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Cosplay x Contact Lenses

Wraddup everyone, hope you're all doing well!

So this entry will just be a more detailed and written version of my latest youtube upload on 'Cosplay x Contact Lenses' featuring fellow Sydney cosplayer Tina also known as fuyumi.

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Now, once again this is another personal thoughts and opinion thing from both Tina and I so it's possible that you may not agree with us but yeah. Just us sharing our thoughts out there. :)

Purpose of contact lenses (in cosplay)
Contact lenses does so much wonders in cosplay because it changes the color and enhances the eyes through various patterns and vibrancies along with being able to change the size of your eyes with enlarging properties. 
In saying that and wearing contact lenses when cosplaying, it makes the cosplay more accurate/precise and brings the character more to life especially during photoshoots where having close up portraits of the face, since the eyes will be a pin-point of the picture and the cosplay.
Also contact lenses when bought with power, helps gives vision which allows you to see without the need of wearing glasses which is a YAY since we like to see where we're going and what's going on around us.

Contact lenses vs No lenses
There is quite a difference since the normal naked eye doesn't give it that pop, 3D-ness, surreal look especially when having makeup on, the normal eye's color and shape is overpowered by the makeup which loses look's purpose.
As mentioned earlier, contact lenses comes in all different size, pattern, color in which these properties does change the eye completely- even if the lense is the "natural type".

Personal opinion whether necessary in cosplay
In Tina's opinions, she thinks it is necessary in cosplay because it makes quite a difference and brings the character more to life. 
In my opinion, I think it is quite necessary having them being the same reason as Tina's opinion. 
However it is understandable that there are circumstances in which contact lenses cannot be worn especially health concerns. If for some reason the contact really stings the eye on the day of wearing the cosplay, and you decide to not wear lenses- it doesn't mean you'll be hated or harshly judge. It is for the best.

In sharing our opinion that it is quite necessary, we are not encouraging and saying that it's a MUST, it's just more preferred to adapt in wearing them with cosplay.


  • Be sure that your hands are properly cleaned with soap before beginning
  • Wash your fingers/hands with the contact lens (saline) solution before handling the lenses
  • Handle the lenses with contact lens tweezers with rubber tips 
  • Be sure the lenses are clean when looking through the lens, it should be free from marks/tears (if so, clean by rubbing the lenses with your finger and solution)
  • Try best not to tug on the eye when inserting lenses, this causes the skin to stretch and cause it to prematurely sag/wrinkle especially when the skin around the eye is super delicate and thin
  • Remember to change the solution being stored in the case often and every time lenses are being handled
  • Always wear lenses before applying makeup/skincare

→ Prices & Availability
The availability of contact lenses is so vast nowadays as they can be found online via websites, blogs, facebook stores etc; optometrists and beauty stores; people/friends who bulk buy etc. 
I usually get my lenses online at (as you can see in the ad on the right -i'm not sponsored, just a support for them) . Their lenses are legit, decent priced and the shipping usually takes around 2 weeks to get to more.

The legitimacy of lenses vary every store, you really have to check on feedbacks of the stores and the lenses. Don't hesitate to ask them for details and pictures of seals etc because this is for your own good and theirs too. :)

The prices of lenses vary upon each stores depending on the style, brand, size, popularity, quality, water content etc. But the prices usually range between $16US - $30 for the Japanese/Korean ones.

→ Alternative to contact lenses - Photoshopping
When not wearing lenses, there is also the alternative of photoshopping in lenses. There is a trick when photoshopping lenses and that is to make sure the pupil is still your original color (black/dark) and be sure to add some light definition so there is life in your eyes. Also when adding colors, remember to keep the color opaque so you still see the natural patterns in the eyes.

Wearing contact lenses is quite a big step as it involves putting something into the eye which is extremely dangerous and scary as well, so please do be careful, take it slow and take care when wearing lenses. 
Be sure to have great hygiene when handling them from beginning to end.
Also to consult your optometrist prior to wearing lenses to see whether you can wear lenses or not, and to know how to handle the lenses more properly.
Eyes are something that is pretty much irreplaceble so do cherish them and take great care of them. 
Vision is a great gift, make great use of what you can in this life. :)

Anyway, hope it is somewhat informative. I will try to add pictures tomorrow.
Until then, stay well & take care!

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