Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beautynetkorea haul *^*)/

Hello! Hope you're all doing well!

Recently received my package from and thought I'd share what I bought :D

It was my first time purchasing skincare products from Beautynetkorea as I usually purchase from and overall I am really happy with their services.

I found Beautynetkorea through many other bloggers who mention they bought their korean cosmetics/skincare from there so thought I gave it a go especially because their price was cheaper as well! (YAAY!)

They surprisingly stock ALOT more things and brand than cosmetic-love so I was really amazed and took around 4hours+ to browse through the skincare products hahaha! 
Website was relatively easy to use and categorized nicely as well which was great, cos then I found some things that I never even intended on buying ^^; (not sure if a good thing or not but OOPS ;O)

Postage fee was FREE (yayers!) and was surprisingly really fast. On average it would take 2-3 weeks to arrive to me from Korea but this took only a week! Not sure if because the freight traffic was empty or something but hey- definitely not complaining there ^_^)v

Packaging was simple filled with bubble wrap but I feel that they could put a tad more effort in packaging in such to wrap the products in the bubble wrap rather than just throwing it in because I could imagine if worst comes to worst- there would be definite breakage as the products just sit on the edge of the packaging and there's not really bubble wrap on the sides, just the top and bottom. 
But that being said - I'm glad all my items were safe :D The packaging/arrangement inside was nicely done or to sound more smart -tessellating well. *raises glasses* ;D

Got some free samples which were mainly from Etude House which was really nice and also a business card from them thanking for the purchase.

SO! What did I purchase?
  • 2 x Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen multi stick/balm (one for a friend)
  • Holika Holika ONE solution - Antiwrinkle
  • Holika Holika ONE solution - Clear
  • Tonymoly Panda's dream So cool eye stick.

Just to give a quick summary/review or first impression of these products since I've been using them for almost 4-5 days now. Will do a more indepth review soon for some of these :D

  • I have used this before and it is amazinggggggg. Hence why I bought my friend one :D 
  • Smells really nice like chamomile & white tea. Also lingers the skin (may be bad for those that don't like the smell)
  • Comes in a fairly small twist tube and in a consistency of a solid balm- like your chapstik, just larger. 
  • Super easy to use, just apply the balm to where you want to moisturise and pat into your skin. I usually apply this around my eye area, forehead and expression lines where wrinkle starts but the result is just simply amazing. 
  • Skin legit is much more supple and firmer because it contains 58% collagen and does keep those areas hydrated really nicely.
  • Does NOT lift the skin or treat wrinkles. Nor would it completely hydrate dry skin. However it's a nice thing to apply afterwards or throughouts to dry spots/patches to keep it hydrated and moisturised throughout the day. 
  • 10g / 0.35 oz. of product
  • Retailed for $9.90USD on beautynetkorea

  • Packaging was so cute I couldn't help to buy it QAQ and thought it'd be nice for my eyes since I wear contact lenses often
  • Claims to hydrate the area to keep eyes cool and from drying. Also to help with wrinkle care and brightening.
  • Small cute packaging with a pop off cap containing a solid blue balm.
  • 9g of product
  • Super easy to use like the multi balm- just apply around the eye area and pat in to absorb
  • Retailed for $8.99 USD on beautynetkorea
  • Result - I don't think this does anything but wets my skin LOL! I feel like I got duped because it doesn't live up to what it claims to do. Doesn't really bring much of moisture or hydration. And I don't sense any tingling or cooling sensation either. 
  • So I don't recommend this. Feels like a waste of money honestly :(

  • Love the sleek packaging however it is a glass bottle with a nice dropper.
  • Contains 100% Autumn bell extract to aid in anti-wrinkle functions. (I don't know what this Autumn Bell is but I googled image and it was a female and i saw some nudity which concerned me). But what they meant was Gentiana Scabra root extract which is mainly used for inflammed skin. Which doesn't really aid in anti-wrinkle function, it's more of the glycerin content that provides the collagen to aid in the anti-wrinkle function. >_>;
  • Contains 30mL of product
  • Thick dense consistency with a nice very light floral scent.
  • Easy to use - just use the dropper and use 2-3 drops and apply to skin.
  • May leave a sticky feeling (as I read other reviews mentioned) BUT I did not experience any of this stickiness.
  • Absorbs into the skin really quick and nicely.
  • Not heavy on the skin
  • Not oily
  • Preferably to be used for night time regime. 
  • Skin does feel really hydrated however haven't been using it long enough to know the anti-wrinkle properties
  • Retails for $13.45 USD on Beautynetkorea

