Tuesday, 8 January 2013

「Sukitte ii na yo」 bracelet

Hope everyone is doing well.

Went out to hang with my good cosplay friend Grace and her friends today who were down in town to buy fabric for their cosplays and yeah, was good fun seeing them.

There was no mail when I got home and it was already about 2.30pm-ish, so started cooking lunch and yadayada. 30 minutes later I hear my doorbell ringing and the mailman gives me our mail and 3 packages for me. SUPERRR HAPPYYYY because i was waiting for these packages to arrive as they included:

- A cheap Ebay long wallet (because I always wanted a long male wallet ever since seeing japanese men in japan having it and looking classy with it)

- and the rest of my beads and the elastic to make the bracelet from the anime manga 「Sukitte ii na yo」

Gathered all my equipments, tools, materials and reference together; ready to get started on the bracelet. All the beads and elastic was purchased on Ebay and colors was selected based on using references of the bracelet from the anime. To search for these beads, type in "irregular beads" or "chips beads" in the search bar and they should come up. The elastic is just black jewellery elastic.

Started making these babies for Yamato (myself) first and just tried to follow the reference as much as I can for any specific pattern but in the end, I just made it really random and made sure some of the beads where evenly distributed. This is what came out after threading the beads.

Was actually quite happy how it turned out because it was really similar to the cosplay style and also somewhat similar to the anime style. So that was good. Now, the problem I had was ending and tying it together to form the bracelet. The thing is with this bracelet is that, its not a simple joint- there's actually some form of braid or knot and ends with two dangling ends.

It took me a while to figure it out so i came up with this:

It looks somewhat accurate to the anime style BUT honestly just really messy and I wasn't really happy. So I posted that picture on Instagram stating how I wasn't too happy with the ending joints, and had some comments from friends on Instagrams and Twitter showing me about square-knots. So i looked around and was linked to a video about square-knots, attempted and practiced with hemp cords and yeah, decided to try it out and work on Mei's bracelet.

This was the result with the square knot:

Super duper happy with how Mei's bracelet turned out with the square knots. I used different clamps with loops so that the black rope can stay in place and yeah. 

Got the hang of square knots and decided to fix up my bracelet for Yamato and got this:

So here are the couple bracelets for both Yamato and Mei from Sukitte ii na yo.

 Was so much fun to make and since I have quite alot of spare beads and elastic, I decided to make another pair for friends who were also cosplaying Yamato and Mei, as well as making a couple for as gifts for friends. 

I know it's still quite sloppy but I think it'll do for now :D

ANYHOW time to sleep, almost 4am. Wow time flies when you're blogging, i started blogging like at 3.15am I think but yeah. Must prepare self for intense hot weather tomorrow and IKEA at night with my good friend Sera.

Till then, will most likely blog tomorrow.



  1. could you give links as to where you bought your beads?.w.
    *having difficulties*

    1. sure thing :)

      for the frosted light blue and white bead its http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1string-110858-Light-Blue-Irregular-Agate-Gemstone-Charms-Loose-Beads-/281038721266?pt=AU_Beads&hash=item416f3690f2&_uhb=1

      for the dark blue its http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20g-Crystal-Glass-Chips-Beads-Frosted-Sky-Blue-GLC04-/370365609317?pt=AU_Beads&hash=item563b82b565&_uhb=1#ht_605wt_869

      for the bright pink its http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fashion-Pink-Vintage-Glass-Bead-Hand-Knotted-Irregular-/140832637781?pt=AU_Beads&hash=item20ca478355&_uhb=1

      frosted pink http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1x-110860-Wholesale-Irregular-Pink-Gemstones-Beads-Jewellery-Findings-/271023742809?pt=AU_Beads&hash=item3f1a461f59&_uhb=1

      clear bead http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1x-Clear-Irregular-Chip-Gemstone-Beads-Strand-110855-/320944740282?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ab9cc17ba

      and the clear crackle round bead for the endings i used http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/100-CRACKLE-GLASS-BEADS-8MM-CLEAR-/180972201642?pt=AU_Beads&hash=item2a22c8a6aa&_uhb=1#ht_2158wt_860

      hope it helps somehow :)

    2. Hey Dann chu, I have searched and searched. And I can't find the beads in ebay. Where can I find them??? Thank you, I want to make it for me and my boyfriend.

    3. Because I went to the websites you listed and they dont pop up...

  2. The exact same bracelet !! >,< very nicely done!

  3. Are you going to make any to sell, I would actually pay you.

  4. How much is the bracelet???? Im so jelous of this right now! Im so addicted to the manga and the anime!!>.<

  5. Could you sell one to me? You have done a beautiful work!