Monday, 8 April 2013

3 new videos uploaded on YouTube

Wassup everyone, hope you're all doing well!

This will be a short blog entry sharing my recent three new uploads on YouTube.

First one is a song cover of GLIDE originally by Niki feat. vocaloid Lily. I covered bits and pieces of this song before but then after seeing friend's covers on the song and asking me to join the "bandwagon", I thought might as well since I know the song. 
So yeah! Please check that out :

Please also check out my friend's cover of GLIDE as well which really motivated and inspired me to cover the song :) 

Second video is just me playing an online game called League of Legends also known as LoL and yeah just my first attempt at the role known as jungling. And to show how much of a derp I am when I play games haha! Warning - heavy screaming at 4.11 and 5.10

Lastly, another short song cover I covered today. Actually I discovered the song today and did a test and thought the test was alright so just had to post it up on my channel. The song is called World Wide Love by 砂粒 feat GUMI Whisper. I only discovered 砂粒 today and I just simply love their songs because it just matches the genres I like; if you really like songs with beats then you may like their work. 
Please check out their YouTube channel at

That's it for this post, until then stay well & take care!

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