Monday, 8 September 2014

Birthday brunch with my cousin at Paper plane & Three Ropes Espresso

Good evening everyone!
Long time no blog! again LOL 

I'm gonna start blogging again but hope you guys don't mind me going all over the place with dates >_<; But I just really wanted to get back into blogging the events that happened since I have been taking my camera everywhere.

SO onto the excuse of me not blogging haha! It's been a busy time for me since I last blogged since there were cosplays to work on for conventions along with me starting college doing a retail makeup & skincare course. ALSO! I started working as a casual position at this company which I wish to not disclose. Just a special shout out to my friend Kaiya for really giving me this opportunity because I cannot thank her enough <3 I OWE YOU.

I will make another entry about my college work and all since it is pretty fun but I'll leave it to another blogpost.

So my cousin took me out to have brunch with her on Monday the 11th August 2014 as a belated birthday celebration since my birthday was on a weekend and she works and also that I had a convention during that weekend. 

We usually have brunch together around once a month at the usual place at Circa Espresso at Parramatta because we just love the food there and the atmosphere.

And so we thought we'd go to the usual cafe BUT as we drove there - we realised it was closed. We legit forgot that it is closed on Monday and only realised that last week (September). It was hilarious because we kept complaining "WHY ARE YOU CLOSED?! WHATS THE OCCASION!?" But yeah.

Luckily my cousin is a foodie girl so she researches and knows some of the places around for us to try or go eat. So she suggested this other cafe we've never been before called "Paper Plane"

It's a nice cosy cafe that has a very homey atmosphere with your wooden floors and tables and green potted plants, actually now that I think about it - it feels like IKEA LOL. It was actually great for the weather we went since the weather was on the cold gloomy side but as soon as you walk into the cafe - it feels like you're outdoor for spring minus the flowers haha!

We ordered our drinks - my cousin with her strong shot of coffee to keep her going and me with the usual healing tea which has lemongrass and ginger. Great hot drinks to keep us warm from the cold gloomy weather >_<;

For the food part - I ordered what's called the "Tiny Dancer" which consisted poached eggs, smoked salmon, capers, avocado, sauteed spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, bocconcini with slices of toasted bread and hollandaise sauce. I guess you could say this is like your "eggs benedict" minus the potato mash and bacon/ham ^_^

I can't quite remember what the actual name of the dish my cousin ordered but it looks like a more advanced version of your typical "Big Breakfast".  Consisting of a generous amount of sliced chorizo sausage (probably two sausage sliced up), bacon, baked eggs suny side up, hashbrown, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, mini rocket salad with a thick balsamic dressing served with slices of toasted bread.

You could probably see that my cousin is more of the meat-eater type of person compared to me who is more of your veggo type of guy haha. Overall the meal was delicious and legit could barely finished because the serving was actually quite large, serving it on the large wooden chopping board.

We did ask for a dessert menu but there didn't seem much besides your muffin and banana bread SO we decided to go elsewhere to sit and enjoy abit of sweets with some hot drinks.

Because Circa Espresso was closed - we decided to give their other store a go called "Three Ropes Espresso". I have to say it was funny driving there because at first I drove the wrong way and then I missed the turn so we ended up technically going around almost twice LOL!

"Three Ropes Espresso" cafe was a nice tiny cafe that's mainly for on the go serving their drinks from their side window in the graffiti alleyway. Artistic as ever like their other cafe but this more of POP art than vintage.

Couldn't decide if we wanted to sit inside or outside since it was SUPER cold and windy but turns out sitting inside was really cold since it was right next to the door where the wind blew in even more! And also it was awkward because the tables were situated DIRECTLY behind where the kitchen was so .. it just felt like I was intruding them SO we sat outside in the blocks and chairs provided and surprisingly sitting outside wasn't as cold.

Ordered out coffee- cousin ordered a short  black which was accidentally made into a long black which she was completely fine with and me with my skinny flat white. 

