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COSCOS Cosmetic Review Update [02.07.2016]

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It's definitely been a very long so lets get straight into it starting with an updated review.

So early last year around Feb-March of 2015 I did a review video for the COSCOS Cosmetic products which can be viewed here:

Since then, new products have been released from the cosmetic line and the kind people of Liberta Group, who is the manufacturer of the COSCOS cosmetics, watched my video and contacted me for a small collaboration to provide me the whole range of the cosmetic line to try out and review for you all :) 
Please note that my review will be 100% honest based on my opinion and usage which was a term the kind staffs agreed to.

So what is COSCOS?
COSCOS is a cosmetic brand manufactured by the Japanese company, Liberta Group, that is dedicated towards Cosplayers through the use of feedbacks from cosplayers themselves on their ideal type of products. 

So far the cosmetic line has released base products which claims to be:
      • Photogenic
      • Long Lasting
      • Flawless
      • Gentle & Comfortable for the skin
Makeup plays an important role in Cosplay and with most (if not all) makeup, it starts with the base.
Finding the ideal products to create that flawless base can be quite difficult especially when you need that perfect foundation shade (whether it is pale or deep shades, warm or pink tone etc.) that gives a flawless coverage whilst being comfortable on the skin.

What's new & updated since last?
  • More foundations shades (total of 6) has been released from the original two
  • Body Foundation
Lets get straight into it!

Products can be purchased from the COSCOS website at through "BUYEE" which can be on the bottom of the page

    • Now comes in 6 Shades in total

      • F Natural (F for female - ideal for female characters) - Pink Undertone
        • F Natural 01
        • F Natural 02 (lighter than F01)
      • M Natural (M for male - ideal for male characters) - Yellow Undertone
        • M Natural 01
        • M Natural 02 (lighter than M01)
      • White Foundation WH01
        • Can be used on its own for extreme pale or white shades
        • As a mixing medium to brighten or lighten foundation shades
        • As a highlight
      • Deep Foundation BR01
        • Can be used on its own to recreate deep coloured skin. 
        • As a contour

    • Contains 30 grams of product
    • Comes in a plastic tube with a nozzle & easy twist screw cap
    • Thick consistency liquid foundation
    • Dewy finish
    • Retails around 1728yen ~ around $25 AUD
    • Made in Japan
      • Claims (Taken from the
        • All-in-1 foundation corrects uneven skin tones, dull skin colours without primers
        • Soft focus foundation with a photogenic finish
        • Immediate 3D effect foundation with special effects colour pigment powder which gives the impression of three-dimensionality (Basically not flat)
        •  Enduring for long photo shoots, moisturizing, high perspiration resistance/sebum resistance (Long Lasting)
      • PROs :
        • Unscented
        • Hygienic tube packaging
        • More shades available
        • Medium coverage that's buildable to full.
        • Comfortable on the skin, not heavy
        • Moisturising
        • Not flat looking (Dewy finish)
        • Long lasting (especially with aid of a setting powder)
        • Withstand extreme heat condition pretty well with aid of a setting powder
        • Deep foundation (BR01) doesn't oxidise - NO ORANGEY PUMPKIN LOOKING
        • White foundation (WH01) works well as mixing medium to lighten shades
      • CONs :
        • Shades are light and on the ashy grey side (which gives that "brighter" complexion however can be ghostly or dead looking for some)
        • Recommended to build foundation over flaws, not coating the whole face more layers as looks quite thick and cakey.
        • Quite sticky, requires setting powder especially for combination to oily skin.
        • Does not cover dry skin cracks despite being quite moisturising. 
        • Thick consistency may require to use more product
        • Transferrable
        • Pores can still visible and may require a pore-diminishing primer prior to foundation application
        • White foundation is quite patchy if used alone
        • Foundation sets fast, recommend to apply as you go.
    Verdict : 3.5 / 5

