Thursday, 28 February 2013

Productive day : job hunting, eating, bulletin board, car lashes

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well~

Yesterday (27th February 2013) was the first day ever since the change moment (refer to previous post), and I would definitely say that it was such a productive day along with heaps fun with friends.

Woke up at 5.30am with only abouts 3-4 hours of sleep and did the usual morning routine of making my bed, brushing my teeth and preparing breakfast. I actually wanted to wake up early because I wanted to finish off the workload of my parent's work I had planned to and eventually I got it done by 8.25am. 
Felt super good to finish the work and started to prepare myself to get ready to head out since my plans were to go job seeking while hanging out with friends at Sydney Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) at Homebush.

I honestly didn't know what to wear, in most cases because I'm hanging out with friends- I'd be more casual BUT because I'm also job seeking, had to keep it casual yet somewhat smart to give a good impression. So I wore :
→ yellow and faded green mini checkered short sleeve checkered shirt
→ green bandana scarf with my adjustable chain necklace
→ variety of leather and cord bracelets or armcandy
→ light-weighted dark-gray checkered slim pants
→ black boots (pants tucked in boots)

Met up with my friends at around 11.20pm and the meetup destination and we first headed to get some Yum Cha for lunch (yummy!). Went for jumbo slurpee at Seven Eleven and we started heading to DFO.

Got to DFO and we started roaming around the stores while looking for signs of positions available. It was so funny because we were SO SICK from our slurpee because it was just too much sugar to handle. LOL! 

Anyway head to the first store which had a casual position available and walked in the store and asked about the position. Manager guy comes over, asks for my resume and asks for my availability. Told me that it is possible that my first shift may be on Sunday-Monday so he'll give me a call soon. All happened so fast I had no time to react. By the way just wanna make a shoutout to Jen, Wayne and Ron for accompanying me and encouraging me to apply because I was just extremely nervous. So I hope I do get the job, honestly I can't stop thinking about it because I'm extremely nervous because it's a clothes store and I CAN'T FOLD CLOTHES FOR CRAP HAHAHA! But I hope I do well with training and all if I get the job. 

Asked for other stores but they weren't available and I avoided some stores because I just had bad experiences with them at other stores and their replies in the email to turn me down. Roamed around the rest of the outlet while being all tired from sugar and left the outlet. We didn't even get to eat the caesar salad which was claimed to be nice because we were just too full and felt too sick to even take a bite of anything haha!

Next destination was IKEA. Super fun mucking around with the display rooms and furnitures and so much laughters it was great. We ate at the IKEA cafeteria which was so poor because ALL our foods were so dry, which was a let down. Continue roaming through IKEA and proceeded to checkout. Jen bought a cushion and a chair while I bought a bulletin board.

After IKEA we decided to get a hot dog each from IKEA because it's only $1.00 and can't go wrong, even though we were super full. Most of us just ate the sausage though HAHA! Started proceeding out of the store and towards the carpark. We derped abit and got into a bit of trouble because we were just riding on the children's ride where you put money in and the ride goes around. But yeah, got to the car and we headed to Ron&Wayne's house (they're brothers).

Hung out and rested our arse for a while and left around 5.30pm and we all just parted ways at the station. The train and bus ride home was such a nerve wrecking one because I couldn't stop thinkinkg about the job because I'm so worried and nervous as it's my first official job and like FINALLY a job haha!
Texted a couple of close friends just to share the news that I might be working soon and they were really happy for me since it's about time danny. LOL! One of my friend who was already happy for me thinks that I should be working for cosmetic counters like MISSHA store or THE FACE SHOP or SHISEIDO etc etc, which honestly I wish and I'd love to work in those places and probably prefer it since I'm more knowledgable in those departments and probably more confident. But I told her I won't back out from this one since it's casual and I'll still search, at least theres income flowing to me. 