For sweets we ordered the chocolate tart and the blueberry ricotta muffin. We always get the chocolate tart which was the same as Circa Espresso because it's just so decadent. Crumbly chocolate shortbread base with a rich dark chocolate filling dusted with generous amount of cocoa powder. And it was generous because I could legit blow it off like pixie dust haha! 
For the blueberry ricotta muffin, mmmm it was okay I guess. We don't usually get muffins at cafe because well, they're just muffins to us. Not much of a wow factor but in this case, it was eithier the muffin or the brownie which we didn't want two chocolate desserts.

In all honesty- we thought they would have the almond crossaint which is SOOOO delicious at Circa Espresso. I don't even know why or what's so good about it but the croissant is served chilled and for some reason it's just really good. Pretty much our favorite. (I'll show you next week since I'm having brunch again :D)

pardon my terrible selfy skills where I'm not focussed which is okay LOL
Overall we had a satisfying finish to our brunch and just headed home.
Super thanks to my cousin for taking me out for my birthday brunch! I owe you (next week) haha!

Thank you for stopping by,
until then - stay well & take care!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pictures not showing - Photobucket Bandwidth [FIXED]


Sorry about the pictures not showing! Apparently my Photobucket bandwidth exploded >_<; I will try my best to fix it ASAP. Prolly will migrate the images to Flickr instead.

Super thanks to the anon on and Milli @ for notifying me!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day out at Pishon Cafe [SUPER PHOTO & SELFY HEAVY]

Hello! Hope you're all doing well!

A couple of friends and I went to chill at a cafe on Monday called "Pishon" located in Eastwood. Just a nice casual day with our cameras having lunch with some hot drinks and CAKE! :D 

The cafe had an upstairs which was pretty much vacant and was furnished really nicely, excellent for us to take photos (selfies) without any shame HAHAHA!  There was some customers that did come later on but overall it was still empty.

Customer service wasn't so bad overall; nice but you can tell they stare you down (somewhat judging). But hey, at least the cakes, drinks and bread was totally worth it ;) 

For lunch I had a pizza bun accompanied by a flat white coffee.  The pizza bun was actually really good, super supreme style on a soft sweet bread bread. Abit on the onion-y side but delicious! 

The coffee was made quite well, at first when I was bringing it upstairs to where we were sitting- it didn't look like a flat white, more of a cafe latte. But when drinking it, it was definitely a flat white. Very aromatic coffee finishing off with a leaf design made with some textured milk & froth. 

After we had lunch and chilled abit, we all had cake! *^*)/ The most anticipated moment :DDD Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the store downstairs due to the somewhat-judging-looks but they did have a large variety of cake slices, mousse, tarts, etc. All made within their store.

I got the mocha espresso cake slice which was nice and light with a strong coffee aroma. Funny when I was ordering the slice, I asked for the cake with the green macaron on top and the waitress thought I wanted the green tea mousse, so had to point to it and then she told me it was a mocha espresso cake. The whole time my friend and I actually thought it was a pistachio cake cos of the color of the slice.

Photography by Izzy
Photography by Izzy
Chilled and took heaps of photos while derping around and then decided to leave due to parking limits >_<; We all decided to go somewhere to take photos and somehow it ended up being a OOTD photoshoot (somewhat mainly for me somehow OAO;). 

Photography by Ayu

It was actually awkward having friends doing an OOTD shoot for me since it's the first time I've done this so my facial expression and poses was really awkward ><; Overall it was super fun and I think we got some great photos, despite we were freezing in the cold LOL!
Photography by Izzy
Photography by Mogu
Photography by Izzy

Anyway that's it for this casual post. 
Special thanks to Ayu, Grace & Izzy for the day out and taking photos!
Until then, stay well & take care!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

OOTD #5 ~ little red shota

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

click to enlarge
I'm BACK for an outfit of the day post! :D It's been a realllyyy long while (a year+ now) since I've done an OOTD post :O! 

I recently just got a new camera so it'll be more easier to capture my OOTD with its wide lens.