  • Sleek glass bottle packaging with a dropper like above.
  • Contains 100% Wintergreen extract to aid in troubled skin such as acne pimples etc. Wintergreen has anti-inflammatory properties which help kill germs and also soothes the skin from redness and pain.
  • Contains 30mL of product
  • Thick clear transparent consistency with a nice herby tea scent which I know some people apparently didn't like from other reviews. The consistency is not as thick as the antiwrinkle.
  • Easy to use - 2 to 3 drops and apply to the skin
  • Apparently also leaves a slight sticky feeling BUT once again I did not experience this. Instead mine made my skin not sticky at all.
  • Not oily
  • Absorbs into the skin really quick and nicely
  • Not heavy at all, light and fresh.
  • Preferably to be used for night time regime BUT I also use this during the day because I don't experience any sticky feeling and it absorbs into my skin immediately.
  • Result is amazing. Used this for 4-5 days now and all my breakouts and redness has gone down and has made my pimples dry up and healed. Can literally see the skin around the pimple peeling but it's not a dry-peeling, more of dead skin just appearing. Soothes the skin really well.
  • Does NOT clear the skin from blemishes (as far as I know). I've heard the Whitening version lightens scars and blemishes but I haven't used this long enough to know if it lightens scars.
  • Retails for $13.45 USD on Beautynetkorea
  • I actually really like this and would recommend it :D

That concludes for my haul and quick review for the products I purchased on 
Hope this was somewhat helpful - please leave a comment below on your opinions ^_^)/
Until then, stay well & take care!

Friday, 23 May 2014

[REVIEW] BYS Ultra fine Liquid eyeliner pen

Hiya! Hope you're all doing well!

Today's review will be on a liquid eyeliner by BYS called the "Ultra fine liquid eyeliner pen".

This was purchased at Kmart for $7.95 AUD and retails between $5.95AUD to $7.95AUD depending on different stores like GLOSS or KMART.

The eyeliner is like your generic liquid eyeliner pen shape, thin black pen shape tube/cylinder with a pull off cap containing 0.8mL of product. 

Has a super fine felt tip brush (0.05mm) and claims to be:
  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • All day wear
  • Smooth gliding with precision and line control
  • Non-irritating and is safe for sensitive eyes.

Color selection - I think only comes in one shade that is Black.

The packaging really caught my attention with these claims and I immediately thought of the K-palette 1 day tattoo because of the same pen shape and all.

Did a couple of swatches on my hand and tested out the formula & the flow when drawing and it was all good (on my hand at least)
The flow was nice when I first tried it on my hand and I was able to create both thin and thick lines.

The formula I have to say is pretty good
I did a smudgeproof test by trying to smudge it after an hour and minimal smudging was seen. So smurdgeproof wise wasn't so bad.
Waterproof wise it is pretty good. I sprayed water onto the lines I drew with the eyeliner and then patted it dry- no transferring or fading. HOWEVER that being said, not really appropriate for swimming because over time it does fade and come off with constant exposure to water.
I also did an oil test since it was smudgeproof and it was a no go as it just removed the eyeliner completely. So oily eyelids- sorry! 

I also did these test on one of my eye where I used the eyeliner (you'll see why I only used on one eye) and the results are the same as above.

There was no stinging or irritation from the formula so that's definitely a good thing.

So I thought this was all good until I tried it on one of my eye.

The brush tip was just WAAAYYYY too stiff. Legit it felt like I was jabbing my eye out and dragging it (so I guess this is how it feels when people tattoo their eyeliner). It was a painful experience which led to irritating my eyes.

Putting the stiff brush tip aside - the flow wasn't consistent. At first it was good on my hand but on my eye, the product wouldn't come out which makes me face the problem of retracing over the eyeliner countless of time and facing that painful experience just to achieve the dark color. 
Because of this - it legit took two-three times longer to apply my eyeliner than usual with my other liquid eyeliner.

That being said, the color payoff (when flows well) is really nice and strong. Does have a slight glossy film look to it but not entirely glossy like the Maybelline Hyperglossy. 