So I got home at around 7pm and started settling my things down and started setting up my bulletin board. I actually wanted a bulletin board in my room so I can pin up some good memories of the things I receive from other people around the world and also here such as letters, coscards, photos etc etc.

This is how it looked liked unopened:

This is after all the things have been pinned up :D ~

Super happy how it turned out and I just really like looking at it knowing there's great people out there and I really do hope to meet them :)

Oh right before I end the post, I received my lashes I bought on Ebay for my car which looked like this :

Looking forward to sticking them on my car to make them すごくかわいい~ (sugoku kawaii - super cute) hahaha! My car is at the garage at the moment being fixed since one of the doors has scratches and dents so just replacing that door. But once the car is back, these babies are going on pronto. I'll take a picture of my car once it's back, you will not believe I drive that car because it's just so flamboyantly feminine which I have no idea why I want the car to be like that. I throw in alot of my plushies and alpacasso in the car and the seat covers have a pink logo on it etc. It's definitely not what you expect me to drive. You shall see :D

Anyway gotta hit the hay. 
Until then, stay well, take care and good night~

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Putting more effort

How's it going? Hope you're all doing well

Yesterday morning (26th February 2013) I did the usual morning routine of checking email and facebook etc, but this time when I checked YouTube- I came across CREAM's new upload "DREAMS AND REALITY PT 1".

Watched the video which pretty much is a motivation and inspirational video to get you moving and how they got to where they are now. And it really did get to me making me more motivated and inspired to get on track with my life. Less lazing around and get going and moving to where I want to be.

So I started to set some goals for the year, actually rather than goals they're more like New Year's resolution I hope to achieve since I don't think I made any this year.

Here are some of the resolution of goals which I plan to achieve for 2013:
→ To get a job of somesort to get an income
→ To help people more
→ To help my parents
→ To be thankful of my parents for who they are and what they do for me
→ To be more committed to what I enjoy doing
→ Cosplay
→ Makeup
→ Blogging
→ Youtube Videos
→ Photography 
→ etc.

→ To be more loving and caring to myself and my surroundings. Even to those whom I have a bad relationship with. (Extremely difficult one)
→ To be thankful of my friends for who they are and what they do for me
→ To be confident in my own shoes and walk carefreely without stopping
→ To be more aware of my surroundings
→ To always look forward. Never dwell on the past
→ To pursue and plan my future career and make a step
→ To sleep more, less gaming ahaha!
→ To exercise more and care for myself more
→ To meet new people
→ To be out there

And that's it for now. Of course the list is incomplete, I'm sure the list goes on and on if I were to go into more details but yeah. I guess I've reached that stage of life (being 23 this year) where it's about time to get a move on.

So first thing I did today was to cut my hair for a new me for a new start. At first I just wanted to trim my hair but then I thought to myself that If I want a change, I should complete change it, so I chopped my hair quite short. Honestly speaking with myself, I think it is one of the worst hairstyles I've ever chopped but hey, gotta work with what I have so I think It should be okay.

Did some errands for my parents, got home and did alot of job seeking online with no luck but always next time. After dinner went to help my parents with their work for about 3 hours, got my workload done so quite happy. Hoping to wake up super early today so I can finish off the work so my part is done.

Overall I think the day was a great day, and I hope days like this do come by more often.

Will do my best to throw in all the effort and hardwork I have to achieve these goals. And I really hope you all do achieve your goals and resolution as well :) Let's do our best!

Anyway sleep time, until then~
Stay well, take care, and goodnight!

Enjoy another preview pic by Pandori-san from the Aomine x Momoi shoot ! ^_^

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Photoshoot : Kurobasu - Aomine x Momoi

Yo everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Last week on Wednesday the 20th of February 2013, I had a photoshoot for the anime/manga "Kuroko no Basuke" where I cosplayed as Aomine Daiki and my friend and fellow Sydney cosplayer Tina (fudafucos@facebook) cosplayed as Satsuki Momoi and we shot with my two favorite photographers Pandori-san and Fishy-san.

