Saturday, 6 April 2013

Outfit of the day (OOTD) 2~

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. 

Had a couple of things to do today which included hanging out with my friend so thought I'd share my outfit of the day. 

So this is what I wore:

(Sorry for awkward picture)

  • Eyes - My usual thick framed prescribed glasses which I always wear. Goes well with almost every outfit, giving a more nerdy preppy look.

  • Top : The base shirt is a nice horizontal green and navy pinstriped shirt bought at G.U store in Ikebukuro on my Japan trip. Layered the base shirt with an asymmetrical beige vest which I made myself which I might make a DIY for it one day. The vest is lightweight yet thick enough to cover and give some warmth and comfort. The ruffles on the front actually bunches up and layers quite thick around through the neck so it kind of acts as a scarf. Thought this would go well with the base and give it more an earthy feel with the green. Tied all the pieces together with a thin mint-green scarf tied into a circle scarf. Top is warm, comfortable, suitable for the cool weather without overdoing it. Added a leather bracelet bought in Hong Kong which also gave an extra earthy neutral feel to it.

  • Bottoms : Black slim fitted pants bought at G.U store in Ikebukuro in Japan also. Lightweight with a slight touch of denim, so almost faux denim; allowing the legs to be comfortable and kept warm. Rolled the cuffs of the pants abit just to tie and give the whole look more of the preppy look. Completed this look with some brown leather suede shoes.

And yeah that's the end of this OOTD post. Sorry that it's short >_<; I'll try go back to the old style of posting OOTD.

Until then, stay well & take care!

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