Anyway lets get into it :)

I call this outfit the "little red shota" inspired by outfits ショタ (shota, young boys) wear especially in japanese animation. This outfit is young and fresh with subtle hints of class and elegance. Definitely a more modern take on what elderly men wear when playing golf. 
Also thought this fun and bright outfit would also go well with my bowl haircut haha!

For the top - 
I paired a red v-neck knit sweater with a light yellow, grey & white checkered short sleeve dress shirt with the collar buttoned all the way to the top. To tie the warm tops together without making it look formal - I added my copper retractable neck chain that is pulled to the collar with the chains tucked inside the sweater. This gives the outfit a more modern and casual look rather than using a tie which looks formal.

The dress shirt was purchased from a store on Oxford street called "Christopher Daniel".
The red sweater is by a japanese brand called "BROWNY" and was purchased from taobao which can be viewed HERE . 

For the bottoms - 
I wore camel/beige shorts with the legs rolled up to be just above the knee, dark red over-knee socks that was worn at knee height, and red pleather boots inspired by marten boots. 
Kept the bottoms warm tone as well but went for a more darker approach on the red since I wanted the sweater to be the main attention. Also since the kneesocks itself would capture people's attention since this style is rarely seen around, so had to keep the red subtle. 
The socks can be worn both pulled up to the knee or bunched up on top of the boots to achieve the construction-worker boots. But since it was quite chilly yesterday - decided to keep the socks up.
Pants was purchased in Vietnam at a store called "SEA". (store was in Nguyen Trai in Q3, HCM city)
The belt suspenders was purchased in Japan in Harajuku at one of the stores on Takeshita Street.
Red over-knee socks purchased on Ebay which can be viewed HERE (warning SUPER slow shipping =A=;)
Cherry red boots purchased on Ebay. (Sorry don't have the link since it was a while ago >_<)

I also wore glasses with this outfit to give it a nerdy, smart fling to it.

That's it for this entry *^*)/
Until then!~
Stay well & Take care!

Friday, 20 June 2014

May 2014 Favorites!

edit 21/06/2014 : Blogger did something weird and didn't schedule the post - nor did it post my pictures. So the entry is abit incomplete >_<; will fix this ASAP. SORRY! ;A;

Howdy everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

First time doing a favorites type of blogpost but since May is coming to and end - thought I'd share some of the things that I've been REAALYYY liking this month.

Skincare & Makeup
-Holika Holika One Solution - CLEAR

I've been using this for over a week now and the results are really amazing. The area's that I break out is soothed and not as red and also can see the dead skin peeling and the new skin forming under. It dries up my pimples whilst keeping my skin moisturised. 

I love the fact that it has a dropper in the glass bottle which is hygenic and doesn't require me to dip my fingers to contaminate the concentrated serum. It has a herby scent like white tea which I absolutely love. 
I use two-three drops to apply on my skin every night and it is more than enough for both my face and neck. Quickly absorbs into my skin and isn't heavy or oily. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling for me but I've read other reviews it did for them so just something to take note of.

-Etude House Moistfull SUPER Collagen multi stick/balm

Used this for a month and I LOVEEEE this amazing balm. Containing 58% collagen, it literally restores the elasticity of my skin making it more bouncy and firm and does not leave a sticky feeling whatsoever. Especially use this around my eye area and areas that need extra moisture. HOWEVER does not completely moisture like a moisturiser, it's more like a spot moisture stick :D It's multifunctional which is perfect to take along when going out as I can use it around my eye area, as a skin moisturiser (spot moisturiser) and also a lip balm. I also love the smell; it just smells sooo nicee like chamomile-white tea and it lingers throughout which is nice (though probably not for those who don't like the scent >_<;).

-Maybelline Baby Lips SPF20 Lip balm - Smoothing cherry

Been using this for around 2-3 weeks now and I was REALLY surprised with the results. I wouldn't think a cosmetic brand like Maybelline would be able to deliver something so healing (I doubted them, oops ;O). Results were amazing; hydrated and moisturised my lips really well making them more supple. ALSO can visibly see less fine lines on my lips. I does have a slight waxy feeling which probably is why it coats the lips for a really long time until the lips are touched through drinking or wiping etc. 