Woke up at 7.30am and ran around the house to get ready and prepare my cosplay to leave the house at 9am. Got to the station at 9.15am in my cosplay and boy, all the staring for the super-tanned blue hair guy in school uniform LOLOL! But I don't mind it since I just block out everything with music and whenever I'm in cosplay mode I just flaunt my stuff ;)
So this is how I looked like (ignore the derp face, it's all I do really ahaha!):

I met up with the photographers at 10.30am and we started shooting since our Momoi was coming later as she had a university orientation to attend. We shot at Australian Technology Park at Redfern in Sydney which was the same location we shot the other Kurobasu shoot with Kagami x Kise. So much fun because it was so hot and we were just camping for shades and doing as many shots as we could. But we eventually managed and I think we got quite a good number of shots :D AND FISH EVENTUALLY FOUND OUT HOW TO TURN ON LIVE-VIEW ON NIKON D800 TROLOLOL

Met up with Tina at around 12.30pm and we shot all together till 1.30-2pm. We ran out of ideas how to compose and take the pictures so we ended earlier than expected I think. Also forgot our basketball so couldn't certain poses BUT so many laughters about photoshopping a ball in random places ahaha!

Anywhere here are some random shots I took at the shoot:

Me as Aomine and Tina as Momoi

Me with Pandori-san, one of our photographer

Aomine having his selfy moment while Momoi is having her solo shot. 


Yesterday Pandori-san released a preview pic from the shoot and this is how it turned out:

Me as Aomine Daiki. <insert caption> LOL! So many captions you can put for this

Superrr happy with how it turned out! Super thanks to Pandori-san for the shot!
I super look forward to the photos released from both photographers!

Thanks heaps to Tina-san, Pandori-san and Fish-san for the photoshoot. So much fun shooting with you guys :)

Please check out their pages for more of their work. Their work is super amazing so please follow/like their page to see more of their work. Thanks heaps =)

Photographer Pandori :

Thanks so much, until then-
Take care and stay well!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Daily: Chocolate + Valentines day + Tera + Paradise Kiss + Graduating

Whaddup everyone, hope you're all doing well!
Happy (belated) Valentines day! Hope you all have/had a good day regardless if you're taken or not :)

The night before Valentines day, I made some 生チョコ (nama chocolate) which is handmade chocolate with a ganache or chewy texture similar to a fudge but softer. Previous years I usually just make normal hard chocolate where you melt them and just remould it and decorate it with some words and candies but I decided to make nama-choco since it was something different but simple and easy. Made some varieties involving almonds, peppermint, green tea. This is how they turned out :

I thought they turned out quite well and the pieces were a good size to eat BUT there was one problem- everything was salty. Yeap you read right, SALTY. 
I literally do not understand why it was salty, had to check the almonds if they were salted (it wasn't), the butter I used wasn't salted, the cream wasn't seasoned; nothing contained salt to the point it would make these almost not edible. I'm not sure if it was the cocoa powder because it gave off a really strange powdery taste (despite it being somewhat quality cocoa powder) OR just the chocolate I bought because the white chocolate green tea ones weren't salty.

Here is the basic recipe I usually follow when making these:
→ 100g of chocolate
→ 40-45mL  of cream
→ 1tspn of butter

1. Heat the cream slightly using a double boiler or a baine marie (make sure not to boil the cream)
2. Once the cream is heated, add your chocolate and allow the chocolate to sit and melt in the cream for about 1minute and then stir with a plastic spatula to melt the chocolate
3. Once the chocolate has melted and mixed with the cream to reach a creamy consistency, add your butter and stir to dissolve.
4. Add any optional ingredients such as liquor, nuts, coconuts, dried fruits etc and stir well.
5. Pour the chocolate mixture in a box or mould either rubbed with butter or lined with plastic wrap.
6. Allow the mixture to set in the fridge until firmed (around 1-2 hours)
7. Remove from the fridge and mould, cut into bite sizes. Remember to work quickly as it is quite delicate to handle and melts easily.
8. Coat each pieces with your desired coating (cocoa powder, chopped nuts, dessicated coconut etc)

*Cream is adjustable to your desired texture, more cream will have a softer and wetter texture while less cream will have a more chewier texture.

