Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Putting more effort

How's it going? Hope you're all doing well

Yesterday morning (26th February 2013) I did the usual morning routine of checking email and facebook etc, but this time when I checked YouTube- I came across CREAM's new upload "DREAMS AND REALITY PT 1".

Watched the video which pretty much is a motivation and inspirational video to get you moving and how they got to where they are now. And it really did get to me making me more motivated and inspired to get on track with my life. Less lazing around and get going and moving to where I want to be.

So I started to set some goals for the year, actually rather than goals they're more like New Year's resolution I hope to achieve since I don't think I made any this year.

Here are some of the resolution of goals which I plan to achieve for 2013:
→ To get a job of somesort to get an income
→ To help people more
→ To help my parents
→ To be thankful of my parents for who they are and what they do for me
→ To be more committed to what I enjoy doing
→ Cosplay
→ Makeup
→ Blogging
→ Youtube Videos
→ Photography 
→ etc.

→ To be more loving and caring to myself and my surroundings. Even to those whom I have a bad relationship with. (Extremely difficult one)
→ To be thankful of my friends for who they are and what they do for me
→ To be confident in my own shoes and walk carefreely without stopping
→ To be more aware of my surroundings
→ To always look forward. Never dwell on the past
→ To pursue and plan my future career and make a step
→ To sleep more, less gaming ahaha!
→ To exercise more and care for myself more
→ To meet new people
→ To be out there

And that's it for now. Of course the list is incomplete, I'm sure the list goes on and on if I were to go into more details but yeah. I guess I've reached that stage of life (being 23 this year) where it's about time to get a move on.

So first thing I did today was to cut my hair for a new me for a new start. At first I just wanted to trim my hair but then I thought to myself that If I want a change, I should complete change it, so I chopped my hair quite short. Honestly speaking with myself, I think it is one of the worst hairstyles I've ever chopped but hey, gotta work with what I have so I think It should be okay.

Did some errands for my parents, got home and did alot of job seeking online with no luck but always next time. After dinner went to help my parents with their work for about 3 hours, got my workload done so quite happy. Hoping to wake up super early today so I can finish off the work so my part is done.

Overall I think the day was a great day, and I hope days like this do come by more often.

Will do my best to throw in all the effort and hardwork I have to achieve these goals. And I really hope you all do achieve your goals and resolution as well :) Let's do our best!

Anyway sleep time, until then~
Stay well, take care, and goodnight!

Enjoy another preview pic by Pandori-san from the Aomine x Momoi shoot ! ^_^

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