Saturday, 2 February 2013

Revamping old clothes

Whatsup everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Wasn't feeling so great today since I woke up and instantly saw an email from a job place I applied stating that I didn't get the position due to the fact I lack in the requirements. And the requirements that I thought I lacked in was customer service and communication, and natural ingredient & cosmetic knowledge. This was the second time I got rejected quite instantly after sending in my CV but yeah, wasn't until my friend tweeted:

"You're getting rejected because the perfect job is waiting for you to take ~ Ganbatte!"

Which made really cheered me up and made me get my confidence back on because I truly think and hoping that it's true and the perfect job is just somewhere out there waiting for me. So I will always try my best and survive through :)

Anyway- suddenly felt productive and creative so decided to work on the old clothes I kept aside to revamp so I can wear it out.

Decided to work on this oversized plaided dress shirt which I don't wear anymore because it is just too big and was quite difficult for me to layer over as it is short sleeve. Also I wore this way too many times to Uni.  (Sorry for the bad photo)

I really liked the pattern so really wanted to keep it and just change the style up. So I decided to cut the sleeves off and make it into a sleeveless top/vest which was similar style to one of my vest jacket which was also plaided.

Took out my mini sewing machine since my parents were working in the sewing room and literally my room looked like those designers work area where fabric and clothes was scattered along with some accessories and blings.

Chopped off the sleeves and wanted some fray to it, tried it on and it still looked very boring. Decided to do a front-shoulder pad thing using spare black fabric I had. Sewed the pad on and it looked quite good in my opinion but it just didn't stand out and looked quite strange the fact it was separated with the back piece. Took out the small dark metallic studs and studded the separation line and BAM, more attention. 

Only did one side at first and wasn't sure if I wanted to do it on both side BUT I eventually did. Added some studs on the corners of the collar for some bling to match the sides and yeah.

Full frontal view of the new revamped shirt. It kinda looks like a dress from this view but it's just quite long because it was oversized.

Now the back was lacking details which bothered me, so decided to also work on the back and cover the mid section of the mid-lower back and ended with a slight V-shape and also added some big and small studs. Wasn't sure if I wanted to sew the bottom or the V-shape area, but in the end decided to let it loose and just have the studs hold down the V-point so the fabric can fray abit over time. Also added some studs on the back of the collar.

And yeah, that's just me revamping one of my old clothes. Hope to do more and hope to be able to take pictures while wearing this soon :D

Until then, stay well & take care!


  1. ahaha soune iikotoba da ne.... un! ganbareba kitto nantoka naru! teiuka arisu mo ganbaranakya ahaha;;;; isshoni ganbarou!!!

    and fuku, sugee good job bOvO)b

  2. Daaayum I think you're really talented and innovative so yeah, definitely there'll be a job out there that's perfect for you :'D