They did have a tinted version but I feel the tinted version didn't give much healing properties as the non-tinted. The scent is quite nice, sweet but not overly sweet and doesn't linger so much. Overall I think this is perfect for the upcomming cold whether where my lips tend to get dry. The only downer is that it is abit shiny.

-The Face Shop Oil-Free BB cream

Because the new season is coming in, the weather is always undecided and is a cross between hot and cold within a day so I tend to break out. In most cases I shouldn't be using makeup to let the skin heal BUT this BB cream just does that makeup job of giving some coverage while not irritating my skin. It is oil-free and keeps my skin moisturised whilst also soothing my skin with the Chamomile Extract. 

Perfect light coverage to even the skin for the night since it does not contain SPF and is oil-free so keeps the face not shiny. Downside is that it only comes in one shade that is quite light with a grey undertone so sometimes you look abit dead LOL.

-Maybelline FIT me! Shine Free Foundation stick

This is a mixed feeling product HOWEVER I have been using it alot and it's because - I love the finish and the feel of it. It gives a nice natural matte powder finish and makes your skin feel SOOOO soft legit I keep touching my face (which is bad LOL). Also it does control the oils around my T-zone so I'm actually not that shiny (Good job anti-shine gel core *thumbs up*)
I use this on top of my BB cream whenever I need more coverage like my undereye or my blemishes. Sometimes I use this alone when my skin is looking on the better side and just needs evening out. HOWEVER DO NOT DOUBLE IT THOUGH, IT WILL LOOK CAKEY. And actually that's not the only downside. 
It sometimes set into your fine lines, not much of pores but just fine lines especially undereye and then you have this very cakey look (yet I still apply it there). I find that if you use a setting spray or mist, the cakey-ness isn't so bad. ALSO I feel that this foundation is VERY transferable because whenever I dab my skin with my fingers- it leaves a finger print mark. So technically I can constantly blend the foundation non stop LOL! . But in saying that - do not reapply to touch up cos you'll just see cake as mentioned before. Dry skin users MAY want to stay away from this foundation because it probably will accentuate your dry skin as it does accentuates dry patches. 
Overall I think it's still a great foundation that's affordable with light coverage without requiring powder to set. A little does somewhat go a long way since it's super blendable BUT it still runs out really quick O3O;. My mom and I use this alot and actually my mom really loves this that she uses it everytime she goes out now LOL!

-Byphasse Makeup Remover Wipes

I saw this at ChemistWarehouse and the package really caught my attention because it's as big as a standard tissue which is bigger than the general square makeup wipes and also this contains 40 sheets. I picked up the sensitive skin one to test out (other one was mature skin) and when I used it, the feeling on my skin afterwards just sold me.
It removes my makeup (even waterproof) efficiently whilst hydrating and moisturising my skin unlike most of the wipes which give that dry feeling as if your skin is screaming "I NEED WATERRRRR". Also it doesn't leave any sticky feeling. 

The towel or wipe is the size of a regular tissue and is ribbed to cleanse the skin for efficiently. I also love the packaging with the resealable cap unlike the other brands with a resealable tape which comes off eventually due to moisture. The only downside is that DESPITE stating for sensitive skin- oh my goodness it is SOO heavily scented. The scent is nice but it's a scent that belongs in the laundry room if you know what I mean. It's like fabric softener smell in which I hope they didn't add fabric softener content to make my skin feeling nice. O_O; 

-The Natural Confectionary Fruity Chews

Yes I'm gonna add this into my favorites because I'm somehow REAALLLYY addicted to this. And also I really love my sweets and treats ;P. But yeah I've been buying a bag every week for 3 weeks now because one bag last me a week (actually with great restraint they last me a week otherwise I could probably finish this within 2-3 days). One bag has quite alot of these individually wrapped fruity goodness and they come in variety of flavors in a bag like lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant.  But yeah they're just soo nice QAQ. 

