since they didn't really understand english. But overall quite good.

Well that's my trip to "Taste of Shanghai" restaurant in Eastwood and I definitely did enjoy it and will definitely visit again in the future. Would definitely take my parents here to try out.

For more information on "Taste of Shanghai" please check out their website at :

Until then, stay well & take care!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mom's Birthday + Casual Androgynous Photoshoot

Good evening everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Been a while and I know I'm already slacking off with blogging BUT I will try my best to keep things updated :)

Today (27th March 2013) is my mom's 54th birthday so 
Wish you all the best and thank you for everything!
Sorry for always being such a pain in the arse LOL!

Because it was her birthday- I wanted to make a mini celebration with some cake BUT because I don't have the money to buy her the usual family favorite cake (Coffee Pecan Torte from The Cheesecake Shop), I decided to bake her one this morning similarly to the family's favorite.

Here is the outcome of the cake I made for my mom's birthday :

It's a hazelnut & almond sponge cake with coffee cream decorated with chocolate coated hazelnuts and surrounded with crushed hazelnut & almond.

The cake is actually small since the batter I made for the sponge was only enough for one small cake pan .___.;

Tried to imitate the store's cake with the chocolate decoration on top, not bad in my opinion ;D .. kinda messy but I think it works.

Everyone in the house enjoyed the cake and was actually surprised I made it. It's been such a long time I've baked cakes, stopped baking a while ago due to my skin outbreak which caused me to stop baking and eating sweets.

Only problem with the cake is the cream, kinda didn't whip it enough so the cream is a little runny. Oh and I added WAY too much coffee that it's abit on the bitter side.

But overall I think it was good :)

For those who want the recipe to the cake, I used the same sponge cake recipe as Kumigar from Youtube did for her Pistachio sponge cake with peach cream:

Please check it out :3 The sponge is more on the dense side BUT you will love it because its quite fluffy despite it being dense. I just replaced the pistachio nuts with hazelnuts & almonds.

For the coffee cream, I just added some instant coffee to thickened cream and whipped them together whilst adding sugar to liking.

Once again, Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you were able to feel all my love and heart I put into the cake, thank you so much for everything and your present shall come soon (bought some skincare for her online).

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DIY : Slouch beanie with old clothes

How's it going everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Here is another DIY making a slouch beanie using old unwanted clothes. 

Slouch beanies have been really popular for a while now since it is such a simple versatile piece that can be worn in almost all weathers whilst adding a nice touch of style for your head. They're like your average beanies however is more elongated and hangs or bags towards the back hence the "slouch". The slouch beanie is definitely popular amongst korean fashion and along skater/punk fashion.

Now I know there are ALOT of tutorials for this DIY but I just thought I'd make one for my blog. And also simply because whilst I make some for myself, might as well share on how to make these slouch beanies.

So lets get started! Here are some things you'll need:
→ Unwanted clothes or any kind of stretchy fabric. NOTE : the fabric should somewhat be stretchy so it can fit and wrap around your head
→ A beanie for template (optional)
→ Scissors
→ Sewing machine OR Thread and Needle

1. Lay your fabric or unwanted clothes down onto a flat surface and smooth out and bumps/creases.
Here I'm using an old singlet that has been quite worned out and stretched.

2. If you have a beanie, place it down in the bottom centre of the fabric where there the edges are hemmed/overlocked. Use this as a template and mark out how big and long you want your slouch beanie to be. The longer the beanie, the longer the slouch. If the slouch is too long, it'll look like an elf hat.

If you don't have a beanie, just mark out how big and long you want your slouch beanie to be along the bottom centre of the fabric where the edges are hemmed/overlocked.

The reason why you want to ues the bottom hemmed/overlocked edges is because it just saves you time to hem the ends, especially when their type of hemming allows the fabric to stretch without loosening up the thread.

 To make the cutting process more easier, you can fold the fabric in half lengthwise.

3. Cut our your marked fabric and you should end up with a beanie pattern that is slightly longer than a usual beanie.

4. Place your fabric inside out so the correct sides face each other and start hemming around the endes of the beanie (red ziggzagg in the picture below), REMEMBER NOT TO SEW UP THE ALREADY HEMMED EDGES/OPENING OF THE HAT.