SO to summarise-

  • Waterproof - quite good
  • Smudgeproof - not so bad
  • Color is intense and nice
  • Formula is not irritating
  • Good slim pen packaging, easy to hold and control the eyeliner
  • Good price

  • Inconsistent flow (sometimes comes out dark sometimes light)
  • Comes in only one color

Not sure if I got a faulty one or a bad batch BUT from this experience- I wouldn't recommend this. It's such a pity because the formula is actually quite good. 
But yeah, you can definitely pay just a few extra dollars for a definite better eyeliner where you can actually draw the desired shape quickly without pain.
I have heard from people that if you keep using it - the brush tip softens. But goodness me I DO NOT want to go through that experience. Maybe I'll practice and soften the tip on my hand? I don't know, we'll see ;w;

Hope this was somewhat useful. Please leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts as well! 
Until then~ stay well & take care!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

[CONTACT LENS REVIEW] ColourVue Crazy lens - Cheshire cat (blue cat lens)

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Back for another photo heavy contact lens review.

Click to enlarge
Today's review will be blue cat contact lens called the Cheshire cat by ColourVue Crazy Lens series.

These lenses retail for $24.99 USD at

Here are some details about the lens : 
  • Diameter (DIA) : 14.0 MM
  • Base Curve (B.C) : 8.6mm
  • Water Content : 45% (I've heard they're 38% but packaging by colorvue states 45%)
  • 3 month expiry 
  • Comes in only one prescription of plano 0.00 
  • This series comes in Blue. Same/similar cat designs available in other colors with different names - Viper (White), Anaconda (green), Cat eye (yellow), Cheshire Cat (blue), Dragon Eyes (either red green white with yellow),  etc.

The color payoff is quite amazing. In natural light and dim area, it stands out quite well but not to the extent that WOAH YOUR EYES IS FREAKY
Despite the color looking very dense - it isn't as vibrant as I expected. But overall I'm not disappointed at all.
Pattern of the lens is amazing too. It's one of those super fun lens to give your eyes a whole different effect- in this case, blue cat eyes. 

No lens vs Lens comparison. Click to enlarge
Pattern is simple cat eyes which leads to the problem of the lens rotating- making it lop sided, so you'll end up one side with a horizontal eye while the other is vertical for one instance. 

BUT surprisingly this occurs VERY rarely because for some reason once you put the lens in- it repositions itself everytime you blink. 
So for example- you put your lens in and it's the right way (vertical oval), after a couple of blinks it'll rotate itself and adjust to do half a rotation until it's vertical again and then it'll stay without sliding. I don't know what it is or maybe the way it's specifically shaped but yeah. 
The pattern DOES stand out and you can see the cat eye pattern clearly but not ridiculously instantly noticeable if someone passes by. Overall color and pattern - I am quite impressed.

There IS one thing of the pattern I have to note as with most of these crazy lens is that it may hinder abit of your vision because of the circle where your pupil see's through may be smaller than your actual pupil. So sometimes you'll be seeing abit of the lens but this happens sometimes, usually when you move.

Pretty much no enlarging effect whatsoever. The lens design has a solid color without a limbal ring. But I don't think these lens are for the enlarging purposes :)

Comfort wise is a mixed feeling. Reason I say this is despite stating that the base curve is the standard 8.6mm, it feels more deeper. Which doesn't really hinder much because this feeling can be caused by a couple of factors as follows.
The lens is definitely harder than of your other circle lenses and does feel a tad heavy. By heavy - I mean that you know you're wearing lens or there is something in your eye. But it doesn't strain on your eye so that's a good thing.
Hydration wise - average. After the 2-3rd hour of wearing, my eyes started getting dry and slightly heavy. Because the lens is quite solid- it doesn't really let the eyes breathe so freely despite being made of hydrogel material which supposingly doesn't dry the eyes.
As mentioned earlier in the pattern - you do see the lens abit which gives you this sudden trippy feel. 
Overall it's not so bad, on par with average.

Color : 4 / 5
Enlarging : 0-0.5 / 5
Comfort : 3 / 5
Price : 2.5 / 5

I would recommend the lens IF you're looking for some fun cat eye lens where you need it and you'll probably be making some use of it.  They're super fun and does achieve the blue cat eye look. Considering I think this is the only series I know that does blue cat eyes.
Otherwise if you're planning to not wear it often (especially on a budget like me QAQ) then probably not considering you're paying around $25 USD for lens that you won't wear much and you're gonna have to throw it away after 3 months of use. And also where the comfort is not the best, yeahhh you get my drift ;).

cosplay makeup test for Uroko-sama from Nagi no Asukara using cheshire cat lens

If you're looking to purchase these- they're available HERE at

Thank you so much for reading, hopefully it was somewhat useful!
Please comment below on your thoughts as well! *^*)/
Until then, stay well & take care!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

[REVIEW] The Face Shop - Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Today's review will be on a sunscreen by "THE FACE SHOP" called the "Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream". (PHOTO HEAVY)

This product was purchased on and retails for $15.13 USD. (Apparently out of stock so I can't link it >_<;;).  I think there's also a possibility that it may be discontinued as they recently released a new one called the "POWER LONG LASTING" with an SPF 45+ PA+++ BUT I will check with that.

