Friday, 8 February 2013

First Fashion Photoshoot - Japanese Inspired

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Today I had my very first casual fashion photoshoot with just my good friend Grace-san and we shot with the theme "japanese inspired fashion". 

We've been longing to do these casual types of photoshoots to practice our photography, taking photos of each other with our cameras and to be able to dress up and yeah, finally happened and was super fun and the photos turned out quite good.

It was so funny because it took us forever to decide what to wear because we're so indecisive, just a couple of hours before meeting up- we were still deciding on our outfits and wondering if it matched and if we will survive the weather. 

Here's a full picture of what I wore to the shoot :
(Super thanks to Grace for the photos <3!)
I thought I looked like a legit Japanese guy who came to Australia on holiday LOL!

From head to toe, rocked on :
→ Black plastic fedora hat from DAISO
→ Platinum blonde wig
→ GEO Angel grey contact lenses
→ Black dog printed bandana from DAISO as a scarf

→ Adjustable DIY chain necklace with fastener

→ White textured v-neck shirt from JayJays
→ Bag with ears from a store on Takeshita Street at Harajuku, Japan.

→ Stacked DIY bracelets

→ Grey high school shorts
→ Black meggings (men's leggings)
→ Black boots from EBAY

Also layered on a nice stylished red vest, but was too hot so you can't see in the pictures above- but you'll see it in the Cafe shots :)

Grace dressed up super cute today, very preppy and somewhat very kyary styled as well :D This was Grace's outfit :

→ Black beret with an eyeball print (not quite sure but it looked like an eyeball LOL)
→ Hair in twin braids that was curled and facing outwards

→ Pink contact lenses
→ White blouse with word details on the back panel

→ Black pleather DIY bowtie that I made with square studs Grace blinged 

→ Black pleated skirt
→ Printed little side bag/clutch with bow detail

→ Printed socks
→ Stitch detail creepers

So this shoot was super fun as so many things happened throughout the shoot-

The first one was the street infront of Sydney Westfields where people scattered around and ripped off TIM TAM packs and it was just a disaster for Tim Tams AHAHA! Here is the mess after all the packages were taken:

We headed to the "Strand Arcade" and just felt super out of place because EVERYTHING WAS SO GRAND, and upstairs was designers stores. But the building was super nice and decorated nicely for valentines. 

Here's a stalker pic of Grace-san, where you can see the buildings and the decorations around and you can see her outfit :D

Headed off to Seven-Eleven to buy some KrispyKreme donuts to nom on when we head to the cafe to shoot, thanks so much Grace for the donut! ;A; BUT THIS PART WAS HILARIOUS.
Because we were dressed differently, the guy at the counter serving us scans the donuts etc and while waiting for Grace to pay, he then stares and then asks "from Japan?"
LOL! I just nodded and we walked out after paying and just laughed out heads off, clearly we pass. BEST moment. There are more moments to come, you'll see ;)

Walked to the stationary cafe called "My Sweet Memories" at TownHall, and got ourselves a Iced Green tea Latte/Shake (sorry can't remember since It was my first time) but yeah, was really nice and refreshing for this weather. TRIED to find seats but the good spots were occupied were people so we headed to this little outdoor area they had (I'm guessing for smokers) and made ourselves a home. Legit we just camped there LOL.

Such great difficulties walking around since the ground was covered in large black pebbles and there was chairs that wobbled insanely and sunked in the pebbles unexpectedly but was good fun. Oh and we kept hearing this guy saying "YEAHHHH YEAHHH" ... sounded quite suspicious LOL!

Started taking photos of each other, me having seedy moments with the donut and yeah. Here are some photos of me taken by Grace (thanks!)

Editting also done by Grace, inspired by "Ulzzang" style since some of their pics have cute edittings and yeah!

Here are some photos of Grace that I took with my camera (using Nikon d7000 with 35mm f1.8 lens). 


Left the cafe after camping here enough and started heading to World Square. 
Unexpectedly found these set of rainbow lights on the ceiling in one of the tunnels at World Square and was really nice so thought we'd stick around and shoot there. Only to realise the rainbow lights made the photos extremely difficult to edit because it changed the color of the photo >_<;

Took alot of the solo shots and the outfit we wore and yeahh. 
Here are a few photos of me taken by Grace <3

And here a few photos of Grace taken by me :D
Can see the lights on the top, can't really see the rainbow :O

AND ONE PHOTO I TOOK OF GRACE, there was this lady in the background for some reason my camera decided to focus on her and she just looked hilarious cos she looked posed LOL!

But yeah, on another funny note - while taking photos, this very nice lady comes up to us and was like "would you like me to take the photo of you two?" LOL! She thought we were tourists, but we decided to just accept the offer and this is the photo she took:

THEN she was like "put your arms around her~" LOL! So I did and this is the result :

Five-ten minutes later, this guy comes to us and asks if we wanted to take a picture together. LOL! We declined the offer though haha! I didn't think we looked like such lost touriists HAHA! So good and funny though. 

Finished up the shoot and headed to the train station to go home.

Was a good day, thanks so much Grace for the shoot! I look forward to us shooting again! :D (next week!) ahaha!

That's it for this long entry that's picture heavy. Hope you guys enjoy it

Thanks so much, until then- stay well, take care and good night!

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