Monday, 16 December 2013

Vietnam Trip begins! Day 1

(Will upload pictures soon since having some uploading dificulties >_<)

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

So blogger finally fixed my error code issue so I can finally blog again! Especially when I am currently on an overseas trip to Vietnam with my mom for one month. Which is perfect timing too because I can't find a decent video editing avi-support app for my android tablet in order to edit some videos for vlogs.

Currently writing this entry as I am on the plane though just via note/document since there's no wifi on the plane let alone the entertainment system for my mom's seat and mine is broken sooo yeah.

So far the flight is going smooth, the weather is great and I have finally found it amusing to look at clouds for a good 15-20 minutes trying to spot out of the cloud looks like anything. For example- the puppy with its ball :3

Checking in our baggages and going through customs went really smoothly which was awesome since my mom and I always shit ourselves as if it looks like we really did something wrong. BUT luckily nothing happened, and for once I didn't have to strip off my belt and boots unlike previous trips.
The plane we boarded is Vietnam Airline's VN 772. It's a fairly small plain in my opinion hence the window seats having online two seats per side per row (4 in total) in which my mom and I occupied one window side. We're seated quite near the tail though, but luckily not all the way to end. Probably around 3/4 through the plane? But yeah as I mentioned earlier, the flight has been smooth so far, not much turbulance... Well not the turbulance where coffee cups was spilling cos it was that shaky (previous experiences).

We just finished our first meal aka lunch (morning flight) and it wasn't bad than I would have thought. Alot of people don't enjoy airplane food but I usually do, it's probably because the thrill that I'm travelling- though going home is a different story. HAHAHA! Mom had the beef stir fried beef with oriental sauce served with steamed rice and boiled veggies; whilst I had the Fried Nile perch with oriental ginger sauce served with steam rice and boiled veggies. Both our meals was served with a mini coleslaw with two slices of hungarian salami, a break roll and butter, and blueberry friand for dessert.

I look forward to the later meal aka refreshments which will be a choice of either minced beef with satay sauce served with fried egg noodles, or panfried chicken with steamed rice. I get the feeling both my mom and I will get the satay sauce beef with egg noodles because we're not much of rice eaters. OH and apparently there will be a mini fruitsalad for dessert which I look forward to because fruit.

Usually feel super gross and bloated whenever I travel because we sit for a long period of time in one spot with little movement space unless going to bathroom or something, and then you eat and then just continue sitting. SO yeah, something like fruit salad sound so refreshing and good. Speaking of fruit, all I've been drinking on the plane is tomato juice. I love that stuff. I feel that sometimes their apple juices can be overly sweet despite being tart and orange juice is just bitter- not my cup of tea. Soft drinks, I'd probably go for sprite or 7UP but yeah tomato juice is the bomb for me. It's somewhat sweet but not sweet sweet at the same time has that tomato tartness but not overly tart. And especially because it's not whole tomato juice and mixed it water, it dilutes the tomato taste so you don't really get that ketchup/tomato-sauce taste that people always say "HOW DO YOU DRINK TOMATO JUICE, IT'S LIKE DRINKING TOMATO SAUCE" -____-)p It's entirely different I reckon.
ANYWAY, I'm just gonna leave it for now and continue blogging once I arrive Vietnam which will be in another 5 hours time :) This will be a long post since I'm writing it at two-three different times but yeah :D


Hello I'm back but this time, I am currently at my aunty's apartment where I'll be staying alot during the night to sleep whilst staying at my other aunty's house with other family members during the day.

I'll just keep it short from here on since I didn't realise what I wrote earlier was HELLA LOOONGGG. I'm sooo sorry.

My second meal was indeed more refreshing, well the fruit salad was. LOL! The only downer was that the beef and fried noodle was quite salty in a non flavorable way. But hey, fruit salad with pineapple, watermelon and rockmelon? I'm real good.

The landing of the plane was UNEXPECTEDLY SUPER QUIET. I definitely did not expect this because usually the landing is quite rough to the point i cringe and prepare but the insane bumpiness BUT this time was just .. "oh we already landed. wth? almost didn't feel a thing."
There was no trouble going through the Vietnam customs and we got our luggage just fine. Mom wanted me to wear my platinum blonde wig for a big difference for my family so I went to the bathroom while my mom was getting the other luggages. I swear, my family didn't react much until later on the night I told them it was a wig. The big reaction was just the general public in Vietnam. Legit 99.8% of people were staring at me and I could just hear them ask themselves or their friends/relatives: "is that real? so rebellious. Must be one of those outgoing kids". Nothing bad at all, actually it's quite fun hearing them hahaha.
After sorting out luggages abit at my mom's family house, my family and I went out to a local shopping centre called "NOW ZONE" and we had coffee and dessert at the "NYDC Cafe". Had great laughs especially my first ever nephew was there and it was just fun seeing him since he was almost 12 months young. After we all went to the food court upstairs because some of us were getting hungry.

Overall it was such a great day :)
Hoping I can make the rest of my trip memorable and wonderful :D
Until then, stay well and take care!