Monday, 21 January 2013

Stocking -cop ver- photoset released & Sukitte ii na yo editting

Whatsup everyone, hope you're all doing well!

First is first, the photoset from Pandori-san (another photographer at the Stocking -cop ver- photoshoot) has finished editting the photos and has released them. Both Furorensu-san and I are super happy with how they turned out and yeah! Thanks heaps Pandori-san!

Here are some of the photos:

One of my favorite shots of Furorensu-san. SUPER CUTEEE! *A*)b 

Also super love the bubble shots of Furorensu-san. It gives it such a great feel to the photo that's very Stocking like. Thanks to Wayne-san for being out bubble blower haha!

One of my favorite solo shots. Actually to be honest- I'm quite happy with all the solo shots that Pandori took :D

And lastly to share is the group shot of both Stocking. Resembles Stocking well as it's somewhat innocent yet badass ;D And the angle of the photo is great too, gives it a great retro feel to it.

Thanks so much to Pandori-san for being our photographer and the photos, hope to shoot with you more often! 

If you guys like to see more of the photos- please visit :
Hopefully the link will work, if so please leave me a comment and I'll try to get it fixed up. :) I'll ask Pandori-san for his page so you guys can check him out ;D

MOVING ON, was actually busy today helping my aunty with her photography work once again and got home quite late so couldn't do the reviews or open box review I wanted but all good, got to receive the photos from the Stocking photoshoot and a couple more from the "Sukitte ii na yo" shoot.

We're all currently still discussing and editting the photos that Jaychu took and just trying to capture the feel like the manga/anime does.

I won't release the other photo yet until the set is released but here's one of the photo that we are all editting on.

YAMATO SO SASSY WITH THE WALK AHAHAHA!! I don't even know why it turned out like that, I swear I don't walk sassy... or maybe i do? LOL! 
ANYWAY still doesn't feel right though, this is just my random take I did last minute for the blog but yeah- definitely doesn't have that feel yet. Mainly because of the lighting and coloring. Because we all want it to be soft but at the same time have some of the colors such as the sky and the greens and of course the cosplayers to stand out. But just not sure how yet, just gotta fiddle around with photoshop more but yeah! Definitely going to be fun ^_^)b

Alrighty time to head to bed since it is almost 5am zZzZz
Until then stay well, take care and good night!

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  1. omg both of your cosplays look great, wonderful job~