5. Turn your hat inside out and you should end up with a slouch beanie. Try on the beanie and style accordingly. Adjust by cutting and sewing if necessary.

And there you go, you're own slouch beanie :D

Sorry for the low quality pictures. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!
Until then, stay well & take care!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Coffee School :) & Job Rejections :(

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Recently I attended a coffee school with a couple of friends on Thursday 14th March 2013 (White Day) to get a Barista licence. The coffee school we attended is "The Coffee School" situated at Shop 3/107 Quay St (in Bijou Lane), Haymarket NSW 2000. 

To be honest, I was super nervous because I don't do well in these things because of pressure and all but surprisingly the course was super fun and informative as well. The instructor (Matt) made the atmosphere super comfortable so it was great.

It was a one day course from 10.30am - 4.30pm (though we got out at 4pm) and during that course, I've learnt to make some coffee such as cafe latte, mocha, flat white, cappuccino, hot chocolate, short black. So funny and frustrating because we were usually given the choice to make 2 coffee of the choice and I always seem to get one of the coffee perfect but the other one just a disaster, and vice versa happens haha! For example:

The Cappuccino i made (left one) is perfectly froth and layered however my Cafe Latte on the right there .. I didn't pour it properly so it's missing the 1-2cm layer of froth :( .. the froth is like 0.5cm haha!

But overall it was great fun. In the end we all got our certificate and also received a Coffee Art book! :D

Before I move onto the more emotional part of the post, I'd just like to thank my friend Jen for enrolling us to the course and also paying for us. Defo pay you back babe with my first pay :D

OKAY so onto the more emotional part of the post which is job rejection :(
Yesterday (Friday 15th March) and this morning (Saturday 16th March), I received a bunch of emails in my personal inbox email on replies on the job applications I've sent in (around 9 altogether both days) and unfortunately I've been rejected on all the jobs and majority (6 out of 9) of the emails stated that they won't be hiring me because I don't qualify/meet their expectations/standards.

Now I totally understand if I don't meet certain expectations/standards BUT majority of the jobs I've applied for seeks someone who is EXPERIENCED in a certain category for example EXPERIENCED in working with customers. Okay so it's understandable that every workplace would want to hire an experienced person but that's not my point, my point is - HOW AM I GOING TO FIND EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE ME

Some of you are probably thinking that I'm not applying the correct places or my resume is just wrong. In my opinion I think my resume is quite fine because it's honest and it's me because I literally do not have any actual work experience due the fact I have "asian parents" who didn't allow me to work and rather want me to focus on study. Also I have stated on my experiences with volunteering work since I have done quite alot of volunteering work for anime conventions for Uni Anime club and for charity work at my local temple for my aunty in which both volunteering work involves working with customers and sales. The only thing that's lacking in that resume is experiences in ACTUAL paid work. 
For the job applying, I literally have been throwing myself almost all over Sydney because I am that determined to travel to work and I have been applying for jobs in alot of categories from hotels, cafe, retail stores, services, data entry, AND SCIENCE WHICH IS THE DEGREE I STUDIED AND FINISH AT UNIVERSITY.

But yeah, I will keep applying for jobs at my best. Just so frustrating seeing all these rejections day after day and seeing the fact I don't qualify because I'm not experienced (especially when I'm 23 this year). Also frustrating because I have no form of income and I really do not want to rely on my parents (mind you- I don't and never ask my parents for money). 

Anyway, enough of that post.

Until then, stay well, take care and good night! :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

DIY bracelets with jewellery cords & hexnuts

How's it going everyone, hope you're all doing well.

I've been really in the mood for DIY and make some new bracelets or arm candy since I always love to wear something on my wrist with my outfits as I feel it ties the outfit together and also adds character and definition to who you are and your outfit.

Here are a few bracelets I made using jewellery cords and hexnuts, inspired by 'Anneorshine' on Youtube.

I really think these bracelets look really cool, edgy yet subtle enough for a classy look. Both bracelets are fitted nicely around my wrist without sliding around since I thought they looked better when they're fitted on the wrist.

