Sunday, 28 April 2013

Casual Tiger-vest Photoshoot Photos & Pandographi's blog

Hey everyone, it's been a while~ Hope you're all doing well!

Sorry for the lack of posts; been busy catching up, helping parents with their work and all especially when I just graduated recently which I'll blog soon and trying to record some vids to upload and yeah! Also trying to customise the blog abit so it's more convenient to navigate through and not be so busy but yeah, please bare with me >_<;. Hopefully the header and all the tabs are alright.

So Pandori-san has made a blog which he will start sharing his work and contact etc. Pandori-san is a good friend of mine who have really grown so much as a cosplayer and photographer and while mainly focusing on photography, his work has improved so much. And also as you may of known that I do alot of shoot with Pandori-san as my photographer.
He is a great photographer who understands both cosplayer's and photographer's point of view which is super great because it enables him to capture what cosplayers or the model would like.

Please do check his blog out at and also his facebook page at

I've mentioned in the previous blogpost(view here) about my long hooded tiger print vest and I had a casual photoshoot with it and now the photos are currently being posted onto Pandori-san's blog. 
Here are some of the photos from the shoot:

The post is still currently being updated, please do check it out once every while for new updates on it.

Both Pandori-san and I are really enjoying this photoset because of how natural the picture is with very minor editting. Super thanks to Pandori-san for it :D

Anyway just a quick short update before I go to sleep. 
Will definitely blog more often real soon!
Until then, stay well & take care!

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