Thursday, 11 April 2013

Casual Photoshoot - Tiger print hooded vest (PICTURE HEAVY)

Yo! Hope you're all doing well!

Yesterday I had a photoshoot with Pandori-san for the tiger printed hooded vest that I made just because I show off what I made :D

We shot at the armory of Olympic Park which was a great find for location because we actually have never been here before and was really surprised with the variety of scenery that was around so it was really great.

I had chores and errands to do in the morning so getting myself ready once I got home was quite rushed so I didn't end up doing my eye makeup until I was at the location but in the end I thought the outfit turned out well. Luckily I already planned out my outfit the night before so all I had to do really was my base makeup and contouring. Also did my hair at the location.

This is how I looked liked after the shoot but you kinda get the jizz of how I looked for the shoot.

For the eye makeup, I tried to replicate the patterns of the tiger onto my eyes, using the colors similar to the vest. The makeup I thought was alright however would've been heaps better if I had a white cream shadow/liner since the white powdered shadow didn't stand out so much. Also some of the black liquid liner used to draw the tiger stripes smudged so towards 2/3 of the shoot, the makeup was slightly messy.

(Sorry for the colors of the photos)

Sorry about the red eyes, eyes getting exhausted from contact lenses

My outfit for the shoot consisted of a basic black short sleeve dress shirt layered with the hooded vest over it. Wore my usual adjustable brass colored chain to tie the collar of my dress shirt together and to add a little detail to the plain dress shirt. 

I added a big gold chain necklace around the hoodie area of the vest to tie together the whole top for the complete look. The gold chain necklace really does add such character and boldness to the outfit and also makes the vest look like a cape.

Added on a clip earring and a magnetic earring on my left ear to match the detail I had on my top. To be honest I had to ask friends on instagram, twitter and facebook for opinions on the long clip-on earring because it looks abit too much yet it gives this superior feel to it. Eventually I decided to go with it. Though they were only on for the first half of the shoot because I forgot to put them back on after we took a break.

For accesories on arms and hands, I wore a black vinyl cuff bracelet that I made from spare vinyl fabric and a rhinestone brad on my left wrist .

Wore a simple copper ring with a large black oval detail which matched really well with the entire outfit. Never wore this ring because It use to be to tight, but turns out I can just fit it now. Literally JUST because sometimes it gets stuck even haha!

On my right arm, I wore the strange bondage-looking arm thing that I made mentioned in the previous blogpost.

This is the eyelet string/ribbon I mentioned in the previous blogpost.

For the bottoms, I wore skinny black jeans which wrapped around my legs really well paired and tucked in with my Ebay combat boots mentioned alot in my OOTD posts. Simple and classy. :D

Got to Pandori-san's place at approximately 1.30pm to pick him and then zoomzoom we go to the destination!

So funny upon driving to our destination because we both have never been here but I've drove passed it but upon entering the entrace, we see this prison-looking place which made us go " O_O ". Had no idea where we were but kept driving and eventually reached a super nice looking area which is a large park which we were so amazed of the area and this discovery. Truly awesome! Did my makeup and my hair in the car and fixed anything that needed to be fixed and off we went to shoot! 

We explored the area abit and took some photos where we could but yeah I think we just got carried away with how awesome the place was. 

Here's a picture of me and pandori-san owo)/

After exploring the place and shooting for approximately an hour and a half, we went back to Pandori-san's house to pick up Wanye-san who bought us some sausages and bread to cook over the BBQ at the photoshoot destination since the park had BBQ hot plates to cook on =)

Picked up Wanye-san and got to the destination again and decided that we would eat first then shoot because by the time we finish eating, it would be the perfect time to shoot since it'll be golden hour.

Cooked up some sausages and toasted some bread. This is the life, one of the best photoshoots I've been to. Good weather, good location, good food, great people and even had good music playing because of the other people having BBQ next to us playing some nice jazzy music. Was so great.

Me with my half sausage looking suspicious but hey- SEAGULL!

Ate till we were all nicely full, cleaned up and got back to business with shooting. The lighting by the time we started shooting was just simply amazing because of golden hour. The trick with golden hour photography is to work fast and capture because the sun sets really fast.

Once the sun was down, we decided to go play in the children's playground which is really big. We had great fun and even had some shots with the water feature. I unexpectedly got wet twice by the water feature because I didn't expect the water to come at me. But it was all great fun :D

Here's a picture of Wanye-san, me, and pandori-san owo)/

And that pretty much concludes the casual photoshoot :D
I really do look forward shooting at this location more with amazing people.

Before I end the blogpost, here is one of the amazing RAW photos taken at the shoot by Pandori-san. So awesome and from a RAW photo too, no edit. I do really look forward to the photo that'll be released :D

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Until then, stay well & take care!


  1. <3 Lovely as always, Danny kun.
    I really dig this style *v*

  2. Enjoyed reading this! Love what you did to the eyes and you hand accessories~ The tiger hoodie as well! ((: