Thursday, 28 February 2013

Productive day : job hunting, eating, bulletin board, car lashes

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well~

Yesterday (27th February 2013) was the first day ever since the change moment (refer to previous post), and I would definitely say that it was such a productive day along with heaps fun with friends.

Woke up at 5.30am with only abouts 3-4 hours of sleep and did the usual morning routine of making my bed, brushing my teeth and preparing breakfast. I actually wanted to wake up early because I wanted to finish off the workload of my parent's work I had planned to and eventually I got it done by 8.25am. 
Felt super good to finish the work and started to prepare myself to get ready to head out since my plans were to go job seeking while hanging out with friends at Sydney Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) at Homebush.

I honestly didn't know what to wear, in most cases because I'm hanging out with friends- I'd be more casual BUT because I'm also job seeking, had to keep it casual yet somewhat smart to give a good impression. So I wore :
→ yellow and faded green mini checkered short sleeve checkered shirt
→ green bandana scarf with my adjustable chain necklace
→ variety of leather and cord bracelets or armcandy
→ light-weighted dark-gray checkered slim pants
→ black boots (pants tucked in boots)

Met up with my friends at around 11.20pm and the meetup destination and we first headed to get some Yum Cha for lunch (yummy!). Went for jumbo slurpee at Seven Eleven and we started heading to DFO.

Got to DFO and we started roaming around the stores while looking for signs of positions available. It was so funny because we were SO SICK from our slurpee because it was just too much sugar to handle. LOL! 

Anyway head to the first store which had a casual position available and walked in the store and asked about the position. Manager guy comes over, asks for my resume and asks for my availability. Told me that it is possible that my first shift may be on Sunday-Monday so he'll give me a call soon. All happened so fast I had no time to react. By the way just wanna make a shoutout to Jen, Wayne and Ron for accompanying me and encouraging me to apply because I was just extremely nervous. So I hope I do get the job, honestly I can't stop thinking about it because I'm extremely nervous because it's a clothes store and I CAN'T FOLD CLOTHES FOR CRAP HAHAHA! But I hope I do well with training and all if I get the job. 

Asked for other stores but they weren't available and I avoided some stores because I just had bad experiences with them at other stores and their replies in the email to turn me down. Roamed around the rest of the outlet while being all tired from sugar and left the outlet. We didn't even get to eat the caesar salad which was claimed to be nice because we were just too full and felt too sick to even take a bite of anything haha!

Next destination was IKEA. Super fun mucking around with the display rooms and furnitures and so much laughters it was great. We ate at the IKEA cafeteria which was so poor because ALL our foods were so dry, which was a let down. Continue roaming through IKEA and proceeded to checkout. Jen bought a cushion and a chair while I bought a bulletin board.

After IKEA we decided to get a hot dog each from IKEA because it's only $1.00 and can't go wrong, even though we were super full. Most of us just ate the sausage though HAHA! Started proceeding out of the store and towards the carpark. We derped abit and got into a bit of trouble because we were just riding on the children's ride where you put money in and the ride goes around. But yeah, got to the car and we headed to Ron&Wayne's house (they're brothers).

Hung out and rested our arse for a while and left around 5.30pm and we all just parted ways at the station. The train and bus ride home was such a nerve wrecking one because I couldn't stop thinkinkg about the job because I'm so worried and nervous as it's my first official job and like FINALLY a job haha!
Texted a couple of close friends just to share the news that I might be working soon and they were really happy for me since it's about time danny. LOL! One of my friend who was already happy for me thinks that I should be working for cosmetic counters like MISSHA store or THE FACE SHOP or SHISEIDO etc etc, which honestly I wish and I'd love to work in those places and probably prefer it since I'm more knowledgable in those departments and probably more confident. But I told her I won't back out from this one since it's casual and I'll still search, at least theres income flowing to me. 

So I got home at around 7pm and started settling my things down and started setting up my bulletin board. I actually wanted a bulletin board in my room so I can pin up some good memories of the things I receive from other people around the world and also here such as letters, coscards, photos etc etc.

This is how it looked liked unopened:

This is after all the things have been pinned up :D ~

Super happy how it turned out and I just really like looking at it knowing there's great people out there and I really do hope to meet them :)

Oh right before I end the post, I received my lashes I bought on Ebay for my car which looked like this :

Looking forward to sticking them on my car to make them すごくかわいい~ (sugoku kawaii - super cute) hahaha! My car is at the garage at the moment being fixed since one of the doors has scratches and dents so just replacing that door. But once the car is back, these babies are going on pronto. I'll take a picture of my car once it's back, you will not believe I drive that car because it's just so flamboyantly feminine which I have no idea why I want the car to be like that. I throw in alot of my plushies and alpacasso in the car and the seat covers have a pink logo on it etc. It's definitely not what you expect me to drive. You shall see :D

Anyway gotta hit the hay. 
Until then, stay well, take care and good night~

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