Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cosplay Test: Genderbend Rei Ayanami from EVANGELION

Yo! Hope you're all doing well :)

A couple of days ago my friend Kenny linked me to an image set on tumblr on genderbenders of Evangelion female characters and I just had a moment to myself because the art was SUPER nice and so I definitely had to like and reblog it. And also added that I am definitely cosplaying it whether it was for photoshoot or convention- I'm cosplaying it. :D

Here is the tumblr link :

And here are the images (sorry I don't know who the artist is but credits to you and thanks for the amazing work) :

Originally I wanted to do Asuka Langley Soryu (orange hair with red suit) BUT I think my friend Kenny wanted to do it instead which was fine with me because I know he's an Asuka fan and he would definitely suit the image heaps better than I would. SO I decided to do Rei Ayanami (blue hair with red eyes) which was great :)

I realised something with the male version of Rei Ayanami art is that he looks awfully familiar and then it triggered me that he looks like Aki Ayamatsu from the Yaoi manga/OVA "Sensitive Pornograph". =_=;;;; 

Here is the comparison pic:

But yeah anyway~ back on topic to cosplay test, I did a cosplay test with the male Rei Ayanami with what I had which was great because I had a light blue wig, red contact lenses and bandages.

So this is the result of my cosplay test :

I think the cosplay test was alright. I'm quite happy with the result. I didn't wear foundation hence my blemishes still showing through but yeah. 
Surprisingly the makeup took WAY longer than expected with a total of 1-1.15hours! The main reason it took so long was because I couldn't do the crease makeup correctly without looking so exaggerative and also I wanted to experiment with using false lashes on male character cosplays. Especially since in the artwork, the artist exaggerated the lashes quite abit so it took me a while to achieve some visible lashes since I've never worn false lashes when cosplaying male characters before.

Here is a close up of the makeup:

  • Contact lenses : "Vassen Dolly Plus" or "Dolly+" in Red
  • Eyebrows : 88 Eyeshadow palette from Ebay
  • Crease makeup : Combination of brown and taupe colors in the 88 Eyeshadow palette and K-palette 24 hour 1 day tattoo liquid eyeliner in Jetblack
  • Eyeliner : Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner in Jetblack
  • Bottom false lashes : "キュート (cute) eye" by Diamond Lash 
  • Contouring & Highlighting (nose and cheeks) : "Nose Shadow" dual contour powder from DAISO
That pretty much sums this blog post. I'll definitely like to reattempt this again since it was fun.
Please let me know what you think :)
Until then stay well, take care!

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