Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stocking -cop ver- photoshoooot

Yo everyone, hope you're all doing well.

Yesterday I had a photoshoot for Stocking -cop version- from the anime "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" where we shot both original female and genderbent male version. 
Featuring Furorensu-san as super cute AND BADASS female Stocking, Me as the genderbent male version of Stocking, Marupan & Pandori as our photographers, and Wayne-san as the shoot's assistants. Also Kenny for being there in spirit, as he wasn't able to attend due to him being down with the flu (hope you get well soon!). 

It was a great shoot overall despite the crappy hot 31 degrees celsius weather which made our makeup melt, but we tanked it and got to explore the great new location. :D

This time we shot at St Peters where there are alot of graffiti throughout the town, and was suggested by our photographer Marupan as it was a new and different location where we (both cosplayer and photographers) could play around and test the area.

So we all met up at around 3-3.15pm at the station and walked to our destination, settled down and cosplayers were just getting ready with the makeup and costume, which allowed photographers to set up their gears as well. Works both way :D

Here's a picture of me derping while our Furorensu-san is having her solo shoot. XD

The area we shot at was a street which about one third of the street was covered in graffiti as you can see above, however alot of cars and people turned into the street alot so it was quite fun yelling out "CAR" and moving aside for them. Photographers suffered quite alot (especially marupan) as most of the time they wanted to shoot from below and had to lie down and face the scorching hot concrete.

 Of course us cosplayers did suffer quite abit with posing under the hot sun and the hot surfaces but in the end, i think it was worth it. Super great fun shoot as one of the "baton" i brought along as prop still had the bubble liquid, so we decided to use it and had Wayne-san blow bubbles for the shoot. Also the many sexual innuendos made throughout the shoot, knowing me and the guys haha! Super sorry to Furorensu-san for having to put up with that hahaha!

Finished the shoot at approximately 6.30pm and it was time to head back since it was already getting late and best that we all get home before it was dark. Once again super thanks to Furorensu-san, Pandori-san, Marutan-san and Wayne-san for the photoshoot. :)

Here is some photos to be expected from the shoot from our photographers :DDD

 Credit goes to Pandori-san (Thank you!)

Credit goes to Marutan-san (Thank you!)

And that's it for this blog post. Time to get out of bed and get my day started :D
Until then, stay well & take care!

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