Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"Sukitte ii na yo" photoset released!

Hello there! Hope you're all doing well!~

As the title says all, the photoset for the "Sukitte ii na yo" photoshoot have been released by our wonderfull photographer Jaychu.

The photoset can be viewed at the following link : 

Super thanks to Jaychu for being our photographer and tanking everything in the scorching heat and also super thanks for the time with edit!

Please check out Jaychu's blog for more updates on her photography and cosplay and FOOOODDDD at http://churian.wordpress.com/ 

The photos are amazing especially with the edit and lighting and of course MEI IS SUPER DUPER CUTEEEE! Thanks Arisu for being Mei! Please check out Arisu's deviantart at http://syaoyue.deviantart.com . 

I STILL WISH I COULD'VE DONE A BETTER JOB AS YAMATO! GAOOOOOO Need to chuck on a Yamato vibe when we decide to reshoot this, hopefully I will look good but yeah!

Here are some of the photos in the photoset. As you might have noticed, some of the photos are different to the photoset as I re-editted abit mainly with our skin and hair and etc. I apologise if the editting is very obvious. 

As soon as Jaychu linked me the photoset, THIS PICTURE LITERALLY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION. I don't know, it just has such a great atmosphere and THE GRASS LOOKS SO NICEEEE HAHAA! But yes I re-editted the picture mainly on my skin and the hairline and added the title. Kinda looks like another live-action promo doesnt it? XD

Just had to mention this picture in the post because the time and effort it took for Jaychu to edit this. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH JAYCHU FOR THE HARDWORK T_T <3 Like everything is soooo nice AND THEN there's me. I'll be honest that I don't like my figure in this and of course I mentioned it to our photographer and I really don't want her to fix it because it's one of those inevitable things. I just looks so stumpy hahaha! Just wide and short in this shot but in the walking shots- I have a tall figure. But yeah, SO SORRY JAYCHU AND ARISU FOR RUINING THIS PICTURE. Once again super thanks to Jaychu for the photo :)

Definitely had to put this here too, super thanks to Arisu and Jaychu for the edit! It just looks so nice and so much like the manga *A*)b

Lastly for the post, just sharing this photo and edit. Editted the words in this morning and it really buggered me so much because the colors I wanted to use for the title (taken from the manga's front cover) just didn't match the color of the photo. So ended up with this one which isn't bad at all in my opinion but yeah. 

Anyway that's all to share, again please do check out the photoset for the rest of the photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/churian/sets/72157632573232107/
And please do check out Jaychu's blog at http://churian.wordpress.com/ 
And also Arisu's deviantart at http://syaoyue.deviantart.com

Thank you so much once again Arisu and Jaychu for making this happen and I very look forward to reshooting :D and hopefully I don't fail Yamato like this time orz

Haha! Have a great evening, stay well and take care!

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