Saturday, 6 April 2013

Received Ordered Package from Cosmetic-Love

Yo! Hope you're all doing well!

So I received a package yesterday from consisting of the skincare products I ordered online. The package two exactly two weeks to arrive, and what can I say- everything was great.

Before I get into what I ordered and review abit of the service, thought I'd share a little of :) 

Please note that I am NOT sponsored by them, I just thought I'd give a little review and share where I order my products from and hopefully you receive the same service I do.

So is a online shopping website based in Korea which sells a wide range of Korean cosmetic products from various Korean brands susch as Skinfood, Laneige, The Face Shop, Missha, Etude House, Skin79 etc. They obtain their products directly from the retail shop and/or manufacturer so it is guaranteed that the products are genuine; and I even searched up the code and checked on packaging etc online for certain products I bought (such as BB cream). 

I knew through their Ebay store since I ordered something from them a while ago and their service was really good; dealing with and solving the issues I had really well and fast. Upon receiving the last message, they shared their newly opened website and since then I order my korean branded skincare from . The service is great as usual, and also standard shipping is free on all products which is great :D 

From Korean to Sydney, Australia it took 14days exactly for the package to come to me as stated in their FAQs page and as stated in the shipping notification messages. Their packaging is great, each product is individually wrapped with vast amount of bubble wrap, along with adding some of the foam paddings to keep the package steady. Also, every order contains a free sample of a korean product for you to try in which I thought was a super great idea because I actually do want to buy some of the products that are samples haha. Another thing to add is that their prices on the products are quite decent and cheap also compared to the more popular sites like

Anyway their new website which was just remade is great and easy to utilise, heaps faster and more organised this time and has way less bugs compared to their old website. There's only one bug on the site is the link on the bottom of the page where it says "Powered by Cosmetic-Love" which linked me to a virus =_= but luckily my antivirus instantly detected it and removed it. I suggest everyone to NOT click it.

So yeah! Enough of that, TIME TO OPEN THE PACKAGE!

Once you open the package you have your products heavy wrapped in bubblewrap, surrounded with foam paddings and you have your free samples as follow:

Here I received three (3) free samples because I ordered 3 products from them. Received a "black charcoal nose pack" by NESURA, "Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil" by Missha, and the "Super Aqua Visible Deep Cleanser" by Missha.

Ordered a 3-piece sample set of the "Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack" by TONYMOLY which is apparently great for wrinkle treatment due to the adenosine ingredient, and also brightens the complexions due to arbutin. This 3-piece sample set costed $3.90AUD.

I actually bought this for my mom as a present for her birthday because she ran out of skincare and her birthday was in March so I thought I'd treat her something special even though I don't have money but yeah. 

LETS JUST SAY, when I first unwrapped the bubble wrap for these- I had a 5 second moment of silence because I was just so speechless of the packaging of these samples. And then I just burst into laughter and just kept "oh my goodness"-ing. BECAUSE THEY JUST LOOK LIKE CONDOM PACKETS. THEY DO RIGHT?! I even showed my mom it and my mom was just laughing and saying that it really does and just missing the ring. Sooo funny. But yeah I won't be reviewing this product so much because It's for my mom BUT I will make an entry on whether these products are effective or not.

The second thing I got for her is the "Gold Caviar Collagen Serum" by Skin Food. This costed $29.49AUD for 45mL and can I just say that the packaging is amazing. It is literally a glazed glass bottle with a gold plastic cap with a nice charm on top. The bottle is a pump which is super hygenic and expected for serums. This serum is known for wrinkle treatments; infused with gold pigments, caviar and collagen which fills in the fine lines and wrinkles, tightening and firming the skin- leaving the skin to have a more tighter and brighter complexion. This product comes both in a serum and a cream, so depending on your skin type- you may choose either to have this product in a serum or a cream. I bought my mom a serum as a serum penetrates deep into the skin and repairs fromt under the skin going out. Whereas a cream repairs the outter layer of the skin first.

