Friday, 18 January 2013

Stocking -cop ver- photoshoot photos!

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing welll!

Unexpectedly one of our photographers (Marupan) from yesterday's Stocking -cop version- photoshoot was done with editting our pics and released it and yeah, this post will be me just sharing and creditting marupan :D

Martin (or what we call marutan or marupan) does have his own facebook page for his photography which I think you'll enjoy at \
So please visit the link and support him and like his page if you wish to see more of him and most likely me too :D

So here are some of the photos from Marupan:

Furorensu-san as the original female Stocking. SO BADASS AND CUTEEEEE! It was apparently Furorensu-san's first shoot and she just nailed the shoot like BAM pwnage. SOO CUTEEEE! She looks great in all the photos in my opinion :D

Me as the genderbend male version of Stocking. Surprisingly I like this shot despite the fact when posing, it was super awkward cos it looks really feminine and etc. But yeah as you can see, I'm not looking at the camera because I'm looking at our other photographer Pandori. But yeah~

FINALLY the shot that surprisingly turned out really well and I have to say one of the best ones in the album to all of us:

In my previous post, I mentioned out testing out weird poses Marupan had in mind. And yeah- it involved me having my legs up on the wall. Originally I think Marupan wanted me higher but It just wasn't right for a guy and it was best not to make Furorensu-san risk it on her first shoot. But yeah, somehow it managed to work out well and there you have it ahahah!

Only shared a couple but if you'd like to check out the rest of the photos, please check out :
And once again like Marupan's page to see more of his work and most likely me in the future :D

That's all for today, I'm gonna head off for a big day tomorrow. 
Until then, stay well, take care and good night :D

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  1. WOAHH. Looks really good :D You're both adorable and I love the colors and play on angles.