Monday, 17 February 2014


Hello everyone! It's been a very long while.
First is first - I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT BLOGGING. Just suddenly got out of it once my plans of blogging whilst overseas failed. BUT I really do miss it and gonna try my best to get into the habit of blogging again whether it's daily or DIY or cosplay or review etc. 

So I am SUPER sorry! >_<;
I am back in Australia now for around a month now, and my trip in Vietnam was just amazing. I had so much fun with little drama.
Here is just a quick vlog of recording snips when I was in Vietnam:

Haven't been up to much since I'm still job hunting ever since I came back with plentiful of rejection mails and calls but I will not give up. 
Been in a little situation where I just needed to get away from social networks especially FACEBOOK because just seeing and dealing with certain people just made me really angry and I felt that I was becoming a bad person because my patience was getting really thin where I can't tolerate people at all. So I have been taking my time off on FACEBOOK, recently go back on but not so much but I do feel somewhat better after relaxing.

BUT yeah! This is just a little post to let you all know that I am here and I'll be doing my best to blog again. 

I am somewhat active on my facebook page at ^__^)v

Until then! stay well & take care!