I actually tried this cream before I left the house for dinner, I definitely would not wear this out because I found it somewhat sticky and oily throughout the night. Which is expected of a serum but yeah, I think it's best as a skin treatment used at home. When dispensing the product, there was literally gold pigments in it which dissolved upon application which gave the skin a somewhat brighter complexion and surprisingly not shimmery. I did feel my skin slightly tingling which shows you can feel the tightening process actually happening. At the end of the night when the stickiness wore off abit, my skin was definitely more firm and so soft when I touched it. 

Let's hope there's results for my mom :)

Last item is actually for me haha! I ran out of BB cream and so I restocked and this time I bought the "VIP Gold super BB cream" by Skin79. I've actually used this BB cream before and I absolutely LOVE it because It suited my skin type really well. But I changed and tried another BB cream called the "Triple Function BB cream" also by Skin79 which ran out hence restocked and yeah, It was good but not the best compared to this one because I felt the other one gave me a slight white cast and made my skin feel abit sticky.

This BB cream however is wonders for me because it does retain moisture into my skin, everytime I wash off the BB cream- my skin does not feel dry or oily which is super good because I don't break out. It has SPF 25 PA++ which is a quite decent amount of sunscreen since Australia sun is just harsh, though I do prefer it if they had a stronger sunscreen but that would just give me a white cast in photos. When first applied, it's slightly lightly than my skin, but when oxidised after 5-10minutes it matches my skintone perfectly and evens out my skintone as well.

So yeah, good BB cream for me. I do recomment this.

And yeah, that's the end of this post :D
Until then, stay well & take care!


  1. I purchased some products from cosmetic-love too. First saw them on ebay too. How long does it take for them to respond to your order? it's been like 3 days already and they haven't responded to mine yet :( I'm so excited about the stuff I bought I want them to ship it as soon as possible lol

    1. Hey~ I remember on ebay they never responded about my item being posted and then the next moment i see my package arriving.
      For this order, it took one day for the payment to go through and then received another email about my items being shipped.
      Usually payments take up to 3 working days so hopefully they'll send a notice to you soon :O!

  2. following u cz u are the second guy blogger i know :p

  3. hi do you know if the registered mail option has signature up on delivery?

    1. Hello! I don't think I signed anything with the normal delivery. But then again my delivery person is lazy >_<;
      But maybe the registered/express option may require signature upon delivery

  4. I was actually contemplating whether to buy from cosmetic-love. Thanks to your post I can now order with confidence. Haha! I hope my orders will go smoothly as well. :)

  5. Awesome post! I cannot wait to order from them now! Thanks :D

  6. Awesome post :) I buy from them too :P Followed your blog~~ Please check out my blog if you have time :)

  7. Avoid Cocmetic Love - in case you will not receive your purchase they will not answer your complaints and you will never get your money back

    1. What happened with your order? Did it get fixed?
      I wrote about my experience 28 May 2014
      Received no response from Cosmetic Love and no full refund or deliver w/proof of shipment.

  8. WARNING! DO NOT USE Cosmetic Love!!
    I ordered and waited for the delivery per their delivery timeframe (which is OUTSIDE of pay pals refund/disputes timeframe so no disputes can be made)

    Cosmetic Love claims they sent the package however, after contacting them for proof of delivery, no proof
    was provided and the delivery company never left a notice of missed delivery.

    Cosmetic Love has no customer service phone number or chat service.
    Waited weeks and never received my order and no refund.
    Looks like xyzhtm also had a similar experience.
    Below is their email to me.

    We have received a return parcel today, and notice shows as unclaimed package. It seems that there was no recipient at the time of delivery.

    Just for your information, we initially dispatched your order to following address:
    Please confirm this message and get back to us.

    Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.

    Kind regards,

  9. hey i was wondering, did you buy a tracking number and if you did how long did you have to wait until you were able to find you tracking info on the 17track website or korea post? :)

  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what was your tracking info like. if you dont mind can you past in your tracking details so i can see if mine is right. :)