Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Yo! Hope you're all doing well!
Today I received two packages in the mail, one being beads I ordered on Ebay for the "Sukitte ii na yo" bracelet; and the other one being red contact lenses I ordered for the first time from

So the beads I ordered this time are round crackled beads to complete the ending of the bracelet which hangs off. I actually ordered round cat eye beads to complete the bracelet but turns out that the bead was just way too small for the cord to fit, so resolved in buying the crackle ones which are abit large but it does the job. Just gotta drill the hole bigger so the cord can fit. Also ordered more cobalt blue chip beads since I was running out. 

 For the contact lenses, I'll do a full review about them and the package in another entry when I do try the lenses on. The lenses have been removed out of it's sterile solution and placed in the contact lense holder with saline solution, gotta let it soak for minimumm 12 hours. But yeah, bought the Dolly+ Red lenses from instead from the usual (as you can see in the ad section in which I'm not getting paid to put it there, it's just a my recommendation and support). So far the service of pinkyparadise is great and arrives in 14 days as ordered as mentioned and yeah, will go into depth in the actual post.

And yeah, I shall end the post now and head to bed since its 3.20am and I gotta wake up at 7am because my cousin is coming back from her holiday at 8-9am and I gotta give her house keys haha!
Also I have a photoshoot at 3pm with Florence-san (fellow cosplayer) and we're shooting Stocking cop/police version from Panty & Stocking. I'm gonna be doing the male version. So many worries because its gonna be 31 degrees and foundation and makeup just gonna be terrible hahaah! Will try to vlog the day if I can.

Until then. stay well. take care and goodnight! :D

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