Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hope you're all doing well!

Sydney Supanova convention 2013 has finally passed by and I have to say it has got to be one of the most enjoyable SydNova I've been despite the crappiest weather. I think because I cosplayed characters that people knew and also got to hung out with such amazing people and friends.

For me, I don't really check the stores because I don't really buy anything- it's more of hanging out with people and cosplaying and hopefully be able to get pictures. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hold onto my camera and my phone is just too laggy (I now use an Iphone 3GS since I lost my other phone) so I wasn't able to capture any pictures.

Sydney Supanova 2013 was a 3-day event from Friday 21st June 2013 to Sunday 23rd June 2013. Here's a video that a friend of mine recorded and made which sums up Saturday and Sunday of the convention which also features me: (will add the video player once blogger recognises it on youtube)

Please do like the video and subscribe him for more awesome videos. Also please like his facebook page at

I was really busy on Friday working and finishing on my friends and my cosplay for Saturday so I didn't end up going to it. But I saw some pictures from fellow photographers and cosplayers and they look amazing.

On Saturday 22nd June 2013, I cosplayed as Blood Moon Akali from the Free online game League Of Legends.

Photography by Pandographi
I cosplayed with a group of friends and amazing people who were also doing LoL [League of Legends] and it was just so fun. Surprisingly there were also many other LoL cosplayers that we didn't know and also surprisingly ALOT of people knew the cosplays which was really amazing. Our group was actually larger but due to the timing of the convention and also many of our friends have their final exams, they weren't able to make their costume and props on time. Also some members of the group got lost haha! BUT I'm sure the photoshoot organised sometime end of the year for the group will be amazing.

Photography by Pireze
Had some annoying encounters with the costume as it was slowly falling apart such as the mask on my head and my props and my wig especially when we haven't even gone on stage but luckily my friend Tim (as garen) had masking tape which saved the day.

We entered the cosplay competition as the LoL Orgy (no idea who came up with the name LOL) and surprisingly we won as the best cosplay group. The comp kinda trolled us while we were on stage and screened the Dota 2 logo.. them plays.. haha! Unfortunately the prize for the WHOLE GROUP consisting of 9+ people was only ONE certificate. Our friends tried to ask for more since it's just a piece of paper with no specific name but they refused so we were left with just one for our group leader Tim. Which was alright but the thought of giving just one and refuse to give more when it's a piece of paper with no specific name or anything is abit.. yeahhh. Oh well.

Photography by RaitoPhotography
Overall Saturday was really fun and worth the pain in heels and even with the bad rainy weather. Was just amazing being able to see friends and meet new people and hang out. Also being able to be recognised and get photo taken and having shoots.

Friends Kee on the left and Chey on the r ight. Was great seeing you two! <3 Photo by Kee
Sunday was really laxed since it's the second day of the convention and we were all tired from Saturday so we left the house at 12.30-1pm and got ther around 1.30-2pm. I also went out to my local area in my cosplay to buy some cakes for friends to share around. The weather was still bad but wasn't as bad until the afternoon. I cosplayed as Togashi Yuuta from the anime/manga Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai. 

Photography by Kee
To be honest I had no idea what to cosplay for Sunday and especially this convention was more western-based, literally no idea. At first I planned to cosplay Yukina Kou from the Boy's Love Anime/Manga Sekaiichi Hatsukoi but alot of things came to my mind which made me hesitate to cosplay such as being at a western-based convention, the weather and my wig color. After browsing on Facebook a while I saw my friend's preview of what she was doing which was Takanashi Rikka from the Anime/Manga Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai which I was suppose to cosplay with them but I forgot about it and her preview looked really good. So I thought to myself maybe I should revert and cosplay with them. Before doing so I had to look through my cosplay costumes to see if there were any blazers I could modify and so I had one, my Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu blazer. Got some satin ribbon out and doublesided tape and tried covering and replacing the trims. After successfully covering and taping the trims, It was official and decided that I will be doing Togashi Yuuta. Took out my red tie and start sewing the ribbon stripes and borrowed my friend's vest. Also I had the wig already from a previous testing which was great. So that's really the story to how I ended up with this cosplay. I know right, cool story bro but I'm really happy with it :D.

Rocked up with our mini group :D
Dekomori by Arisu , Rikka by Tammu , Yuuta by Me ,  Photography by Mukuroma

I always have so much fun with these two. They're literally chuunibyou's LOL! We did see another small group of cosplayers who also did Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai but instead of a Yuuta they had a Nibutani which was really awesome and we were able to get a photo with them towards the end of the convention.

