Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Casual Kurobasu - Kagami x Kise - shoot

Hope you're all doing well!

Going to be making a couple of posts based on different topics so I apologise for the spam in posts ahaha!

Wanted to blog last night but decided to sleep because I had a photoshoot today with the TAN twins for casual kurobasu shoot which was super fun :) 

So in this post, just gonna blog about photoshoot today. As I mentioned above that I had a photoshoot for anime/manga "Kuroko no Basuke" the casual version because we all didn't have the same uniforms or the uniforms/outfits so decided to keep it laid back and go with the casual form. I cosplayed Kise Ryota and my friend (Wayne-san) cosplayed as Kagami Taiga and Pandori-san was our photographer. ALL MAN SHOOT HURRHURRHURR ahaha! 

The weather was approximately 27 degrees Celsius and it was a super nice day (despite the heat) luckily with no rain (as the weather forecast said) which was great. My makeup was melting from the heat but it was okay- PANDORI-SAN'S PHOTOGRAPHY WILL HIDE ALL FLAWS ;D

Got up at 6.30am with only 3 hours of sleep due to late night gaming and preparation for the cosplay, and left the house at 8.30am. 

Within those two hours- I managed to get Kise's cross necklace made using plastic boards, jewellery cords, hot glue and acryllic paint. Was actually super happy how it turned out especially with the worn out brush I used to paint the cross to give it a streaky texture.

Back onto the day, only had the makeup and outfit on with no wig because it was just too hot and just to save people staring me intensely early in the morning =v=); But this was how I looked, taken on the train going to destination. 

My goodness the train was the worst as expected of CityRail. I hopped on the train that was super stuffy and the windows couldn't be opened, nor is the air con even on. But in the end it was all good because I fell asleep for most of the train ride haha! 

Met up with Wayne-san and Pandori-san at the station and we started walking to our destination which was a basketball court. Got our cosplay all ready with wig and accessories etc once we got there and started shooting. I'm actually still annoyed with myself because I forgot to put on Kise's piercing which I STAYED UP LAST NIGHT MAKING ;A; but simple things like that can be photoshopped. 

ANYWAY, every time I cosplay from Kurobasu (Kuroko no Basuke) I face these two issues-
→ I don't play sports
→ I don't really follow Kurobasu no more ;3;

But the first issue is usually the main problem because I LOOK SO AWKWARD TRYING TO BE ATHLETIC AND SHOOTING HOOPS ETC. HAHAHA! I'm someone where people classify me as "you throw like a girl" .___.;

Back on track, we roamed quite abit and rested well in between from the heat and yeah, was super fun doing so many "homo" shots and some funny shots along with serious ones, was all good. It was also Wayne-san's first shoot and I thought he did super well :)

Here are some pics I took throughout the shoot: 

Got changed out of our wigs at around 2.50-3pm and started heading back to the station to go home :) おつかれさまでしたぁあぁ~

Super thanks to Wayne-san and Pandori-san for the shoot and for the awesome day :D Hope to shoot with you guys more in the future! 

Here are some photos I took today with my camera, not the best since I didn't know how to compose the photos (so sorry for it being overexposed with terrible composition .__.):

Slept on the train once I got on my train ahaha! Just so tired from the heat and lack of sleep, got home- showered and slept more! LOLOL! And now I'm super awake, sleeping pattern fully ruined, and I have another photoshoot tomorrow too! 

I look forward to tomorrow's shoot as well with Grace-san, doing a casual fashion shoot just roaming around in the city :) 

Here are some pics of the outfit I might wear for tomorrow, basing the theme around ulzzang or just korean/japanese fashion.

First look : Blonde wig, red rocker-styled vest, black dress shirt, schoolboy shorts, black meggings and boots. I really like this outfit but it's just too hot to be wearing it in 29 degrees Celcius weather .__.;

Second look: Black mesh cabby hat, lenseless leopard framed wayfarer glasses, white dress shirt with black dots, beige patterned bowtie, irregular vest, camel/beige pants and camel shoes.

That's it for this post, so sorry for side tracking so much making the post quite confusing. I'll try to not do that again. >_<;

Until then, stay well & take care!


  1. Kyaaahh!! OMG!!! I wanna cosplay too ~ssu!!!! Well, these pics arw awesome! Great job everybody! <333