So that's it :D Here are some of the varieties I made:
→ Dark chocolate with almond rolled with cocoa powder
→ Dark chocolate with peppermint rolled with cocoa powder
→ Dark chocolate with almond and hints of cinnamon rolled with cocoa powder
→ White chocolate with green tea and almond rolled with cocoa powder
→ White chocolate with shredded coconut rolled with fine dessicated coconut

The white chocolate one tasted fine, not salty at all- except I added too much green tea so it's abit hard to eat. But overall if it weren't for the random saltiness- it would be great to giveaway. Unfortunately because of the saltiness, I wasn't able to gift these to friends. Oh well ahaha!

ANYWAY, my valentines day was pretty laxed and involved a little bit of cleaning, little errand running & shopping, alot of doing nothing and of course gaming :D. 

Been playing this new MMORPG called TERA for the past 2 days now since it took forever to download since it was those type of downloads where you have to download from the launcher instead of the individual file, hate it so much. BUT it eventually finished downloading after 2-3 days (32GB file) and got to play the game and can I just say that I am SUPERRRR impressed with the game in terms of the graphics, the design, the music, the gameplay, etc. It just has so much detail as if you're playing those HD games on PS3 such as Final Fantasy, mind you even better because of the super fine quality details when moving around. I still haven't gotten use to the keys and been switching between keyboard and PS3 controller so I'm pretty slow in the game and I think I'm only level 8 if I remember correctly. And a high elf priest on the two servers I play :D  
Anyway I look forward to playing more of it and hopefully will be able to catchup and join friends who play the game.

Moving on from gaming, so I did some cleaning around the house and my room, lighting up some scented candles around to make the house smell nice and have a nice cozy feel to it. Deep cleansed my makeup brushes and sorted out my makeup kits, folded laundry and reorganising here and there. Was good I say, gotta love the feeling when things are just nice and tidy :D Also gotta love the things you begin to realise, such as me just realising the amount of false lashes I own LOL!

The day ended with me watching the "Paradise Kiss" movie featuring Yamamoto Yusuke and Keiko Kitagawa at 2am and just trying to dose off to sleep while watching the movie. Not saying the movie was boring (definitely no), was just tired and just wanted to watch something and sleep. 

I've watched this movie countless of times and I just love it so much. There's this rush of emotions and feelings that comes to me whenever I watch it because I've always wanted to live a life like that, you can say it is my dream to live in a life like Yukari. So much I can relate to Yukari because she's a girl who isn't sure who she is or what she's doing, she's held back by family. Exactly how I currently feel in my life at this moment. Unfortunately I'm not given the opportunity to face another direction and make choices which will change my future like she does BUT I try to make a change in direction. 
But moving away from the personal, one of my favorite and most inspiring movie that I can watch. I haven't actually watched the anime or read the manga which I've heard it's better BUT I think you will enjoy this movie; especially if you're into fashion, styling etc. The base synposis is that it's about a girl name Yukari Hayasaka who gets scouted to become a model for this team of designer students but she is held back by her mom and makes choices to change her future.

Earlier in the night I tried to replicate one of the character's look with just some basic makeup and the result was this:

The character's name is Isabella and is portrayed by japanese actor Shunji Igarashi. Isabella is a transgender student at Yaza Academy who is like a motherly figure with an aura of high class, grace, and feminity. Isabella's background story is sad however inspiring as she was a boy who always wanted to wear dresses but was held back until she was encouraged and given the opportunity to wear one and make choices. 
Anyway there's the comparison pic above, because it was quite late into the night - I didn't want to wear so much makeup or even apply it properly with foundation, eyeliner, contours etc. Only drew basic brows, highlighted inner corners, added false lashes, large rhinestones, blush and nude lip color and gloss. I thought it was aights, definitely could do much better with eyeliner, highlights and more blush- well just proper makeup in general but yeah!

