Monday, 14 January 2013

"Litchi Hikari Club" inspired

Hope you're all doing well,
It's been a while that I've blogged and in all honesty, its mainly because I have no idea what to blog about and I honestly don't want this blog to be TOO personal since there have been some issues here and there in my life at the moment since I'm done with university now and currently facing money and life crisis situation and yadayada.

So I apologise for the lack of post. BUT I will try my best to post as often as I can, in hopes that people do read and visit the blog :)

SO back to the post's topic.
I randomly did a cosplay-ish makeup test that was inspired by the manga "Litchi Hikaru Club". Saw my awesome friend, Grace, 's costest of this series and it just looked so good that I had to try it since it was pretty simple and just needed some little bits and pieces. The key point to this cosplay was the makeup. To replicate the look, its all about the pale skin, dramatic eyes and bold red lips which is hard to pull off without looking ridiculous. So here is the reference I based off from 

I actually don't read the manga nor follow the series so I have no knowledge of the characters so I just did the makeup based on how I think it would look like and threw on Yamato's wig since its black and yeah. My red contact lenses haven't arrived yet so I just turned to photoshop, but here's my attempt:

So yeah, kinda looked like the third guy from the left in the reference picture.
The lips are drawn actually larger than my natural lips since my lips are quite small, so i just emphasised it with a red lip liner. 

My face doesn't seem white enough still even after mixing white children face paint with my foundation but yeah, I guess its alright since I don't really want to look too ghostly hahaha!

Also don't have an actual gakuran so I used a black chef's jacket which was close enough in my opinion haha! The hat is just a pvc party police hat which I use for Genderbend Stocking cop version.

But yeah! sharp eyebrows, dramatic eye makeup and lashes, bold red lips and red nails and contouring for sharp features all checked.

Anyway time for bed, goodnight & take care!

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  1. Você daria um belo personagem de Litchi Hikari Club. Ficaria incrivel (^-')b