    I use to think this foundation was just an alright foundation, nothing too flashy but strangely enough, it's the one foundation I always pick up whenever I'm cosplaying or for dramatic makeup looks.
    However this wasn't always the case until I found a way to make it more suitable for my skin by mixing facial oils (such as Argan oil or Rosehip oil) in with the foundation to thin out the consistency and for that extra moisturising property since my skin is Combination where it's extremely dry in certain areas and just oily in others. This does affect the property of the foundation however in such that the coverage isn't high and gives an oily finish. But that doesn't really bother me since that method makes the product work for my skin and a little extra setting powder does the trick.
    I actually also brought this foundation over to Singapore for AFA'15 and I was extremely surprised by how well it withstood the intense Singapore heat and with my face constantly sweating. Foundation held up strong and my pores wasn't visible however this was definitely with great aid to a setting powder as well.

    Overall it's a great foundation especially for cosplay and dramatic makeup looks which may require a little playing around to get use to what's suitable for you.


      • Comes in 1 shade - clear/translucent
      • Contains 11 grams of products
      • Solid compact in a pan
      • Slim plastic compact case with no mirror or sponge, and no sponge compartment
      • Unscented
      • Retails for 1620yen ~ approximately $22AUD
      • Made in Japan

      • Claims (Taken from the
        • Melt-Free, long lasting powder
        • Shine-Free, Moisturising powder (not drying)
        • Soft focus powder with a photogenic finish
        • high perspiration & sebum resistance
      • PROs :
        • Sets foundation really well.
        • Blends quite nicely.
        • Makes your skin feel and look really soft.
        • Skin looks quite natural (if used a light amount)
        • Soft Matte finish, doesn't make the face flat
        • Absorbs oils and sweats really well and doesn't cake.
        • Didn't really need to touch up (might need to in extreme conditions)
        • Comfortable on the skin, didn't dry out the skin
        • Can be for everyday use
      • CONs :
        • Kinda does whiten the face giving that ghastly look (especially if heavy handed and if there's excess amount on the skin)
        • Chalky
        • Very powdery. Recommend to use a sponge rather than a brush as brush will brush the powder off the compact and makes a really bad mess
        • Packaging is horrible & cheap despite slim. WE NEED MIRRORS.
        • NOT recommended for dry skin. - It will make dry skin/patches more visible
        • Price a tad high for a compact

    Verdict : 4/5
    Out of all the COSCOS cosmetic range, I think the Clear Rankup Powder is probably my favourite from last time and also this time. Not because of the packaging, but the formula is just amazing that really holds my makeup really well whilst controlling the sebum and oils. 
    I actually also use this to set my face when my face is just randomly feeling oily and it really does the job without reacting with my skin and also the best part was I didn't need to touch up because it help everything so well.
    It has a really nice soft velvety finish which not only feels nice, but looks nice as if I have a beauty filter on. 
    The reason why it's not a full 5/5 is because of the packaging and the price point is quite up there for a compact.


      • Comes in 1 shade: Warm tone light beige
      • Contains 10 grams of products
      • Thick liquid consistency like the foundation
      • Small plastic squeeze tube with a slanted lip application nozzle and screw cap.
      • Has a VERY feint scent similar to argan oil. Barely noticeable
      • Retails for 1080yen ~approximately $15AUD
      • Made in Japan
      • Claims (Taken from the
        • Lip balm base concealer, it is kind to your lips
        • Easy application in a tube
        • Good coverage with just one application
        • Lots of skin-loving moisturizing ingredients
        • Enduring for photoshoting, eating & drinking
        • One application for "natural" looks; two applications for "full" coverage
        • Can also be used as a concealer to cover redness
      • PROs :
        • Convenient packaging
        • Lightens & Conceals natural lips pretty well
        • Quite long lasting however does fade over time with eating & drinking
        • A little goes a very long way
      • CONs :
        • Wasn't moisturising, sets in the cracks of your lips
        • Slightly cakey thick feeling
        • Quite patchy when used to conceal redness due to balm texture.
        • Quite cakey/chalky look
    Verdict : 1.5/5
    I gave this product another go and I just couldn't seem to make it work or enjoy it. Even tried to use it to conceal my lips and then to apply a lip colour over it for true lip colours to show but unfortunately it was too drying on my lips.
    Price is quite expensive for a lip product that gives the same effect as using the Perfect HD foundation on my lips which can save me 1000yen.