Moving on to today (15th February 2013), before typing up this post I did the usual routine of checking my social networks, YouTube, emails etc. And when checking my university student email, I received this email which just already made my day:

Finally! Confirmation that I will be graduating from University in April 2013. SOOO EXCITED! Because finally it's over LOL! But yeah, definitely made my day so I think today will be a good day :)

Time to get the day going,
Until then- stay well, take care!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Casual Kurobasu Shoot photos + Pandori's FB page

Hey everyone, 

This is just a quick post just to let you know that the photos for the casual photoshoot for Kuroko no Basuke is out and you can check it out here :

Here are some of the photos :

Wayne-san as Taiga Kagami

Me as Kise Ryota

Please do check out the link for more photos :D

And another great note -

Pandori-san has made a Facebook page for his photography, please do check it out at
Please show your support by liking his page to see more of his wonderful amazing works along with seeing me and many other Australian cosplayers. 

Pandori-san is such a great guy who has come a long way in photography but recently just started being more focused around photoshoots, so I really do think you will enjoy his work. And I'm sure he will be known amongst the Australian cosplay community :)

So yeah please do check out his Facebook page.

And that's it :D
Before I end the post, just like to thank Pandori-san for being such a great guy and photographer, I look forward to seeing your work and working with you :D

Alrighty, until then everyone-
Stay well, take care and good night!


Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
May good fortune come to you, fulfilling your dreams and wishes. :)

This post will be slightly more on the personal side of my life. But don't worry - I won't try to make it sound too personal/depressing haha! 
It will actually be on the great day I had on Monday the 11th February 2013, and the changes in myself.

Lets begin~

So it was just the usual morning where I woke up late at around 1pm because I was just so tired from helping out at the temple on the weekends for the new lunar year celebrations. Woke up and did the usual, hopped onto my laptop and decided to upload some of the photos from the Casual Kurobasu shoot onto Deviantart and Worldcosplay. 

Checked my email and there was an email from a car owner (I was following this car to buy since my car broke down and the family has nothing but my dad's work van which my mom can't drive) and he messaged about giving me the offer or second chance to purchase his car because of my constant follow ups and records etc. 
Ran down to my dad and asked him if he was still cool with the car, and dad was just super happy and instantly agreed to it. Had a little exchange in emails for details etc, and decided to meet up the guy at 7.30pm to give the car a look before purchasing (even though should've done this earlier). Dad and I was super happy that the guy gave us this offer because the car was just great and for once- both dad and I liked it. 
After dinner we drove to the place and boy was I surprised, THE CAR LOOKS BETTER THAN IN THE PHOTOS LOLOL! Dad's face had "INSTAYES INSTABUY" written all over it. Had a chat with the car owner and he took us for a spin and gave us a brief tour etc. Perfect, great guy too. So I used my Red Pocket money and made a deposit to the guy because I'll pick up the car once I have the money all ready which should be either end of this week or beginning of the week. Mind you- it's not my money, my dad is paying for it because I'm unemployed and he wanted it to be my graduation gift as well. 
SO it's confirmed that I will be getting a new car (FINALLY!). Super excited about it. If you're wondering what car it is, it is a Suzuki SX4 S in Black. I bought the fake lashes on Ebay but I wasn't sure if I wanted it on this car because the headlights are quite long so it might not look nice BUT we'll see.

So that's the car story.