Package claims to be "A daily sun cream that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Protects skin better and has less oilliness, making it usable everyday"

Left side of box : Click to enlarge
Direction : Apply an adequate amount on the face and neck at the final stage of skincare

Right side of box : Click to enlarge
  • Contains 50mL/1.69 fl.oz. and an SPF 50+ PA +++. 
  • Contains purified extract of sunflower sprouts (600 μg [micrograms])
  • Is a/contains NMF (natural moisturizing factor) [imitates and functions like healthy skin, keeping skin complex stabilised or moisturised]
  • NO animal sourced ingredients (YAAY MY FRIENDS! but I hope you don't test on them ;A;!)
Box packaging is VERY nicely design with a matte finish.

Front & Back of package - Click to enlarge
The package inside is a wide squeeze bottle/tube that is approximately the size of a hand, pretty travel friendly. Matte soft plastic bottle/tube with a nice orange hard plastic twist cap. 
The back of the bottle is mainly in korean but judging from the icons on the top - I guess this sunscreen is also water friendly for swimming but I'm not so sure since I can't read korean >_<;;

Front & Back of Bottle - Click to enlarge
The tube comes with a squeeze nozzle which is a BIGGGG plus as it lets you control the flow and amount of product you want.

click to enlarge
The consistency of the sunscreen is fairly like standard sunscreen however I feel this has a more lightweight consistency with a slight water-base/gel texture rather than the chunky cream. If I had to shorten this consistency- it'd be a wet cream. :D
Because of this texture, a little product comes a long way as it spreads so easily and blends into skin really nicely.

Click to enlarge
Scent wise- there IS a subtle scent of floral and at the same time the sunscreen zinc smell but you smell more of the floral scent. Overall the scent is subtle and light.

Upon using this on skin, it absorbs into the skin really easily and nicely and does NOT leave any white residue. Feels really light BUT does give a slight sticky feeling. In comparison to alot of the sunscreen I've tried- the sticky feeling isn't much at all. 
On a good note though- it doesn't give that white cast as most sunscreen give off but it does give off a sheen.

click to enlarge
Oily-ness/Oilliness isn't bad and does live up to what it claims. Only VERY little oil is produced on my T-zone but for the rest of the face, almost none. 

Moisturising wise - pretty good I'd say and I'm sure this is due to the sunflower extracts and the product's NMF properties.

Just a little side research - Sunflower extracts (notably oil) is high in vitamins A, E and C and has antioxidants and antiflammitory emollient properties which helps protect and moisturise the skin from the environment.
Click to enlarge
SO! TL;DR- to summarise :

  • SPF50+ PA+++ UVA/UVB
  • Moisturising
  • No white cast
  • Not so oily
  • Lightweight
  • Squeeze tube
  • Slight floral scent with some traces of typical zinc sunscreen smell (may not be pleasant for sensitive skin)
  • Leaves a bit of a sticky feeling
  • Gives off a sheen
Overall I do like this sunscreen and I think it'll be great for colder days as winter is approaching as it MAAYYY get quite sticky in the heat of summer.
Sensitive skin may have to be aware because of the high SPF content, the scent and the sunflower extracts.
Dry skin users may enjoy this as it is moisturizing.
Oily skin users will have mix feelings because of the sticky feeling + oil = not nice.

Hope this is somewhat helpful! O3O)/
So sorry for the picture heavy post >_<; my bad habits ;w;
Until then~ stay well & take care!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

[Contact lens review] EOS dark ice 2 tone green

Hello! Hope you're all doing well!

Today I'm back with a contact lens review (been a while >_<;) and will be reviewing the EOS dark ice 2 tone series in the color green. (apparently the EOS ice series and the DARK ice series are different)

These lenses were from and retail for around $23.00 USD. 
Please ignore the fact that the lens bottle says dollyeye rather than the EOS bottle. I did email and did some research and turns out it is another company that sells lenses and just uses their own labelling. These are still authentic EOS lenses and is safe to wear.