    That being said though, a friend of mine (Aoki) who used the lip concealer and it worked for him really nicely as he has really nice smooth lips and it didn't look drying on him. 
    So I think this product will depend on each person but unfortunately it just wasn't for me :(


      • Contains 100mL of product
      • Comes in a convenient travel size semi-flat round bottle with a popup cap
      • Very light scent similar to sunscreen
      • White watery liquid
      • Retails for 1296yen ~ approximately $17AUD
      • Made in Japan
      • Claims (Taken from the
        • Light and non-sticky texture spreads easily over on your skin.
        • The ultimate water-proof specially designed for cosplayer.
        • Natural finish helping to cover up dull skin and uneven skin tones
        • Soft focus formula for great photographs
        • Trans-color powder formula can make your arms and legs look slimmer.
        • Moisturizing ingredients prevent skin dryness
      • PROs :
        • Spreadable consistency
        • lightens or "whitens" natural skin temporarily
        • Easy convenient packaging
        • non-shiny and not flat looking (not dewy either, more like soft matte)
        • Light & Quite moisturizing on the skin. Doesn't dry the skin
      • CONs :
        • Very slight sticky feeling
        • Smells like sunscreen
        • Very little to no coverage
    Verdict : 3/5

    Definitely temporarily lightens your natural skin tone and works very similar to those temporarily whitening products. The consistency is quite nice and spreads very easily so a little does go a long way. I can't say too sure whether it's buildable as I felt that applying the second layer did my skin look even more lighter.
    Wouldn't call it a foundation as it doesn't cover flaws or scars which I have alot due to a skin allergy infection when I was young. But it does lighten up the scars to try evening out the skin tone.
    Not too sure if I'd use it on my face as I'd definitely have to check the ingredients if it'd be suitable for my skin.


      • Contains 100mL of product
      • Comes in a convenient travel size hard plastic bottle with a pop-up cap with a dropper nozzle
      • Unscented
      • Transparent watery consistency
      • Retails for 972yen ~ approximately $13AUD
      • Made in Japan
      • Claims (Taken from the
        • Gentle enough to remove make-up and apply the new make-up straight away with your skin feeling clean and hydrated
        • Good size (100ml) for your bag
        • Gentle cleanser to soothe and moisturize your skin
        • You can use it as point make- up remover by dipping cotton buds into the cleanser
        • Remove any residual lash glue left around your eyes easily
        • Cleanses and tones the skin ready for the next makeup application immediately
      • PROs :
        • Removes makeup really well including waterproof eyeliner and also loosening lash glue when using a cotton-bud to gently remove it.
        • Convenient travel size bottle
        • Unscented
        • Not drying or harsh on the skin
        • Goes a long way
      • CONs :
        • Leaves the skin feeling very sticky due to the high contents of glycerin to keep the skin moisturised and being an effect cleanser.
        • Stings the eye really badly - Recommended to use a cotton bud/Q-tip to remove eye makeup.
        • Taste extremely bitter - Do not lick your lips
        • Price quite expensive for 100mL
    Verdict : 3.5/5

    An effective cleanser that surprisingly I should be using more! But I think what holds me back from using it so freely is the price because it's quite expensive for 100mL. I guess travel size conveniency things tends to be more expensive.
    It feels gentle like Micellar water however it's definitely a more effective cleanser than the Micellar water as I didn't really need to wipe the same spot more than 3 times as it literally removed 98% of my makeup after 3 swipes.


    That sums up the review for all of the products of the COSCOS Cosmetic line.
    Would like to kindly thank Liberta Group once again for giving me this opportunity to try and review the products.

    Once again these products can be purchased on their website at :
    Just scroll down all the way and click into the banner that has "Buyee" on it.

    Please leave a comment below on your thoughts of COSCOS Cosmetics and which product(s) are you most eager to try out.

    Stay safe & take care!