Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Relaxing destressing BBQ at the park (Photoheavy)

How's it going everyone, hope you're all doing well :)

Last Friday I toook & hung out with a fellow cosplayer (Mogu) who needed a change in atmosphere since she was really stressed from uni so decided to take her to the park that I had my casual photoshoot with the tiger printed vest to have a BBQ, relax and take some photos for fun.

We met up at around 12.40pm at the shopping centre closeby to the park to go grocery shopping for food for the BBQ. We end up getting a pack of beef sausages, honey soy chicken wings, potato salad, caesar salad, baguette bread stick, sauce and drinks. Mucked around in the store for abit especially with the baguette stick but yeah haha! Was good. After that we zoomzoom'd to the park.

Upon arriving the entrance of the park, it was hella PACKED and CROWDED with families and kids because it was school holidays. Drove around the parking area for abit  but eventually got a spot and then zoomed to check if there was any free bbq-hotplates for us to use. Thankfully there was quite a few hotplates free and we tried choosing the one that was more in the shade so we don't get sunburnt.

Settled down with all the grocery, and started preparing and cooking the food. Was such a nice day, more on the sunny side but was great. Though the weather was slightly a tad too hot for us to be walking around with wigs but yeah, somehow managed the wigs until later we took it off after we ate.

Cooked ALL the food we bought and settled to the bench closeby to our hotplate and started eating! :D Funny thing was that most of the food that I cooked was what we called "cancer sticks" LOL! Because most of it was slightly burnt on the outside since I wanted to be sure the meat was all cooked. STILL EDIBLE! But yeah, as Mogu-san says "CANCER IS HEALTHY" LOL!

Honey Soy Chicken wings and drumsticks

Herb & Rosemary Beef Sausages

Potato and Caesar salad on the plate made by Mogu
After both of us finishing our salad plate and devouring half the sausages and chicken, we were already on the verge of dying because there was just too much food LOL! Splitted it and packed it between us to take home. Cleaned up the BBQ area, put our things back into the car and then it was time to browse the place and take some photo.

By the time we finished eating, it was about 3.30-4pm which was perfect timing since we wanted to stay and wait for golden hour to capture some photos.

Mogu-san being a creeper photographer LOL

It's my second time going to this park and I just absolutely love it as it has such a combinations of scenery that can be used such as old cranes and traintracks, waterview and scenery, small boat dock, water features, park views and scenery, and a playground.

Here are some photos I took at the old tracks and cranes scenery:
Mogu's Camera

"Fantasea" ferry

the small pier/dock

One of the water features close to the restaurant there

Left the old tracks and started heading towards the playground area in hopes to play with the water feature. By this time, it was close to golden hour which would be great to capture around the playground area.

Here's a picture of Mogu's outfit *A*)/

As we got to the children playground area, we were disappointed by the fact that the water features have already been turned off as the water stops at 4pm. Nonetheless we explored the park and played on the playground with us getting our bottoms wet because of the wet grounds and me slipping on the steep hills. 

We even challenged ourselves to go climb this tall hideout-thing that was opened since we are both afraid of heights. 

This hideout thing was really high and involved alot of climbing. The climbing wasn't bad to be honest, the bad thing was that it was crowded with kids running up and down causing the tower to slightly shake which scared us HARD. There was this particular room as you can see in the picture above with the metal framing where three quarters of the ground was netted ropes which looked super scary. We didn't dare to step into the rope floor since it looked really dangerous especially with us holding our valuables that can drop. 

Came across this rope bridge which was netted more closely than the other room so we survived cross thing this. Thought it looked really cool. Going on it was slightly uncool cos the kids were running which caused it to shake >_<;

Finally got out of the tower and sat down near the water features and talked abit hoping that the water features would turned back on and whilst waiting for golden hour to hit. No water. :(

But at least golden hour finally striked and we got up and captured the scenery with the beautiful sunset its' golden rays breaching across the area.

Lay down on the grass to take some selfies and then we went to play on the playground. So many funny encounters with children and especially Mogu-san on this dragon-shaped rope swing which was hilarious. 

The sun went down really fast and it was already getting dark, so we decided to leave the park and head home.

Dropped off Mogu-san at her home and I went home as well. Only to realise that I unfortunately lost my phone whilst at the park, most likely either when I was lying down and taking some selfie photos or when I was on the slide and it fell out. Luckily the phone is sim-locked and it didn't have my sim card. I made a trip to the park early morning arriving the park at 6.45am in hopes to find my phone but no luck. :( Hence the lack of photo posting on instagram. But oh well.

Overall it was an awesome relaxing fun day. Thanks heaps to Mogu-san for joining and making the day happen :) 

Please check out Mogu-san's worldcosplay page at http://en.worldcosplay.net/member/46782/ and her Deviantart page at http://kimusensei.deviantart.com/ 

That wraps up for this blogpost.
Hope you enjoy it!
Until then stay well & take care~

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