They have a good tang to it, not sour but great burst of juicy sweetness and flavors and has a great chew to them depending on the weather. Hot weather you'll have soft chews while in cold weather you'll get hard chews. What I also enjoy is that it doesn't stick to your teeth like many of the other chews, so there's no need for making glamorous facial expressions while trying to remove the candy from your teeth with your tongue. LOL TL;DR they're yummy and addictive. done :D

Outfits & Looks
-Beaucon Shimmer Grey/Gray contact lenses

These are pretty much my everyday lenses (if I wore lenses everyday). They're super comfortable, gives a nice subtle color whilst maintaining the natural look of your eye because of it's blending design. Gives that subtle kirakira chingching look to your eye, almost alluring or mesmerising especially because it's grey. Actually I have vain moments whenever I wear these because I just look into the mirror alot to check my eyes out ROFL! Which then makes me want to take selfies (Y).

- Black loose cardigan/scarf/poncho .. thing (LOL!)
I don't know what this is but I just love it because it's so versatile and multifunctional. I can use it as a cardigan, a scarf, a poncho, etc; all in many different ways. Especially because it's the end of Autumn, the weather is unpredictable and more cold nowadays so I just bring this almost everywhere to keep myself covered and warmer. I bought this last year at CottonOn in the female's clearance section for $5.00AUD and honestly it's an awesome buy.

-Construction worker style
Lately I've been wearing what I like to call the (stereotypical) construction worker style - that is shorts with bunched up socks and boots. Surely you'll think of construction workers when you pair these bottoms together right? :D
I don't know why but it gives a very autumn feel to it, wearing shorts to suit the bright sunny warm weathers whilst the bunched up socks at or below calve height and boots to match with the cooler temperatures. I usually dress these bottoms with a plaid dress shirt with some form of jacket. Fun casual look with a sense of freedom to roam ^_^)/

That concludes May 2014 favorites! Hope you enjoy this post, please comment below on your thoughts and opinions! *^*)/
Until then, stay well & take care!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beautynetkorea haul *^*)/

Hello! Hope you're all doing well!

Recently received my package from and thought I'd share what I bought :D

It was my first time purchasing skincare products from Beautynetkorea as I usually purchase from and overall I am really happy with their services.

I found Beautynetkorea through many other bloggers who mention they bought their korean cosmetics/skincare from there so thought I gave it a go especially because their price was cheaper as well! (YAAY!)

They surprisingly stock ALOT more things and brand than cosmetic-love so I was really amazed and took around 4hours+ to browse through the skincare products hahaha! 
Website was relatively easy to use and categorized nicely as well which was great, cos then I found some things that I never even intended on buying ^^; (not sure if a good thing or not but OOPS ;O)

Postage fee was FREE (yayers!) and was surprisingly really fast. On average it would take 2-3 weeks to arrive to me from Korea but this took only a week! Not sure if because the freight traffic was empty or something but hey- definitely not complaining there ^_^)v

Packaging was simple filled with bubble wrap but I feel that they could put a tad more effort in packaging in such to wrap the products in the bubble wrap rather than just throwing it in because I could imagine if worst comes to worst- there would be definite breakage as the products just sit on the edge of the packaging and there's not really bubble wrap on the sides, just the top and bottom. 
But that being said - I'm glad all my items were safe :D The packaging/arrangement inside was nicely done or to sound more smart -tessellating well. *raises glasses* ;D

Got some free samples which were mainly from Etude House which was really nice and also a business card from them thanking for the purchase.

SO! What did I purchase?
  • 2 x Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen multi stick/balm (one for a friend)
  • Holika Holika ONE solution - Antiwrinkle
  • Holika Holika ONE solution - Clear
  • Tonymoly Panda's dream So cool eye stick.