Got home from the trip, get on skype and see that Pandori-san say that YUEGENE-san has liked my photo on worldcosplay. At first I didn't believe it was the same famous cosplayer YUEGENE from Thailand, so I went on WorldCosplay and BAM:

LEGIT, I had a speechless moment and then just spazzed all over skype. Had no idea what to say. I know it may be nothing to some.. well alot of people but it actually means alot to me as a amateur cosplayer. Was just super happy that a pro cosplayer would like an amateur's photo and I really appreciate that, so I just had to spazzed to Pandori-san and thank him for the photo and also spazzed on Facebook the pic above.
The photo that YUEGENE-san liked was:

Super thanks to Pandori-san for the photo and Wanye-san for the shoot, and also everyone for congratulating me on Facebook. This really encouraged me and gave me more motivation to cosplay now.

So that's another happy event that happened.

Lastly for the blogpost, I just wanna talk about myself changing- this will be the boring personal part which will probably be pointless and boring and won't get to the point until the end LOL!

I've been talking to this friend whom I just met at the temple, great genuine guy with a great personality. But yeah, been talking with him and he just has this way of talking where it really influences you and encourages you (towards the goods of course) about life, how life is short and should try enjoy what you can etc. 
And knowing me, I always deflect it because it's actually quite true what I say about myself, that I pretty much live on the internet- just game, socialise to people on the net through different social networks, don't have a job, don't really socialise to people in life etc (making myself sound even more sad LOL!) But he just won't accept my answers LOL! Always pushing me to be out there, and not in a pushy stubborn way- in a way it actually does make you want to be out there, if you know what I mean ahaha!  
BUT THE THING IS- he looks down upon himself alot, now I totally understand how this feels because whenever someone comes talking to me about their problems, I always downgrade myself LOL! But he was just sharing about how he's changed compared how he was back, and always looking on the brighter side. For some reason, if you actually saw this guy talking and saying this - you can actually tell he has been trying hard and have been looking on the brighter side. 
There's just this aura where it just makes you think back on yourself. So I've been thinking about my life, and how I realised how much I've changed as a person from the past, and that the way I've changed in the present will also change my future. Now I don't mean personality wise because honestly, I'm a mega bitch LOL! 
But anyway, I've come to realise how it's been such a long journey to get to who I am today and the journey will continue on, as corny as that sound. I suddenly feel more confident to who I am and what I do, I feel more in controlled and able to have a say for myself. There's just this rush that's telling me to not worry or care of what people say about me, people will always talk, so just continue moving forward and do what you've started.
In saying that, Lady Gaga's quote comes to my mind:

“People will always talk, so lets give them sumthin to talk about”"

I will continue doing what I enjoy regardless of what people say and how people see me. I will take whatever support I have and channel that as my confidence. :)

And that's the end to my pointless section LOL!

Anyway I'm off.
Until then, stay well, and take care!

Friday, 8 February 2013

First Fashion Photoshoot - Japanese Inspired

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Today I had my very first casual fashion photoshoot with just my good friend Grace-san and we shot with the theme "japanese inspired fashion". 

We've been longing to do these casual types of photoshoots to practice our photography, taking photos of each other with our cameras and to be able to dress up and yeah, finally happened and was super fun and the photos turned out quite good.

It was so funny because it took us forever to decide what to wear because we're so indecisive, just a couple of hours before meeting up- we were still deciding on our outfits and wondering if it matched and if we will survive the weather. 

Here's a full picture of what I wore to the shoot :
(Super thanks to Grace for the photos <3!)
I thought I looked like a legit Japanese guy who came to Australia on holiday LOL!

From head to toe, rocked on :
→ Black plastic fedora hat from DAISO
→ Platinum blonde wig
→ GEO Angel grey contact lenses
→ Black dog printed bandana from DAISO as a scarf

→ Adjustable DIY chain necklace with fastener

→ White textured v-neck shirt from JayJays
→ Bag with ears from a store on Takeshita Street at Harajuku, Japan.

