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Recently uploaded a video on YouTube which was answering the questions that was asked on my Tumblr and in the Youtube comments as well as a few on my Facebook page from friends.

To be honest (like I mentioned in the video) I wanted to upload another video before 2012 ended, in such that it would be unforgettable etc. But things went wrong as the makeup just didn't look right and my eyeliner smudged due to my eyelids getting oily from the extremely hot weather. The end-product of the video was supposed to be me crossdressing as a lolita and look somewhat like this: 

But yeah, just didn't happen. I actually had no makeup except lip gloss in the picture above, thank goodness to instagram effects and contrast to somewhat hide some of my manly features ahaha!

But anyway here is the video to the answers of the questions, please check it out:

So sorry that it's 12 minutes long. I mumbled quite alot so I'm just gonna answer some of the questions here so it's somewhat easier to understand and also I can elaborate on some parts :)

Question 1: Do you attend any conventions? Such as Supanova & SMASH? (conventions that are in Sydney)

I attend almost all conventions in Sydney except the newer conventions such as Armageddon and Eb Expo. For 2013, I hope to be attending:
- Mini Animania 
- Supanova day 1 & day 2
- Main Animania day 1 & day 2.

And hopefully if I'm able to travel this year, I'll be able to attend a convention in Singapore.
But yeah, still not sure about everything due to just graduated from university, so have to go job hunting and finding my first ever job which won't be sure if I can take days off etc etc. BUT I REALLY WANT TO ATTEND ALL THE CONS AHAHA!

Question 2 : When did you start cosplaying and how did you get into it? What was your first cosplay.

I first started cosplaying in early 2009 and attended Mini Animania 2009 as Ichiru Kiryu from Vampire Knight. To be honest I didn't know that this dressing-up-thing was called cosplay. I actually bought my costume for my school formal in 2008 because I just wanted something flashy for my final formal and yeah. Wore to the con in 2009 and had my hair tied up and styled and hair sprayed silver. I had no knowledge about wigs and also back then wigs weren't so readily available nor is the quality as good as today. But yeah people started recognising my character, had interviews done and made so many new friends. It's just the attention to be honest, I never had such great attention and I actually didn't mind being appreciated so that's how I got into cosplay :) 

Question 3: How did you remove acne scars or made it less noticeable?

My skin infection scars haven't been removed to be honest, they're actually there but less noticeable on camera. There are days where my scars look extremely light and barely even noticeable and there are days where my scars just look so dark and visible. 
For cosplay to hide the scars the best i can, i use concealer and a good foundation which both have high coverage. The foundation I use is the Rimmel's Lasting Finish and the concealer is use is a concealer palette from Ebay which is an imitation of Coastal Scent's concealer palette. Both products work really well on my somewhat-oily-skin and has a really high coverage with a powdery finish. Please note that everyone's skin is different so the product choices may differ.
The only thing though is that i wouldn't recommend the concealer palette for dry skin users as the cream consistency may show the dryness of your skin more. Try look for a liquid or pen type concealer or even double up heavy coverage foundation.

Question 4 : Where do you buy your wigs/extensions?

I usually get my wigs on Ebay or from a friend of mine who gets it from FantasySheep. There are times where my friends do get me wigs on Taobao which i have no knowledge about. 
For Ebay, i usually try to go for the cheapest wig since cosplay is such an expensive hobby- i'm always trying to keep the budget as low as possible. In saying the cheapest wig on Ebay, i do look at the seller's rating and what they major in. Some Ebay sellers sell cosplay wigs but aren't majored in wigs but in gadgets instead - i'd avoid buying from these sellers as you are somewhat not guaranteed that it'd be a good quality wig. 
Look for Ebay sellers that major in wigs and sell other wigs and cosplay wigs, it's more trustworthy and you can somewhat negotiate with them more easily if anything goes wrong. And of course, always check the ratings and read some of the feedbacks even (especially the negatives and neutral) because it prepares you to know what to expect as some Ebay sellers just use taken pictures.

