Sunday, 20 January 2013

A photo from "Sukitte ii na yo" photoshoot & Editing

Hello there everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Nothing interesting for today since I was mainly out helping my aunty doing photography as a volunteer thing for temple and continuing tomorrow as well but hopefully tomorrow (well today) ends earlier. 

Planning to do some reviews and open box reviews and etc etc real soon, so please check out the blog often and yeah! Oh and I realised that my grammar, well actually my english in general in my blog posts are as terrible as my speaking- even though I am born and raised in Australia LOLOL! Oh the influences which makes english starting to look like my second language. BUT ANYWAY, yeah!

Moving on! Jaychu (photographer for the "Sukitte ii na yo" photoshoot) sent me two photos that she finished editting with the lighting etc and after me editing a few tweaks such as even out eyes and wig etc etc, Arisu and I started discussing about putting the title onto the photo, the color of the title and how to position the title haha! 

So after deciding on the color based on the manga title as each volume has a different color combination and had to choose a combination which stood out but suited the photo; it was then time to figure out how to place about this title. I did a first test (picture above) and placed it randomly in somewhat similar to the manga's front cover which was alright we decided but wanted something more subtle.

I think it took us about 30minutes, or maybe even longer but it was fun sending back and forth and fixing. Because sometimes it looks right but when you reopen it, it just totally doesn't look right at all- BUT WE FINALISED IT and decided to keep it subtle using the manga title font and colors. And this is what we ended up with"

We wanted to keep it subtle and simple because we really liked the fuwafuwa atmosphere and didn't want the title/text to overpower it with the softness of the photo's lighting and yeah! Super happy with it :) AND MEI(Arisu) IS SO CUTE! <3 AHAHAHA

I somehow get the feeling we'll upload all different version on different sites because most of the positions of the title looked alright XD So which one do you guys prefer?

As mentioned that there was two photos sent, other one is still in progress of editting and discussion hahaha! BUT yeah! After Jaychu sending us these photos, I'm super excited and super happy how they turned out and super looking forward to seeing the photoset :D 

Thanks so much again to Jaychu and Arisu for making it happen! 

That's it for tonight, time for sleep.
Until then- take care, stay well and goodnight!

Oh PS :  just resharing this picture which I posted in my previous post and everywhere on my facebook, deviantart, curecos, worldcosplay. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS PHOTO SO MUCH THAT ITS EVEN MY PHONE'S HOME&LOCK SCREEN. I dont know, it looks like a promo for a live action like Kimi ni Todoke live action hahaha! (up himself orz)