Monday, 29 April 2013

Photoshoot : Kurobasu - Kuroko x Kise x Aomine

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On 16th March 2013, I had a Kuroko no Basuke casual photoshoot with cosplayer Rin-san as Kise, cosplayer Cheroppi as Kuroko, and photographer Marupan. We shot in the city towards central station in Sydney at a park. Originally we wanted to use the basketball courts but it was really crowded so while already being at the park, we made use of what we could and yeah the photoshoot was successful. 

The photos have been released onto Marupan's facebook page and can be viewed at :

Really like how the photos turned out despite not being able to use the basketball courts but yeah~ really amazing. Big credits to our photographer Marupan for the photography and edits. Also big thanks to cosplayer Cheroppi and Rin-san for their amazing cosplays.

Here are some of the photos :

Rin-san as Kise Ryouta

Cheroppi as Kuroko Testuya. 

me as Aomine Daiki

For more photos please check out the following link :

Please do check out Marupan's facebook page and like it for awesome updates at

Also please do check out Cheroppi's Facebook page and also like it for amazing cosplays at

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