Sunday was mainly just hanging out with everyone and doing photoshoot with our friend photographers and yeah. Saw many amazing cosplays and also saw more League of Legends cosplay which was sooo cool!  Mainly hung indoors since the rain was really heavy and also they didn't let us hang out in the foyer which was annoying so yeah. Overall very laxed day :)

Bunch of us taking pics with a 3DS because normal camera's are too mainstream ;) Photography by Aoki

And that sums up for the convention weekend.
To finish off the post, here's a preview of a service photoshoot I had with the awesome Dat of Kise x Kagami  from Anime/Manga Kuroko no Basuke ;)

Photography by Pandographi
Stay updated to Pandori's blog for more updates of the service shoot. :) It's quite something that's for sure ;D

Until then, stay well & take care!

Monday, 24 June 2013


Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well!
SUPER SUPER SUPER SORRY I haven't been updating regularly as I said I would in my previous post but the TRUE TRUE reason is because I've been busy with cosplay and making props for Sydney Supanova 2013, also been trying to get my life back onto track, still facing some personal issues, and last but not least- gaming. 

Truly sorry! Hopefully this picture taken by Pandographi of my Blood Moon Akali cosplay worn on Saturday at Sydney Supanova 2013 will do.

Will update regularly and get things sorted ASAP real soon! PROMISE!
Until then! Stay well & Take care!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

OOTD#4 - for Vivid

Yo! Hope you're all doing well!

Sorry about the delay of this post, I know I said I'd post it the day after my Vivid Sydney post BUT I had some plans meeting up with my aunty for lunch in the city for talks and yeah... also spent the rest of the night gaming and doing my blood moon akali costest.

ANYWAY let's get started!
So this is what I pretty much looked like on the Vivid Sydney outting with my mom. Outfit was super comfy and warm especially since it's winter now and it has been quite chilly and also I'll be walking around alot in the open, this outfit did justice. Also carried my Nikon D7000 DSLR camera with the 18-55mm kit lens.

Starting with the top. I wore a super old denim dress shirt which use to be my parents in the 90s and surprisingly they kept it in super great condition and now I wear it. It fits really comfortable with a slight oversize look, not dropping so much on the shoulder, long with the back being slightly longer, and I jazzed it up by adding some studs on the corners and the back of the collar, and on the bottom of the placket.

Layered the semi-thick denim top a freesized bat sleeve union jack knit (female) jumper which was extremely warm and adds a nice pop. The sleeves hugs around the arm very nicely which keeps my arm very warm. The jumper was bought on ebay and can be purchased here

Finished off the top off with my upcycled slouch beanie which can be viewed here :D
And of course the usual prescribed glasses with my Dueba Puffy 3 tone Brown lenses.

Usually I'd  be wearing some arm accessories but actually forgot for once, did feel bare without it ahahaha

I paired my tops with black skinny fitted jeans that I modified to fit my legs more so my legs look longer :D For super comfort and warmth, I wore my black ugg boots that has a thick sole that is made to be worn outdoors.

Here is the front view of the outfit.

Back view of the outfit. Sorry about the messy room

Side view of the outfit. Carried along my blue messenger side bag that I got from G.U store in Ikebukuro in Japan last year. Awesome bag that has a large strap handle that can be worn like a handbag, and very spacious inside to hold my wallet, keys and my camera.

 That concludes this outfit of the day post.
Until then~ stay well & take care! :D

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Vivid Sydney + Guylian cafe outting with mom (PICTURE HEAVY)

HELLO there everyone, hope you're all doing well~

Last week on Wednesday 29th May 2013 I decided to take my mom out and drive to the city to see the Vivid Lights Sydney event at Circular Quay since we've been hearing about it on the news about the lights being set up and displayed and my mom has never actually been, so I took this opportunity to let her experience it.

Left the house at around 4.20pm and started driving up to the city which usually takes around 45minutes on average with low traffic, but we decided to leave the house earlier to avoid the peak hour traffic in my area. BUT we ended up facing heavy traffic towards the city area, and legit I mean super heavy traffic to the point where only 1 car could go through before the traffic lights hit red again because of the traffic on the other side not moving. ANYWAY at around 5.45pm we finally reached the underground parking and got parking and instantly went to find some dinner and a toilet since we were busting because of traffic haha! 