To make these bracelets, all you'll need is:
→ Hex-nuts (I use 4mm hexnuts found at hardware stores)
→ Waxed Jewellery cords (I use black 1mm waxed jewellery cord)

For easier references to make the top bracelet which has a zipper effect, please watch the following video by Anneorshine:

The technique involves a basic 3-part braid, slotting in hexnuts on each side and braiding through.
You should end up something like or simile to this:

The bottom bracelet is more complex and requires a more complicated technique called square knotting.
Here is a great video by Secretlifeofabionerd on how to square knot:

While square knotting, you add a hex-nut in the centre rope and do the square knot and then insert another hex-nut in the centre rope and do another square knot and repeat the steps to the desired length. You should be able to achieve something like this:

It's preferred that you get the hang of the square knotting technique because then adding the hex-nut and square knotting will be extremely easy. I also made the bracelet adjustable with dangling hex-nuts.

To make the adjustable part, I also used the square knotting technique. Please watch the following video to learn how to do an adjustable square knot closure (the voiceover is quite bad imo) :

And you should be able to learn how to make an adjustable square knot closure :)
Once you learn the many techniques such as basic braids and square knotting, you're free to be creative and make many bracelets like the one I made here using different type of jewellery cords:

That's it for the post. Sorry that it's not much of a DIY, really just wanted to share my experiences and my creativity and where I learn and get it from.

Until then, stay well, take care and goodluck!

Canley Height's Le Caravelle

Hey everyone, it's been a while - hope you're all doing well.
This blogpost will just be my impression and review-ish on a new restaurant I tried out, I'll make a proper blogpost to update you all on what I've been up to. Will also add proper pictures as well real soon.

So my cousin and I have been talking about this new local restaurant that's always so packed especially during the nights whenever we are driving along the roads of Canley Heights, The restaurant is called "Le Caravelle" which is situated at 233B Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights, NSW 2166. Apparently the place is known for its gelato hence the crowd and so we decided to try it on Tuesday night 12th March 2013.

When we got to the restaurant, one of the waiter comes to us and serves us- asking us whether we were dining in or just having dessert etc. At this point my mind was thinking that the service was great but.. where are the other waiters/waitresses? There was only one guy running around while another is behind the counter taking care of orders. 
Anyway we get to the gelato area and take a glance of all the gelato flavours they have. The presentation of the gelato in their tubs and the garnishes just look amazing, similar to 'Gelatissimo'. 
Cousin tries the 'Kinder Surprise' flavor which was alright but we ended up getting two medium sized cups which costed around $8.00, each containing two flavors. One cup consisting of 'Choc Mint' and 'Hazelnut', the other with 'Coconut Pandan' and 'Crazy Monkey' flavors. 
We noticed while the gelato was being scooped, it looked and felt really soft as if it was already melting, was kind of worried at this point. 

So that's what they looked look, nice and smooth. BUT was a total let down for both of us, it was such a disappointment that my cousin commented that 'it's a waste of my stomach'
Long reason cut short into points why it was a total let down:
→ Super soft & melting, becomming a milkshake
→ Did not have a gelato texture, more of ice cream texture
→ Taste was SO artificial, for example for choc mint- the peppermint essence used did not make the taste pleasant
→ Lacked pieces, 'choc mint' had no chocolate and 'crazy monkey' did not have any nuts.
→ Sweetness was inconsistent, for example the hazelnut was super sweet but the mint was just plain.

The only decent tasting one was the coconut pandan which subtle and easy to eat. Unfortunately we just couldn't eat it anymore because it all melted and mixed flavors with each other so we just stopped pretty much only half way. 

Was really a let down and disappointing to experience this because the place had a really nice interior and atmosphere, somewhat modern with a classy twist with the damask wallpaper and the chandeliers.

Would I try it again? I might give it another chance maybe with the dining and drinks and maybe the gelato too. But that won't be for a long time.

Overall rating for "Le Caravelle"'s gelato - 1 / 5

Monday, 4 March 2013

Cosplay x Contact Lenses

Wraddup everyone, hope you're all doing well!

So this entry will just be a more detailed and written version of my latest youtube upload on 'Cosplay x Contact Lenses' featuring fellow Sydney cosplayer Tina also known as fuyumi.

