Sunday, 9 March 2014

Using cosplay for everyday outfits - FREE!

Hello everyone! 
Hope you're all doing well :)

Yesterday I was cleaning my room and it got me thinking that I incorporate alot of my cosplays into my everyday clothing. SO! that being said - thought I'd make some blog entries on using some cosplay pieces of clothing and transitioning it into your everyday outfits.

It's quite common amongst us cosplayers here in Australia (well Sydney) that we cosplayers wear some of our cosplay pieces in our everyday outfit, so hopefully this can inspire you somehow to do so too ^_^)/

Now I understand alot of people may think you're weird or give you strange looks because you stand out or whatever BUT! I personally love looking different but at the same time not overdoing it (sometimes ;D). If people recognise a certain piece such as SNK jacket or Iwatobi jacket - then just rock the outfit even more ^_^)/ 

So that being said I understand that many of the following outfit may not be according to your taste but this is just to inspire and give you ideas of how you can use your cosplay pieces into your outfits :D 

So lets get started with the FREE! outfits ^_^)/

Outfit #1:
- FREE! ED shirt
- Iwatobi Jacket

I actually ALWAYS wear the FREE! ending shirt because they're light, comfy and also have a raglan shirt style which is commonly seen worn on the shirt. Also they have a cute animal design - why not!? *^*)/

Here I wore my Nagisa shirt paired with matching pink glasses, handmade blue & red bracelet (gift from a friend in Vietnam) and royal blue skinny chinos with blue shoes. 
These pants really reminded me of the pants the characters wear when they wear their uniform with the yellow Iwatobi shirt. I rolled up the legs just abit to give it more of a fresh feel, similar to what Makoto wore. Super comfy everyday outfit perfect for going to school, college, or outtings. Can also be worn with other character shirts :)

Outfit #2 - Haru inspired
- FREE! ED shirt
- Iwatobi jacket

A Haru inspired style keeping the outfit blue keeping in mind to wear different shades of blue so you don't look washed out. I switched up my pants to these blue shorts to match the dolphin of the Haru shirt, paired with blue glasses and blue shoes. Changed up the bracelet to be an anklet so give that summer feel. Another refreshing outfit perfect for summer.

Outfit #3 - Nagisa inspired
- FREE! ED shirt
- Iwatobi jacket

A Nagisa inspired style where it reflects on Nagisa's fun and bubbly nature with bright colors and keeping the red/pink shades to match. Paired the top with pink shorts, red boots, pink glasses, a fun glasses necklace and the red&blue bracelet as earlier. Perfect fun outfit to wear in summer,  may stand out abit but if its too much - layer the jacket and all is well. The jacket compliments well since the shirt has blue on it. 

Outfit #4
-Free ED shirt
-Long swimmer trunks (MAKOTO)

Now this outfit is for those who are abit more on the extreme side. I LOVE my meggings/leggings paired with shorts and if you have the proper swimmer leggings made of spandex or fabric - then this is perfect. If you have the shiny pvc one like I do - it may stand out quite abit and also feel abit uncomfortable (because you sweat LOL). The swimmer trunks make great pairs of leggings with a very subtle pattern without making it look like sport compressors.

I paired my Makoto's green swimmer leggings with my beige shorts, Haru shirt, black boots, neutral earth-tone arm candy, yellow glasses and brass chain necklace. Unfortunately my Makoto trunks was the shiny pleather one so it didn't hug my skin nicely and was super shiny an what was funny that everytime I walk or move - it hear the sound like plastic bags rustling haha! As mentioned earlier- this would be perfect if you have the fabric type like spandex or lycra etc.
But overall I really do enjoy this outfit, Super comfortable and can be worn easily for cooler season like autumn, winter and spring.

 Anyway that is all I currently have for the FREE! inspired outfits utilising the cosplay pieces. The combination and ideas are endless so hope this inspires you to use your cosplays :)

Stay updated for the next blogpost *^*)/
Until then stay well & take care!