Sunday, 24 February 2013

Photoshoot : Kurobasu - Aomine x Momoi

Yo everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Last week on Wednesday the 20th of February 2013, I had a photoshoot for the anime/manga "Kuroko no Basuke" where I cosplayed as Aomine Daiki and my friend and fellow Sydney cosplayer Tina (fudafucos@facebook) cosplayed as Satsuki Momoi and we shot with my two favorite photographers Pandori-san and Fishy-san.

Woke up at 7.30am and ran around the house to get ready and prepare my cosplay to leave the house at 9am. Got to the station at 9.15am in my cosplay and boy, all the staring for the super-tanned blue hair guy in school uniform LOLOL! But I don't mind it since I just block out everything with music and whenever I'm in cosplay mode I just flaunt my stuff ;)
So this is how I looked like (ignore the derp face, it's all I do really ahaha!):

I met up with the photographers at 10.30am and we started shooting since our Momoi was coming later as she had a university orientation to attend. We shot at Australian Technology Park at Redfern in Sydney which was the same location we shot the other Kurobasu shoot with Kagami x Kise. So much fun because it was so hot and we were just camping for shades and doing as many shots as we could. But we eventually managed and I think we got quite a good number of shots :D AND FISH EVENTUALLY FOUND OUT HOW TO TURN ON LIVE-VIEW ON NIKON D800 TROLOLOL

Met up with Tina at around 12.30pm and we shot all together till 1.30-2pm. We ran out of ideas how to compose and take the pictures so we ended earlier than expected I think. Also forgot our basketball so couldn't certain poses BUT so many laughters about photoshopping a ball in random places ahaha!

Anywhere here are some random shots I took at the shoot:

Me as Aomine and Tina as Momoi

Me with Pandori-san, one of our photographer

Aomine having his selfy moment while Momoi is having her solo shot. 


Yesterday Pandori-san released a preview pic from the shoot and this is how it turned out:

Me as Aomine Daiki. <insert caption> LOL! So many captions you can put for this

Superrr happy with how it turned out! Super thanks to Pandori-san for the shot!
I super look forward to the photos released from both photographers!

Thanks heaps to Tina-san, Pandori-san and Fish-san for the photoshoot. So much fun shooting with you guys :)

Please check out their pages for more of their work. Their work is super amazing so please follow/like their page to see more of their work. Thanks heaps =)

Photographer Pandori :

Thanks so much, until then-
Take care and stay well!

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