Question 5 : When did you start cosplaying/singing/etc.?

I started Cosplaying and Singing in 2009 when high school already ended and was starting University.
I started getting into Dancing towards the end of 2010 as I was inspired and getting into the 踊ってみた(odottemita) hype.
For makeup, I was getting interested towards the end of 2009 or early 2010 where I discovered Michelle Phan and just constantly watched and followed her video, but wasn't until late 2010 I started getting my hands into makeup and testing it etc.

Question 6 : Who do you love cosplaying & what is your dream cosplay?

It was super hard to decide as i enjoy cosplaying all the characters i've done so far as there's always ups and downs to all cosplay. But the best and most worn costume was Eager Love Revenge Len.

It's just so comfortable and fun and easy to wear. And also there wasn't much hassle in making the outfit since most of it was modified from clothes i had already.

My second (equally first) would be Kise Ryota from Kuroko no Basuke. Despite everything was bought [super thanks to Shirley ( ) who asked me to cosplay Kurobasu with her as Kise and bought the wig and costume for me] i felt that it made my name get out there more, i guess in otherwords i got more known and my popularity increased. It's somewhat like my identity, "DANNY." oh the kise cosplayer from Sydney Australia.  Besides that, super fun and casual to cosplay.

My dream cosplay would be anything that screams "DANNY."  Something where people will know who i am because of that cosplay (similarly like Kise Ryota). Preferably something flashy and i put alot of effort in but simple cosplay works as well :)

Question 7 : Advice to beginner cosplayers?

My main advice is just go all out, be confident and have fun. Because cosplay just makes you have a whole new identity and its a hobby where you attention is seeked so whatever the public says or whatever looks they give you, be proud and just walk. Easier said than done, i know. I was always so nervous cosplaying at first because of the general public, worried how they would see me and all but after a while, i told myself that i'm cosplaying for a reason, which is to have fun and not waste a con day hiding. And from then on my confidence level increased and yeah. Though to be honest, i still do get nervous from the general public but most of the time- i'm always "I DONT CURR" AHAHA!
Just remember that cosplay is an expensive hobby and somewhat time consuming and that you're cosplaying for a reason, and that reason is to seek that attention and have fun. And when i say seek attention, i don't mean to be in everyones face- i mean to get photos and be recognised. :)

Other advices is to always look back and forth at references so you are able to replicate and be accurate. Because when you're accurate- you just feel proud that you're on the spot and able to portray that character well. Also saves you being judged so much since us cosplayers always judge one another regardless if you're perfect or not, it's just how we all are because of the community and the competitions but yeah, just don't let it get to you. References are your best guide owo)b

Another would be doing cosplay test and makeup test (what we call costest) prior to cosplay day. Reason being is that you are able to fix and modify certain things way beforehand and also serves as a guide to what you can do and how you can do it. Which this saves so much time rather than on the day figuring out how to draw your eyeliner etc etc. So definitely recommend doing many costests.

Question 8 : Cosplayer Starter Makeup Kit for beginner cosplayers?

I will make a video one day, sometime within this year and hopefully early too. I'm just looking around for products which is really helpful and suitable for all skin types. I think I might just work around the products i use for myself.
But the basic makeup kit for cosplay, well for makeup in general is:
→ Foundation
→ Concealer
→ Large Eyeshadow Palette (SUPER HELPFUL- can play around and be multifunctional)
→ Eyeliner
→ Bronzer

Some other things which i didn't mention in the video which are good essentials are:
→ Finish/Setting Powder
→ Blush/Bronzer/Contour Palette
→ Lipliner or color which is similar color to your lips
→ Lipbalm (MUST)
→ Some basic makeup brushes (angled brush, powder brush, eyeshadow brush)


And thats it for the summary and questions of the video. So sorry for the super long post, Have a great weekend and take care.

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