Thursday, 11 April 2013

Making of Tiger print hooded vest

Hey guys, how's it going?

So recently I've been working on this little DIY project ever since I randomly came across this tiger printed fabric. I've always wanted to own something that was animal printed so I thought I'd make something that's versatile and able to wear in almost all weathers and almost with any outfit~ a hooded long vest.

Why a hooded long vest? Why not just a normal vest or a long vest or a normal hooded vest? Well the reason is that I've always been succumbed around long top garments such as long sweaters, long sweaters, long coats etc especially through Japanese and Korean fashion seen online, in movies, dramas etc. 

When I mean long garments, I don't mean oversized- it fits nicely around the body but just longer in length to cover over or half way of the bottom/bum. 

So being inspired by Japanese and Korean fashion, I decided to make a long garment and especially with the animal print since it is quite commonly incorporated into their fashion.

Why a vest? A vest is very versatile and can be incorporated so easily into your style from wearing the piece alone or layering over other pieces. Especially with a busy pattern like animal print, it adds a strong bold character to such versatile piece.

Why a hoodie? A long vest would look very classy, in order to make it look more casual and edgy- it would look better as a normal sized vest. Therefore I added a hoodie to give it that casual edgy feel and toning down the classiness. 

Hopefully that explains why I chose to make a long hooded vest out of the tiger print fabric. The fabric I bought costed $7.00AUS per metre with a width of 2.1metre. It has a feel similar to a blanket, so its nice and fluffy and somewhat furry but not overly furry. It has a stretch, very lightweight, loose and also printed double sided.

Got home with the fabric and started researching on making a hoodies since I've never made a hoodie before, got an idea and then started cutting out my patterns and fabric.

Here is a video of me just cutting out and sewing the fabric. You really can't see much but yeah.

After sewing the base, I thought the hoodie was missing something, especially when I wasn't planning to have a lining. So decided to bring out the black vinyl or pleather that my mom bought me from vietnam and utilise it as a hoodie lining.

After that day of sewing, I ended up with:

OH! HAVE TO TELL YOU MY UPSETTING STORY. For the hoodie, I originally wanted to make a furry trimmed hoodie so decided to go find some fur trims. NONE of which I liked OR afford even.
I first went to Spotlight which had some fur trims but IT WAS $15AUS A METRE which I needed 70cm so therefore it was a no, plus it was in a light beige meerkat-like color which wouldn't match my fabric. 
Drove to Lincraft which literally had no fur trims, but had feather trims which was a no for me. BUT they had a super nice faux fur fabric which was super nice, thick and perfect brown color; however it was a roll of fabric which costed $37AUS per metre in which I'd probably would only need 20cm of that roll which they don't sell -_-;
Running out of hope, I decide to drive to Cabramatta which is local to me and sells cheap fabric. No luck, they guy didn't have any thick puffy faux furr.
At this point I was already really upset and started actually yelling in my car with all my windows up LOLOL! But yeah, end of my depressing story. :D

Anyway I left the project on hold abit just to gather some ideas on how I could improve on it. Didnt' work on and finish it until the day before the photoshoot since I decided to have another casual photoshoot to show off my new creation but yeah eventually got it done :)

Added some black vinyl as an inner placket to hem the raw edges of the front placket which creates a slight collar on the vest. Also added a flap pocket which TOOK FOREVER to work on because I was struggling on how to make the flap pocket with the pocket. Eventually I got it done with great help to my dad who is a tailor which he did a great job and taught me alot.
The black vinyl definitely adds class and edginess to the outfit which is great :D

Did some test styling to prepare for the photoshoot the next day.

Oh right forgot to mention about what I end up doing with the trims of the hoodie. I ended up using the left over fabric that I used for the vest and rolled it up to make it slightly puffy and sew it in. In the end, I thought it really went well and even better than the fur trims I originally had in mind. :D

Also experimented and made this arm piece thing that looks like some bondage thing but yeah, was inspired after seeing something similar on television about a fashion show and they were wrapping the model's legs with this but in gold if I remember correctly. It was super easy to make as it just uses eyelets, cords and strings. What I used here is a string that contains eyelets already so I just threaded elastic cords around my arm through the eyelets. I thought It looked really cool and adds a little something to the whole outfit.

Last style testing and pretty much decided for the photoshoot. :D

I will make another post on the photoshoot since this entry is just getting too long.
Until then, stay well & take care!

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