→ Stacked DIY bracelets

→ Grey high school shorts
→ Black meggings (men's leggings)
→ Black boots from EBAY

Also layered on a nice stylished red vest, but was too hot so you can't see in the pictures above- but you'll see it in the Cafe shots :)

Grace dressed up super cute today, very preppy and somewhat very kyary styled as well :D This was Grace's outfit :

→ Black beret with an eyeball print (not quite sure but it looked like an eyeball LOL)
→ Hair in twin braids that was curled and facing outwards

→ Pink contact lenses
→ White blouse with word details on the back panel

→ Black pleather DIY bowtie that I made with square studs Grace blinged 

→ Black pleated skirt
→ Printed little side bag/clutch with bow detail

→ Printed socks
→ Stitch detail creepers

So this shoot was super fun as so many things happened throughout the shoot-

The first one was the street infront of Sydney Westfields where people scattered around and ripped off TIM TAM packs and it was just a disaster for Tim Tams AHAHA! Here is the mess after all the packages were taken:

We headed to the "Strand Arcade" and just felt super out of place because EVERYTHING WAS SO GRAND, and upstairs was designers stores. But the building was super nice and decorated nicely for valentines. 

Here's a stalker pic of Grace-san, where you can see the buildings and the decorations around and you can see her outfit :D

Headed off to Seven-Eleven to buy some KrispyKreme donuts to nom on when we head to the cafe to shoot, thanks so much Grace for the donut! ;A; BUT THIS PART WAS HILARIOUS.
Because we were dressed differently, the guy at the counter serving us scans the donuts etc and while waiting for Grace to pay, he then stares and then asks "from Japan?"
LOL! I just nodded and we walked out after paying and just laughed out heads off, clearly we pass. BEST moment. There are more moments to come, you'll see ;)

Walked to the stationary cafe called "My Sweet Memories" at TownHall, and got ourselves a Iced Green tea Latte/Shake (sorry can't remember since It was my first time) but yeah, was really nice and refreshing for this weather. TRIED to find seats but the good spots were occupied were people so we headed to this little outdoor area they had (I'm guessing for smokers) and made ourselves a home. Legit we just camped there LOL.

Such great difficulties walking around since the ground was covered in large black pebbles and there was chairs that wobbled insanely and sunked in the pebbles unexpectedly but was good fun. Oh and we kept hearing this guy saying "YEAHHHH YEAHHH" ... sounded quite suspicious LOL!

Started taking photos of each other, me having seedy moments with the donut and yeah. Here are some photos of me taken by Grace (thanks!)

Editting also done by Grace, inspired by "Ulzzang" style since some of their pics have cute edittings and yeah!

Here are some photos of Grace that I took with my camera (using Nikon d7000 with 35mm f1.8 lens). 


Left the cafe after camping here enough and started heading to World Square. 
Unexpectedly found these set of rainbow lights on the ceiling in one of the tunnels at World Square and was really nice so thought we'd stick around and shoot there. Only to realise the rainbow lights made the photos extremely difficult to edit because it changed the color of the photo >_<;

Took alot of the solo shots and the outfit we wore and yeahh. 
Here are a few photos of me taken by Grace <3

And here a few photos of Grace taken by me :D
Can see the lights on the top, can't really see the rainbow :O

AND ONE PHOTO I TOOK OF GRACE, there was this lady in the background for some reason my camera decided to focus on her and she just looked hilarious cos she looked posed LOL!

But yeah, on another funny note - while taking photos, this very nice lady comes up to us and was like "would you like me to take the photo of you two?" LOL! She thought we were tourists, but we decided to just accept the offer and this is the photo she took:

THEN she was like "put your arms around her~" LOL! So I did and this is the result :

Five-ten minutes later, this guy comes to us and asks if we wanted to take a picture together. LOL! We declined the offer though haha! I didn't think we looked like such lost touriists HAHA! So good and funny though. 

Finished up the shoot and headed to the train station to go home.

Was a good day, thanks so much Grace for the shoot! I look forward to us shooting again! :D (next week!) ahaha!

That's it for this long entry that's picture heavy. Hope you guys enjoy it

Thanks so much, until then- stay well, take care and good night!