Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lack of updates. Will post regularly soon.

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well.

Super quick post but I apologise for the lack of posts lately.
Been kinda busy with helping my parents with their work, along with sorting some documents and files for family, preparing my dad's work trips overseas and also rearranging my room. 
And of course been too busy gaming on the new Aram on League of Legends along with playing Ragnarok Online 2 NA server.

Shouldn't be too long until I start updating regularly on the blog and YouTube. Though for YouTube I want to record and post a video first just to grab suggestions and opinions. But yeah! Won't be long. 

I've been somewhat good, just busy as mentioned above but things should die down after Tuesday. Have been quite laxed with the job hunting so I'll be honest that I've been slacking off with that, so I know I'm at fault with that. 

Been catching up with my high school friends alot lately which is super good; attended a graduation, go out for dinner altogether then chill at a bar for some drinks and good music. Lots of gossip and chit chats.

Oh right, I never ended up finding my phone so I'm still using my Iphone 3GS which is cool but it's slow so I haven't been able to post on Instagram as much as I usually do, nor have I been able to return hearts on Lineplay. Will eventually get a new phone but maybe later on, I'm in no rush since I'm happy with my Iphone 3GS.

Have been doing quite alot of DIY things especially for my room and for an upcomming photoshoot. For my room, made some storage boxes using ventilation shutters that we had spare boxes of laying around; reorganised my makeup kit and made use of my candle jars; made use of my corkboard and moved all the letters, gifts and coscards from the small corkboard onto the large corkboard and organised my accessories onto my small one. My room looks more tidier and somewhat less childish. Loving it.

For DIY for upcomming photoshoot, planning to have a child-theme photoshoot so similar to what you call in japanese shota or loli shoot. Just dressing super cute and bright and preppy. So been making some accessories to prepare for that photoshoot. 

Haven't been working on any cosplay because I'm just so lazy haha! Better get started on it real soon though since I have about a month to go.

So that pretty much sums up what I've been up to.
Until then, stay well & take care~

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