Here are some of the details of the lens:
  • Diameter (DIA) : 14.8-15.0MM
  • Base Curve (B.C) : 8.6mm
  • Water Content : 38%
  • One year expiry
  • Comes in various prescriptions from -0.00(plano) to -10.00
  • Comes in 6 different colors: Blue. Grey/Gray, Green, Brown, Pink, Purple

So let's begin with the review! ^_^)/
Gonna try keep this as simple as possible but as detailed as I can ouo)/
click to englarge
Color & Pattern
The color really stands out on my dark eyes and you can see the design/pattern of the lens. These lens does have an icy design blending toward the pupil and is also the same color  but slightly darker at the limbal ring. 

lens in different lighting (click to enlarge)
It gives more of a glistening crystal look as the design is more focused on the outside of your iris where the limbal ring is and therefore definitely does not give so much of natural look BUT at the same not to creepy. I have been asked on one occasion if my eyes glow in the dark because the colors do look like the green for glow in the dark objects hahaha!
Overall pretty :D (actually got complimented when strolling around in the makeup section of the department store ^__^)

lens vs no lens (click to enlarge - sorry about the choppy pics >_<;)
Not much of an enlarging effect because the design does not have a dark limbal ring to give that enlarging effect. Despite the large diameter - without the dark limbal ring, it blends with the eye whites more than with the pupil.

Can see the pattern&color showing on the eye whites. 
I've worn these lenses twice now and I've noticed that sometimes I'd feel a grit or sudden discomfort even when I'm just home,talking with friends or driving. Not sure if because of me or my surroundings but I've experienced these sudden discomfort once in a while for the two times I've worn it. 
Heavy wise - not so much. They're soft and somewhat light, however you do feel that you are wearing something.
Hydration wise- not so bad considering it has a water content of 38%. It did hold up for approximately 3-4 hours until it started feeling dry.
Overall in the end minus the discomfort and slight weight, they're comfy to wear for the average 8 hours.

Color : 4 / 5
Enlarging : 2.5 / 5
Comfort : 3.5 / 5
Price : 3.5 / 5

I do recommend these lens if you're going for a great payoff in color and not so much in enlarging
Would definitely wear these out again and update if I still experience the discomforts still and would love to try other colors as well! *^*)/

Available to purchase HERE AT LENSVILLAGE ^__^)v

Until then~
Stay well & take care!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Facial Cleansing Schedule (picture heavy)

Hello everyone!

Yes it has been a super long while, been well here and there and yeah! Hope you're all doing well! *^*)/

I've been meaning to make this type of blog post for a while now on how I take care of my skin and my routines etc as I do get alot of questions about it. But laziness kicks in to take my camera out ;___; (BUT NOT ANYMORE! :D ) 

Honestly my skin is not perfect nor is it even near to flawless - however I do enjoy taking care of my skin and it is a crucial routine in my life as my skin easily gets affected from many different factors like pollution, sun , wind, diet, hormones, etc. 

Before I talk about my routine/schedule - lets talk about facial cleansing.

SO! Why is cleansing important?

Cleansing your skin cleans your skin from the build up of impurities and oils and also removes the dead skin cells sitting on your skin. These build ups are one factor that causes your skin to be rough and break out (pimples).

Facial cleansers comes in different forms from gel, bar, scrubs, cream, foam, etc. Each cleansers have a unique benefit to treat and also have different uses such that some are for daily use whilst some for once or twice a week (exfoliates).

REMEMBER to NOT use body soap for your face as it may be too harsh for your skin causing skin irritation as the skin on your face is much more delicate (although I've heard that it gives a really nice feeling O3O; ).

Typically you should be cleansing your face twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. However this all depends on your skin, BUT should be no more than twice a day. Reason being is that if you cleanse too much- it strips the good natural oils from your skin causing your skin to be dry HENCE producing more oil ;A; .

You should always be gentle when cleansing your face - treat it as a nice relaxing time to treat the skin and enjoy it *^*)/ Rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry with a nice facial flannel or towel or sponge (NOT RUB YOUR FACE DRY OAO!) and then treat your skin with your usual skincare ^__^)/

WOOH! Now that's outta the way, so what about my skin?

I have normal-combination skin but depending on the weather and situation, it may be on the oily side or even on the dry side. But usually it is on the oily side throughout the day T__T; 
Because my skin is prone to get affected from the surrounding - I only wash my face once a day and that's before I go to bed. I find that whenever I wash my face twice a day - my skin feels really dry even if I use a well hydrated gentle cleanser.

