Sunday, 3 February 2013

First OOTD (Outfit of the day) Post

Yo! Hope you're all doing well!

A couple of friends of mine were saying how I should do posts (both videos and blog entries) on my outfit of the day, so I thought I'd make a blog post on it :D

Now I wouldn't call myself stylish as people say, I'm just someone who likes to dress it up wherever I go. Of course not all the time, usually when I go out or hang out with people then I dress it up but if it's something fast and simple (like going grocery store quickly to buy bread or something) then I just put on the closest clothes around even if they don't go well together.

Even though I like to dress it up, I don't really buy new clothes (mainly due to the fact I'm unemployed and have no form of income or financial support) so I often just wear old clothes in a way it doesn't look like I wear it so much. But of course some styles and combinatiosn are repetitive but yeah! :D

So today (Saturday 2nd February 2013) wasn't anything special, I was just in the mood to dress it up to go out for abit and also tend to dress it up on cooler weathers like today. Mom asked me to go accompany her to go grocery shopping in our local town, so this is what I wore in the daytime :

Warm and comfortable and (hopefully) not overdressed for just grocery shopping with mom at our local asian town.

Lets start from head to toe:
→ Small soft black fedora hat to cover my bed hair. Actually had this hat for approximately 6+years :D I didn't wear this hat until year 2011-2013 because I just couldn't incorporate it into my clothing style but yeah, now I love it XD

→ Somewhat medium-thick large frame black glasses which are prescribed because I'm short sighted .___.;

→ DIY necklace/chain which I wear almost ALL the time with all my outfit because it compliments outfits so well in my opinion as the chain can be adjusted. Made from a drawstring fastener and copper brassy chain bought from craft stores. 

→ Oversized drop-shoulder dark blue shirt from or what I call it the boomer (from Left for Dead game) shirt. Great light and flowy shirt, and the style is just so unique because of the intended oversizeness. Also have this shirt in a camel color.

→ Oversized knit horizontal striped black and navy-grey cardigan. Bought this cardigan on sale (well kinda clearance) because it had a slight hole on the shoulder which didn't bother me and the size was XL and yeah. Only recently took it out :D Since the cardigan was too big on me, decided to under roll-up the sleeves to loosen up the baggy look. Also allows me to wear some arm accessories haha!

→ Arm accessories or arm candies worn for this outfit was just bracelets I made. Stacked three bracelets different in color and texture which complimented the color of the clothes I wore. And the chain on the right in the picture below is just my neckchain I wore with the outfit.

→ For the bottoms, I wore my beige/camel slim fitted cargo pants that I bought in Japan at G.U store and rolled up the bottoms just above my boots to make it more casual and show off my boots. Also wore a waist fastener that I also bought from Japan at Harajuku. I like these heaps better than belts because belts just look super chunky in the middle and awkward too when showing through your top.

→ For the shoes, my all time favorite overworn black suede booties I bought from Ebay. I wear these boots everywhere  because they're super comfy, has quite a heel to it, and just looks great. But they really are super comfy- I brought these along when I was travelling to Vietnam & Japan, I wear these when I'm doing dance covers, etc. 

For the night, I kept the bottom half the same but just rolled the pants down so it covered half the boots so you know they're booties. Changed up my outfit and styling to head out to dinner at our local RSL club buffet with my mom.

→ Crimped my hair for some texture and also styled it accordingly and setted it with hairspray. Also my eyebrows were filled in so I actually have eyebrows LOL! Glasses are the same as I am blind and it complimented the outfit and gave the face a little something.

→ Kept the oversized shirt as a base as it was pretty cold outside but layered it with a large suede dress shirt that I self blinged up with gold studs. It was the first shirt that I ever blinged up and  it has got to be one of my favorite shirt to wear. Its super warm, comfy and the bling just looks so classy yet badass. I rolled up the sleeves so the look is more casual and more fitted. 
Funny thing whilst at the clulb was that when I was swiping my membership card, one of the worker (quite an old bloke) told me that technically that studs aren't allowed in the RSL Club but he let me off since no one noticed it. I was surprised by that rule and never actually saw that in the dress code warnings but yeah. hahaha

Here's the front of the shirt.

Closer view on the blinging details I did. Studed the corner of the collars, abit on the top of the pocket and the corner of the shoulder panels.

Back view of the shirt

Closer detail on the shirt. Outlined back panel and studed abit on the back of the collar.

→ For the accessories, I kept it simple with a detailed gear gold watch (that doesn't work no more) with black leather straps; and chains. The watch gave it a bold, classy, and sophisticated look, yet the gear detail gave it a more casual and edgy look especially when the chain bracelet was added.

So yeah that's my outfit for the day. 
Hope you enjoy these type of posts- will try my best to make posts more like this.
Until then, stay well, take care & goodnight! 

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