Mom and I ended up dining at Ichi Ban Boshi at the Galleries, mom got the Tokyo Ramen and I got the usual Chicken Karaage Curry with Cheese. My all time favorite here since it's the only place that does Japanese curry with cheese. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any photos because we were so hungry, the food was delightful and delicious as always and now it was time to heard down to the harbour. 

My good friend and also fellow cosplayer told me that there were fireworks at Darling Harbour at 6.30pm but unfortunately we were still at the restaurant eating and didn't get out till 6.45pm so we missed out the displays at Darling Harbour. 

After eating so much at the restaurant, mom and I decided to just walk to Circular Quay which is a 10-15minute walk from where we ate (I think the walk was further but it didn't feel long because we walk fast). Using this time to exercise and digest the food. The weather was extremely nice unlike other days where it was super wet; nice cool 17 degrees celsius weather with no winds. Whats funny was that mom and I were dressed extremely warm to the point we sweated abit haha!

Finally got to Circular Quay and can see the light displays and the lights shun on the Opera House and also hear music. Here are some pictures that I took, unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take pictures of the names of the displays to credit them. .___.; Also there were a couple more displays that I decided to not include in the blog entry for privacy sake due to the faces of random people were seen. And also some pictures had children in it and I don't want to be suspected as some creepy male stalker as seen on the news about males being highly suspected ;A; 
PS: If you feel a certain picture is inappropriate please comment or email me to remove it. Thank you :D

Small tunnel of light

These were so cool! They vibrated (that sounds wrong) and you can hear the flower bells rattling next to each other

Lights shun on the Museum of Contemporary Arts syncing  to Dubstep music
Another building which shown lights that reminded me of Transformer. Syncing to electro music
Awesome seesaw that synced according to which side was heavier. Also awesome LED background screen. Hope I'm okay with uploaded this pic with these folks.

Awesome display that looked like a fish and synced with the rhythm of the drum. Yes the kid is there because kids love the drum and light interaction, I'm not being creepy- I SWEAR :O

Piano where lights synced when its being played.  Bad crop since the girl who was playing beautifully was very visible and yeah :(
Mom and I call this the Fish Scales Cos it does! .. well now that I think about it, fish bones.

Synthesizer that synced to an actual synthesizer
Wasn't sure what this display was but I think you could build your own. Not sure since it was crowded

Awesome display of white milk-crates :D

That's it for the pictures I'll show. Did miss out on some since we wanted to sit in a cafe and chill out abit; so we decided to go to the Guylian Cafe. Actually short funny story why we ended up there- 

Mom and I was walking around to find a cafe and she spots the Guylian sign and she asks me "Isn't that the chocolate brand?" I was really surprised that she knew and took notice of it so I said yes and her reply was "LETS GO THERE." 

And that's how we ended up at the Guylian Cafe. Neither of us have been there so it was a good opportunity to try it out despite on the pricier side. Walked in and the waitress brings us to our table. The cafe was somewhat crowded and customers kept coming in and out. Ordered my mom a large cappuccino and I got myself the 100% Pure Pleasure dessert.

The large cappuccino was presented beautifully with the coffee art and served with a chocolate truffle on the side. In terms of taste, both mom and I was actually quite disappointed. The cappuccino wasn't really a cappuccino, more of a latte since there was only a thin layer of frothe. WORST of all, it was warm-cold. Something you wouldn't expect from a more pricier end cafe especially with a large chocolate trademark name. It would've been forgiveable if the weather was extremely cold, but it wasn't and the service brought it to us instantly as soon as the coffee was made. Big downer. Luckily the price was standard like any other regular cafe (I think it was $5.80AUD for the large).

My dessert comes out and it's presented gorgeously. This is the 100% Pure Pleasure, a chocolate mousse with a almond panacotta filling, covered with dark Guylian chocolate with brandy snap pieces, served with some honey crumble, chocolate swirls and raspberry coulis.

 This dessert indeed was heavenly but I definitely wouldn't call it 100% Pure Pleasure.. maybe 99%? haha! Then again that's only me being picky. Reason being is that the almond panacotta as stated in the menu, didn't taste like almond at all. Just tasted like white chocolate mousse with a slight gelatine texture. But overall it was extremely enjoyable, even my mom who isn't a fan of chocolate enjoyed it. Price was around $16-17AUD

After chilling at the cafe for around 30-40minutes, we decided to walk back to the car and head home since it was already 9pm. Got home nicely without traffic around 9.50pm and that was the outting with my mom.

Hope you enjoyed this post, Will post my OOTD for the night tomorrow.
Until then, stay well & take care!