I usually follow the following cleansing schedule for the week :

Monday : Daily cleanser
Tuesday : Daily cleanser
Wednesday : Exfoliate & Mask
Thursday : Daily cleanser
Friday : Daily cleanser
Saturday : Daily cleanser
Sunday : Peel, Exfoliate & Mask

Of course this schedule sometime changes for example on Friday nights where I may be attending an occasion or a convention the next day - I'll use my daily cleanser and have a mask to treat my skin.

To assist in the cleansing process - I use a facial cleansing brush pad thing. It's made of silicon and has these tiny soft spikes or bristles that scrubs the skin gently and I find that it really does help clean the skin more than just using your hands with the cleanser.

The one I have here is a cheap 1 dollar one from EBAY and it works JUST AS WELL as the Sasatinnie one which costs like 10 dollars AUD. The difference is that it is smaller than the Sasatinnie one and that the bristles or spikes are more finer and longer whereas the cheap EBAY one is smaller and have shorter bristles. BUT it does the trick VERY WELL. To find - search on Ebay "Silicon facial cleansing brush" and you should find something similar or same to the one I use :D

Now I use ALOT of different daily cleansers as each of them have different textures and benefits and the use depends on each day. For instance if I have light makeup (BB cream) on , I use the cleanser that also removes makeup. 

On some days where I like to treat my skin - I like to exfoliate and use a mask to further aid in treating my skin to remove impurities like clogged pores, blackheads and dead flaky skin.
Exfoliators are used which have a more grittier texture or consistency which scrubs the skin gently to unclog (and shrink) pores and to remove the dead skin cells or any flaky skin. Exfoliation helps aids in skin renewal for healthy smooth skin as it invigorates and assist in breaking up the broken tissues (scars, wrinkles, fine lines etc). 
Masks are used to treat the skin- either to help cleaning the skin further (such as peeling masks) or to simply give nutrients back into your skin.

Here are just some that I am currently using and just a quick rundown on what it is and it's use. Will maybe do a proper for review for some of them later on ^__^

- Hada Labo Pro Anti-Aging 
  • Foam Cleanser
  • Collagen + Retinol
  • Anti Wrink, Firming, Evening skin tone
  • Unscented
  • Usually used when skin feels tired

- USANA Sensé Gentle Daily Cleanser 
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Removes makeup (even waterproof and wax based)
  • Aqua-sea mineral scent (that FRESH scent I can't explain >_<;)
  • Oil Free
  • Commonly used - almost everyday

- pHisohex Anti-bacterial wash
  • Lotion Cleanser
  • Medicated containing 1% w/v Triclosan (10mg/mL) - removes bacteria
  • Regulates pH of skin
  • Does contain Sodium Benzoate (5mg/mL) & Benzyl Alcohol (5mg/mL) therefore may be harsh on sensitive skin. For killing bacteria.
  • Unscented
  • Oil Free
  • Specially for acne & pimple

- Cure Natural Aqua Gel 
  • Aqua Gel cleanser (gel that forms to liquid)
  • Used on completely dry skin to effectly remove dead skin
  • cross between daily cleanser and exfoliator (more of exfoliator)
  • Unscented
  • Oil Free
  • Used once a week/fortnight (on exfoliation days/nights)

USANA Sensé Rice Bran Polisher 
  • Cream consistency exfoliator with some grounded rice grains
  • Soapy-rice grain scent
  • Oil Free
  • Used once a week especially when needing light exfoliation 

- St. Ives Apricot Scrub 
  • Natural cream exfoliator with a more grittier consistency
  • Fights blemishes and acne
  • Contains salicylic acid to treat acne (may not be suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Skincare cream with subtle fruity scent (typical cream smell ><)
  • Oil Free
  • Used once a week especially for more intense exfoliation

- Daiso Black charcoal peeling mask
  • Natural peeling mask with a black thick gel consistency 
  • Very slight scent (can't make out what it smells like ;__;)
  • Gentle peeling helps remove dirt and oil. (May be harsh for sensitive skin)
  • Unclog and tighten pores
  • Oil free
  • Used once a week after exfoliating

USANA Sensé Nutritious cream mask
  • Cream consistency
  • Oil Free
  • Cleanses & tightens pores
  • Replenish's skin moisture
  • Made from clay to draw out impurities and oils
  • Used once a week as final step in exfoliation

And that concludes this blog post on my facial cleansing schedule. ^__^)/
Hope this post is useful somehow ~
Until then, stay well & take care!