Friday, 11 July 2014

Pictures not showing - Photobucket Bandwidth [FIXED]


Sorry about the pictures not showing! Apparently my Photobucket bandwidth exploded >_<; I will try my best to fix it ASAP. Prolly will migrate the images to Flickr instead.

Super thanks to the anon on and Milli @ for notifying me!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day out at Pishon Cafe [SUPER PHOTO & SELFY HEAVY]

Hello! Hope you're all doing well!

A couple of friends and I went to chill at a cafe on Monday called "Pishon" located in Eastwood. Just a nice casual day with our cameras having lunch with some hot drinks and CAKE! :D 

The cafe had an upstairs which was pretty much vacant and was furnished really nicely, excellent for us to take photos (selfies) without any shame HAHAHA!  There was some customers that did come later on but overall it was still empty.

Customer service wasn't so bad overall; nice but you can tell they stare you down (somewhat judging). But hey, at least the cakes, drinks and bread was totally worth it ;) 

For lunch I had a pizza bun accompanied by a flat white coffee.  The pizza bun was actually really good, super supreme style on a soft sweet bread bread. Abit on the onion-y side but delicious! 

The coffee was made quite well, at first when I was bringing it upstairs to where we were sitting- it didn't look like a flat white, more of a cafe latte. But when drinking it, it was definitely a flat white. Very aromatic coffee finishing off with a leaf design made with some textured milk & froth. 

After we had lunch and chilled abit, we all had cake! *^*)/ The most anticipated moment :DDD Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the store downstairs due to the somewhat-judging-looks but they did have a large variety of cake slices, mousse, tarts, etc. All made within their store.

I got the mocha espresso cake slice which was nice and light with a strong coffee aroma. Funny when I was ordering the slice, I asked for the cake with the green macaron on top and the waitress thought I wanted the green tea mousse, so had to point to it and then she told me it was a mocha espresso cake. The whole time my friend and I actually thought it was a pistachio cake cos of the color of the slice.

Photography by Izzy 
Photography by Izzy
Chilled and took heaps of photos while derping around and then decided to leave due to parking limits >_<; We all decided to go somewhere to take photos and somehow it ended up being a OOTD photoshoot (somewhat mainly for me somehow OAO;). 

Photography by Ayu

It was actually awkward having friends doing an OOTD shoot for me since it's the first time I've done this so my facial expression and poses was really awkward ><; Overall it was super fun and I think we got some great photos, despite we were freezing in the cold LOL!

Anyway that's it for this casual post. 
Special thanks to Ayu, Grace & Izzy for the day out and taking photos!
Until then, stay well & take care!