Please check out Tina's pages:
Facebook :
DeviantArt :

Blog :
Review blog :

Now, once again this is another personal thoughts and opinion thing from both Tina and I so it's possible that you may not agree with us but yeah. Just us sharing our thoughts out there. :)

Purpose of contact lenses (in cosplay)
Contact lenses does so much wonders in cosplay because it changes the color and enhances the eyes through various patterns and vibrancies along with being able to change the size of your eyes with enlarging properties. 
In saying that and wearing contact lenses when cosplaying, it makes the cosplay more accurate/precise and brings the character more to life especially during photoshoots where having close up portraits of the face, since the eyes will be a pin-point of the picture and the cosplay.
Also contact lenses when bought with power, helps gives vision which allows you to see without the need of wearing glasses which is a YAY since we like to see where we're going and what's going on around us.

Contact lenses vs No lenses
There is quite a difference since the normal naked eye doesn't give it that pop, 3D-ness, surreal look especially when having makeup on, the normal eye's color and shape is overpowered by the makeup which loses look's purpose.
As mentioned earlier, contact lenses comes in all different size, pattern, color in which these properties does change the eye completely- even if the lense is the "natural type".

Personal opinion whether necessary in cosplay
In Tina's opinions, she thinks it is necessary in cosplay because it makes quite a difference and brings the character more to life. 
In my opinion, I think it is quite necessary having them being the same reason as Tina's opinion. 
However it is understandable that there are circumstances in which contact lenses cannot be worn especially health concerns. If for some reason the contact really stings the eye on the day of wearing the cosplay, and you decide to not wear lenses- it doesn't mean you'll be hated or harshly judge. It is for the best.

In sharing our opinion that it is quite necessary, we are not encouraging and saying that it's a MUST, it's just more preferred to adapt in wearing them with cosplay.


  • Be sure that your hands are properly cleaned with soap before beginning
  • Wash your fingers/hands with the contact lens (saline) solution before handling the lenses
  • Handle the lenses with contact lens tweezers with rubber tips 
  • Be sure the lenses are clean when looking through the lens, it should be free from marks/tears (if so, clean by rubbing the lenses with your finger and solution)
  • Try best not to tug on the eye when inserting lenses, this causes the skin to stretch and cause it to prematurely sag/wrinkle especially when the skin around the eye is super delicate and thin
  • Remember to change the solution being stored in the case often and every time lenses are being handled
  • Always wear lenses before applying makeup/skincare

→ Prices & Availability
The availability of contact lenses is so vast nowadays as they can be found online via websites, blogs, facebook stores etc; optometrists and beauty stores; people/friends who bulk buy etc. 
I usually get my lenses online at (as you can see in the ad on the right -i'm not sponsored, just a support for them) . Their lenses are legit, decent priced and the shipping usually takes around 2 weeks to get to more.

The legitimacy of lenses vary every store, you really have to check on feedbacks of the stores and the lenses. Don't hesitate to ask them for details and pictures of seals etc because this is for your own good and theirs too. :)

The prices of lenses vary upon each stores depending on the style, brand, size, popularity, quality, water content etc. But the prices usually range between $16US - $30 for the Japanese/Korean ones.

→ Alternative to contact lenses - Photoshopping
When not wearing lenses, there is also the alternative of photoshopping in lenses. There is a trick when photoshopping lenses and that is to make sure the pupil is still your original color (black/dark) and be sure to add some light definition so there is life in your eyes. Also when adding colors, remember to keep the color opaque so you still see the natural patterns in the eyes.

Wearing contact lenses is quite a big step as it involves putting something into the eye which is extremely dangerous and scary as well, so please do be careful, take it slow and take care when wearing lenses. 
Be sure to have great hygiene when handling them from beginning to end.
Also to consult your optometrist prior to wearing lenses to see whether you can wear lenses or not, and to know how to handle the lenses more properly.
Eyes are something that is pretty much irreplaceble so do cherish them and take great care of them. 
Vision is a great gift, make great use of what you can in this life. :)

Anyway, hope it is somewhat informative. I will try to add pictures tomorrow.
Until then, stay well & take care!