Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Camera Apps

Hope you're all doing well,
It's currently 3.30am and just got back from shower after late night gaming as usual.
Wanted to fix my sleeping pattern because my skin just feel really dull and tired, but guess that's not happening tonight! haha!

So this entry will be about the camera applications I use on my phone which is an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100). Most of the time I take pictures of random things or what's going on in my life with my phone and just throw it all on Instagram because it's such a great way to share photos despite hearing about the new policy and all but whatever. 
The main reason I actually use Instagram so much is because of its filter available, as it just makes the photo you take look so much nicer.

Now for Instagram, of course you need to take a photo and I personally do not use the built-in Instagram camera because I prefer to use the normal android camera OR other camera apps (usually) as they have better function which I can use before using the Instagram filters.
There are two applications at the moment that I am currently using.

The first camera application that I always and mainly use is called the "Line Camera". This application is super amazing because it has a function where to take photos with a square dimension which is easily imported into Instagram. Besides that, it has many amazing filters and customisables that you can jazz your photo up. It's almost like purikura on your phone honestly. And the best of all - it is freeeeeeeeeee. HAHA! Super fun to use and also doesn't make the photo loses its quality either unlike other applications I will explain later. Sorry I won't be showing examples because my phone is kinda screwing up and not letting me transfers onto my laptop -____-; But I can guarantee that you will enjoy this application

The second application is "Camera 360 Ultimate" and it is super great for its vast variety of filters available. There is just so many filters in which each filters can be customised further to enhance that filter on that photo. So for example- it has a "Light color" filter, under that there are more options of that filters such as "Sweet" which gives it a soft diffused light colored effect and so on. AND the best of ALL, is its silent camera function aka stalker-camera. Because sometimes you want to take pictures of yourself (camwhore) and not want a camera shuttered to be heard to let the whole public know you're taking a photo. so yeah. The downside to this application is that it saves the photo in an average quality, so you don't really get that clear almost-HD quality. It's still fuzzy and somewhat blurry (especially when enlarged originally). But overall, heaps of filters and silent camera and also a free application (Y)

And that brings down to my review-ish, recommend-ish post despite not able to post any pics to show but hope you are able to check it out. 
In mentioning about that - please follow my instagram via DANNCHU .

Until then, it is 4am and I am going to go sleep, since I have quite a big day ahead.
Lets see-
→ Laundry (so much piled up TT )
→ Call up & apply for job seeking networks
→ Go to my cousins house to feed her fish & clean her house abit (Since they went overseas)
→ Prepare genderbend Stocking cop version cosplay for Wednesday photoshoot
→ Buy a new bottle of liquid foundation (ran out .___.)
→ Help parents with their work
→ Deep cleaning of makeup brushes

I might blog about how I clean my makeup brushes tomorrow.

Goodnight & Take care! :D

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