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Cosplay & Photoshop

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Sorry for the lack of posts, just having a mind blank lately but yeah!
Uploaded a video on Youtube on my thoughts on Cosplay & Photoshop.
Which can be viewed here:

So this post will just be a more detailed or clearer version of the video since I mumbled and stuttered alot in the video which was quite difficult to understand.

Just a disclaimer note before I begin that I understand that you may not agree with me and what I say but these are just my thoughts and opinions, and it is totally understandable that everyone has their own opinions as well. ^_^)v

Photoshop is a program that allows you to manipulate an image according to the user's preferences, in saying that- photoshopping is the technique of manipulating the image.

In my opinion, Photoshop is quite crucial when relating it to cosplay/cosplay-photography. 
Reason being is that it's very difficult to capture a perfect image as there's so many factors that contribute to a photoshoot which where the photographs are taken.

Some examples are :
→ Weather
→ Lighting
→ Location
→ Cosplayer
→ Photographer
→ Atmosphere

Now when I mention cosplayer and photographer, I don't mean that they are at fault- so you shouldn't really (ever in my opinion) blame them.

I mention cosplayer and photographer in terms of the interaction and the comfort level to product whatever atmosphere.

For me- I really think a good connection between the cosplayer and the photographer is super crucial in producing great photographs. A good connection/relationship between the cosplayer and the photograph creates this really comfortable non-awkward atmosphere where both will get along and work together without worrying so much about the surroundings. Cosplayers feel less tense and more confident which shows alot through the expression they give along with the poses.

Sometimes the surrounding such as the location or weather turns out not what you expected it to be, and to be honest- with such good connection and atmosphere between the coser and the photographer, automatically (in most cases) both will work around some way with whatever situation. 

Overall, whatever problems you have- you should really just work your way around with whatever situation you're in :)

Moving back onto topic with photoshop, when I mention photoshop- I don't mean overdone or overkill photoshopping or shopping for short. I mean a way of editting so that it enhances the photos to capture the right feel for it.
For me, there are four different types of level of shopping:
→ Minor
→ Tolerable
→ Godshop
→ Overdone/Overkill

So lets emphasise each level of shopping:

→ Minor
Minor photoshopping is when you do very little editting on the photo to the point where it looks more natural and not even noticeable.
Here's an example of minor shopping done on the Eager Love Revenge Kagamine Len photo taken by my good friend and photographer Kenny. (thanks!)
So the left one is the original and the right one is after photoshopping it.
As you can see- 
→ the random thing floating in the air is removed
→ lighting adjustments was made. 

Looks somewhat natural as if taken from the camera without editting.

→ Tolerable
Tolerable photoshopping is editting photos with a heavier hand than the minor shopping, where used to enhance the photo to please the eye, makes it more appealing and photoshopping may be noticeable or not. Tolerable shopping is commonly what I aim for.
In the following example; from the minor shopping-
→ the color balance was changed
→ light flare added
→ wig ahoge fixed to look like the actual character.

→ Godshop
Godly photoshop is editting the photo at a high level to the point where it's super obvious however looks super appealing and catches people's attention. Requires alot of skills and care as sometimes it may overwhelm the eyes or even go towards the overdone/overkill category. This form of editting is commonly used amongst "pro" cosplayers as seen on the front page of worldcosplay as it captures the audience's attention because it's flashy *A*)b
The following  picture is an example that was godshopped by amazing Alan ( [THANKS ALAN!].  No words- BAM. haha! Looks super good an amazing even though its obvious it has been photoshopped.

→ Overdone/Overkill
Over-shopping is the process of editting the photo to the point where it doesn't please the eyes and just overdone because it's just too much or not done properly.
The following is an example which I overexaggerated because I honestly had no idea what to do but yeah. The photo has been killed by badly photoshopping it and there was another edit where my face was fully editted to the point where it didn't even look like me.

So that sums up my thoughts on cosplay x photoshop.
As I said earlier, I try my best to edit my photos at the tolerable level where you know it's photoshopped but editted in a subtle manner.

Please leave a comment in the Youtube video or on the blog for your thoughts and opinions as well, love to see it as well! :D
Until then, sleep time!
Stay well, take care and good night! 

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