Wednesday, 23 January 2013

first normal daily entry + dance workout

Heyyy~ hope you're all doing well!

This will be a somewhat boring normal post with little pictures and yeah.

Nothing much happened today, HOWEVER-
did manage to get alot of workout done today after getting some dance workout videos.
The dance workout video I followed was the "Ministry of Sounds - Pump it up , Ultimate dance workout" and judging from the songs I think it's the one released in 2004 though some people say it's the 2009 edition. 

The cover should look like this : 

With the one guy where his drawstrings just hang abouts which is super disturbing in the video AND also he does these weird facial expressions when they do the thrustings but yeah.. guess there's always that one creepy in every aerobic video haha!

Apparently it was the same one that Youtube makeup guru Bubzbeauty followed along in the following video :

And yeah! It's only my first day of trying out the DVD and so far I'm super happy with it. It's so much fun and easy to follow and the song has great rhythm which kicks in great to work out to.

I think I went for like 3 rounds, not straight up though because the whole routine together is just a little over an hour and my non-fit self cannot handle that. Actually my non-fit self cannot handle almost anything. But yeah! The first round I followed the warm up section and the first 2 minutes of the Dance section. Even though I took 1minute breaks at parts where my body (especially my legs) couldn't handle anymore like doing squats, IT WAS SOO TIRING. But it's one of those tiredness where you feel good if you know what I mean :D

Second round I followed the dance section and the hardcore pump it up section which I took heaps of short breaks cos my legs just cramp up really easily even after stretches but yeah, super fun sections to do and insane sweat! 

Here's a glam pic of my sweating LOLOL 

Third round I did the more calmer section where it focus on toning the bum and tums, and the other section on breathing and stretches. Didn't take any breaks in this because it was simple and great to do without any strains.


Besides the dance workout, didn't do much today.
The usual gaming, the usual online job hunting, the usual helping out with parents work, the usual social networking, the usual eating and routines and yeahhhhh.

Anyway it's 3am, gonna hit the showers and then head to bed. 
Until then- stay well, take care and good night!

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