Just to give a quick summary/review or first impression of these products since I've been using them for almost 4-5 days now. Will do a more indepth review soon for some of these :D

  • I have used this before and it is amazinggggggg. Hence why I bought my friend one :D 
  • Smells really nice like chamomile & white tea. Also lingers the skin (may be bad for those that don't like the smell)
  • Comes in a fairly small twist tube and in a consistency of a solid balm- like your chapstik, just larger. 
  • Super easy to use, just apply the balm to where you want to moisturise and pat into your skin. I usually apply this around my eye area, forehead and expression lines where wrinkle starts but the result is just simply amazing. 
  • Skin legit is much more supple and firmer because it contains 58% collagen and does keep those areas hydrated really nicely.
  • Does NOT lift the skin or treat wrinkles. Nor would it completely hydrate dry skin. However it's a nice thing to apply afterwards or throughouts to dry spots/patches to keep it hydrated and moisturised throughout the day. 
  • 10g / 0.35 oz. of product
  • Retailed for $9.90USD on beautynetkorea

  • Packaging was so cute I couldn't help to buy it QAQ and thought it'd be nice for my eyes since I wear contact lenses often
  • Claims to hydrate the area to keep eyes cool and from drying. Also to help with wrinkle care and brightening.
  • Small cute packaging with a pop off cap containing a solid blue balm.
  • 9g of product
  • Super easy to use like the multi balm- just apply around the eye area and pat in to absorb
  • Retailed for $8.99 USD on beautynetkorea
  • Result - I don't think this does anything but wets my skin LOL! I feel like I got duped because it doesn't live up to what it claims to do. Doesn't really bring much of moisture or hydration. And I don't sense any tingling or cooling sensation either. 
  • So I don't recommend this. Feels like a waste of money honestly :(

  • Love the sleek packaging however it is a glass bottle with a nice dropper.
  • Contains 100% Autumn bell extract to aid in anti-wrinkle functions. (I don't know what this Autumn Bell is but I googled image and it was a female and i saw some nudity which concerned me). But what they meant was Gentiana Scabra root extract which is mainly used for inflammed skin. Which doesn't really aid in anti-wrinkle function, it's more of the glycerin content that provides the collagen to aid in the anti-wrinkle function. >_>;
  • Contains 30mL of product
  • Thick dense consistency with a nice very light floral scent.
  • Easy to use - just use the dropper and use 2-3 drops and apply to skin.
  • May leave a sticky feeling (as I read other reviews mentioned) BUT I did not experience any of this stickiness.
  • Absorbs into the skin really quick and nicely.
  • Not heavy on the skin
  • Not oily
  • Preferably to be used for night time regime. 
  • Skin does feel really hydrated however haven't been using it long enough to know the anti-wrinkle properties
  • Retails for $13.45 USD on Beautynetkorea

  • Sleek glass bottle packaging with a dropper like above.
  • Contains 100% Wintergreen extract to aid in troubled skin such as acne pimples etc. Wintergreen has anti-inflammatory properties which help kill germs and also soothes the skin from redness and pain.
  • Contains 30mL of product
  • Thick clear transparent consistency with a nice herby tea scent which I know some people apparently didn't like from other reviews. The consistency is not as thick as the antiwrinkle.
  • Easy to use - 2 to 3 drops and apply to the skin
  • Apparently also leaves a slight sticky feeling BUT once again I did not experience this. Instead mine made my skin not sticky at all.
  • Not oily
  • Absorbs into the skin really quick and nicely
  • Not heavy at all, light and fresh.
  • Preferably to be used for night time regime BUT I also use this during the day because I don't experience any sticky feeling and it absorbs into my skin immediately.
  • Result is amazing. Used this for 4-5 days now and all my breakouts and redness has gone down and has made my pimples dry up and healed. Can literally see the skin around the pimple peeling but it's not a dry-peeling, more of dead skin just appearing. Soothes the skin really well.
  • Does NOT clear the skin from blemishes (as far as I know). I've heard the Whitening version lightens scars and blemishes but I haven't used this long enough to know if it lightens scars.
  • Retails for $13.45 USD on Beautynetkorea
  • I actually really like this and would recommend it :D

That concludes for my haul and quick review for the products I purchased on 
Hope this was somewhat helpful - please leave a comment below on your opinions ^_^)/
Until then, stay well & take care!