Tuesday, 30 July 2013


YO! How's it going everyone?

I'm so sorry I failed the promise to deliver constant updates orz

Lets try this again :)

Actually the main reason is I have no idea what to blog about since nowadays I'm just mainly at home helping my parents with their work.

BUT! I have been doing some photoshoots and makeup :D

Just to recap, all the photos for the "Kuroko no Basuke - Kagami x Kise " yaoi service shoot are all uploaded and can be viewed via Pandographi's Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.439330139508424.1073741842.367203826721056&type=3) OR for high quality, please view them at his blog (http://pandographi.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/%E3%80%9025-o6-2o13%E3%80%91kuroko-no-basket-kise-x-kagami/)

Thanks heaps to Dat (https://www.facebook.com/EnteiCos) for being Kagami
Thanks to Pandori (http://www.facebook.com/Pandographi) for  being amazing photographer
Special thanks to 1YE (https://www.facebook.com/Kagami1ye) and Juju (https://www.facebook.com/JycStudios) for helping out with the shoot!
Was a super fun experience and also a super fun photoshoot with many awkward struggles but yeah, happy with how the photos turned out. And actually after this shoot, I feel more confident about myself and feel like I can now do daring things like other cosplayers do which is so great. Also the fact that I revealed alot of skin to the public, now makes me less conscious about myself. 
Once again super thanks to people mentioned above, please do follow and like their pages for their amazing work!

While Dat was here in Sydney (since he's originally from Melbourne), also got the opportunity to attend a shoot with the same wonderful amazing people + some other beautiful people as well. They were shooting "Psycho-Pass - Kougami X Makishima" featuring two sexy ikemen Dat (https://www.facebook.com/EnteiCos) & Alan (http://zfx-design.deviantart.com). 

Also shooting Asuna from "Sword Art Online" featuring Nona (https://www.facebook.com/NonaFlubba .

Also did a casual "Kuroko no Basuke" photoshoot featuring Dat and 1YE which honestly we had no idea what to do since the weather was pretty bad but eventually cleared up. And really was to dunk. Was a fun shoot overall with many derpings but yeah, don't think there would be much photos to process since we had no idea what was going on which these things happen because hard to capture the mood etc especially since it's casual. But nonethless was good fun :)
1YE as Kagami Taiga
Dat as Aomine Daiki
DANNY. (me) as Ryouta Kise

I think I'll end this going-no-where post since having a major mind-block at the moment.
Sorry for the post being all over the place, typing this at different times and day haha!

Anyway I will definitely make time to post now from now on. OMEGA PROMISE owo)b
Until then! Stay well & Take care!