Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
May good fortune come to you, fulfilling your dreams and wishes. :)

This post will be slightly more on the personal side of my life. But don't worry - I won't try to make it sound too personal/depressing haha! 
It will actually be on the great day I had on Monday the 11th February 2013, and the changes in myself.

Lets begin~

So it was just the usual morning where I woke up late at around 1pm because I was just so tired from helping out at the temple on the weekends for the new lunar year celebrations. Woke up and did the usual, hopped onto my laptop and decided to upload some of the photos from the Casual Kurobasu shoot onto Deviantart and Worldcosplay. 

Checked my email and there was an email from a car owner (I was following this car to buy since my car broke down and the family has nothing but my dad's work van which my mom can't drive) and he messaged about giving me the offer or second chance to purchase his car because of my constant follow ups and records etc. 
Ran down to my dad and asked him if he was still cool with the car, and dad was just super happy and instantly agreed to it. Had a little exchange in emails for details etc, and decided to meet up the guy at 7.30pm to give the car a look before purchasing (even though should've done this earlier). Dad and I was super happy that the guy gave us this offer because the car was just great and for once- both dad and I liked it. 
After dinner we drove to the place and boy was I surprised, THE CAR LOOKS BETTER THAN IN THE PHOTOS LOLOL! Dad's face had "INSTAYES INSTABUY" written all over it. Had a chat with the car owner and he took us for a spin and gave us a brief tour etc. Perfect, great guy too. So I used my Red Pocket money and made a deposit to the guy because I'll pick up the car once I have the money all ready which should be either end of this week or beginning of the week. Mind you- it's not my money, my dad is paying for it because I'm unemployed and he wanted it to be my graduation gift as well. 
SO it's confirmed that I will be getting a new car (FINALLY!). Super excited about it. If you're wondering what car it is, it is a Suzuki SX4 S in Black. I bought the fake lashes on Ebay but I wasn't sure if I wanted it on this car because the headlights are quite long so it might not look nice BUT we'll see.

So that's the car story.

Got home from the trip, get on skype and see that Pandori-san say that YUEGENE-san has liked my photo on worldcosplay. At first I didn't believe it was the same famous cosplayer YUEGENE from Thailand, so I went on WorldCosplay and BAM:

LEGIT, I had a speechless moment and then just spazzed all over skype. Had no idea what to say. I know it may be nothing to some.. well alot of people but it actually means alot to me as a amateur cosplayer. Was just super happy that a pro cosplayer would like an amateur's photo and I really appreciate that, so I just had to spazzed to Pandori-san and thank him for the photo and also spazzed on Facebook the pic above.
The photo that YUEGENE-san liked was:

Super thanks to Pandori-san for the photo and Wanye-san for the shoot, and also everyone for congratulating me on Facebook. This really encouraged me and gave me more motivation to cosplay now.

So that's another happy event that happened.

Lastly for the blogpost, I just wanna talk about myself changing- this will be the boring personal part which will probably be pointless and boring and won't get to the point until the end LOL!

I've been talking to this friend whom I just met at the temple, great genuine guy with a great personality. But yeah, been talking with him and he just has this way of talking where it really influences you and encourages you (towards the goods of course) about life, how life is short and should try enjoy what you can etc. 
And knowing me, I always deflect it because it's actually quite true what I say about myself, that I pretty much live on the internet- just game, socialise to people on the net through different social networks, don't have a job, don't really socialise to people in life etc (making myself sound even more sad LOL!) But he just won't accept my answers LOL! Always pushing me to be out there, and not in a pushy stubborn way- in a way it actually does make you want to be out there, if you know what I mean ahaha!  
BUT THE THING IS- he looks down upon himself alot, now I totally understand how this feels because whenever someone comes talking to me about their problems, I always downgrade myself LOL! But he was just sharing about how he's changed compared how he was back, and always looking on the brighter side. For some reason, if you actually saw this guy talking and saying this - you can actually tell he has been trying hard and have been looking on the brighter side. 
There's just this aura where it just makes you think back on yourself. So I've been thinking about my life, and how I realised how much I've changed as a person from the past, and that the way I've changed in the present will also change my future. Now I don't mean personality wise because honestly, I'm a mega bitch LOL! 
But anyway, I've come to realise how it's been such a long journey to get to who I am today and the journey will continue on, as corny as that sound. I suddenly feel more confident to who I am and what I do, I feel more in controlled and able to have a say for myself. There's just this rush that's telling me to not worry or care of what people say about me, people will always talk, so just continue moving forward and do what you've started.
In saying that, Lady Gaga's quote comes to my mind:

“People will always talk, so lets give them sumthin to talk about”"

I will continue doing what I enjoy regardless of what people say and how people see me. I will take whatever support I have and channel that as my confidence. :)

And that's the end to my pointless section LOL!

Anyway I'm off.
Until then, stay well, and take care!

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