Sunday, 17 March 2013

Coffee School :) & Job Rejections :(

Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Recently I attended a coffee school with a couple of friends on Thursday 14th March 2013 (White Day) to get a Barista licence. The coffee school we attended is "The Coffee School" situated at Shop 3/107 Quay St (in Bijou Lane), Haymarket NSW 2000. 

To be honest, I was super nervous because I don't do well in these things because of pressure and all but surprisingly the course was super fun and informative as well. The instructor (Matt) made the atmosphere super comfortable so it was great.

It was a one day course from 10.30am - 4.30pm (though we got out at 4pm) and during that course, I've learnt to make some coffee such as cafe latte, mocha, flat white, cappuccino, hot chocolate, short black. So funny and frustrating because we were usually given the choice to make 2 coffee of the choice and I always seem to get one of the coffee perfect but the other one just a disaster, and vice versa happens haha! For example:

The Cappuccino i made (left one) is perfectly froth and layered however my Cafe Latte on the right there .. I didn't pour it properly so it's missing the 1-2cm layer of froth :( .. the froth is like 0.5cm haha!

But overall it was great fun. In the end we all got our certificate and also received a Coffee Art book! :D

Before I move onto the more emotional part of the post, I'd just like to thank my friend Jen for enrolling us to the course and also paying for us. Defo pay you back babe with my first pay :D

OKAY so onto the more emotional part of the post which is job rejection :(
Yesterday (Friday 15th March) and this morning (Saturday 16th March), I received a bunch of emails in my personal inbox email on replies on the job applications I've sent in (around 9 altogether both days) and unfortunately I've been rejected on all the jobs and majority (6 out of 9) of the emails stated that they won't be hiring me because I don't qualify/meet their expectations/standards.

Now I totally understand if I don't meet certain expectations/standards BUT majority of the jobs I've applied for seeks someone who is EXPERIENCED in a certain category for example EXPERIENCED in working with customers. Okay so it's understandable that every workplace would want to hire an experienced person but that's not my point, my point is - HOW AM I GOING TO FIND EXPERIENCE IF NO ONE WILL HIRE ME

Some of you are probably thinking that I'm not applying the correct places or my resume is just wrong. In my opinion I think my resume is quite fine because it's honest and it's me because I literally do not have any actual work experience due the fact I have "asian parents" who didn't allow me to work and rather want me to focus on study. Also I have stated on my experiences with volunteering work since I have done quite alot of volunteering work for anime conventions for Uni Anime club and for charity work at my local temple for my aunty in which both volunteering work involves working with customers and sales. The only thing that's lacking in that resume is experiences in ACTUAL paid work. 
For the job applying, I literally have been throwing myself almost all over Sydney because I am that determined to travel to work and I have been applying for jobs in alot of categories from hotels, cafe, retail stores, services, data entry, AND SCIENCE WHICH IS THE DEGREE I STUDIED AND FINISH AT UNIVERSITY.

But yeah, I will keep applying for jobs at my best. Just so frustrating seeing all these rejections day after day and seeing the fact I don't qualify because I'm not experienced (especially when I'm 23 this year). Also frustrating because I have no form of income and I really do not want to rely on my parents (mind you- I don't and never ask my parents for money). 

Anyway, enough of that post.

Until then, stay well, take care and good night! :)

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  1. I've been experiencing that problem as well :( Lucky you actually get replies. Some just leave you hanging...

    i recommend trying out Gloria Jeans as I've heard they hire inexperienced and beginners and offer training as well. So it'll be the experience you need. :)
    Another option would be to apply as a waiter as well as a barista. That way, you get the job (and get some money to start of) and then you could possibly ask to do casual barista shifts. Who know, maybe when you get better, they'll give you a more permanent barista position.

    Cover letters work as well as they are more personalised and will give you a better chance even if just by a little. They wont be trying to judge a person just from a slab of information. Some say that they dont even consider you if you have a cover letter. Stuff like able to dress neatly, fast learner etc etc. It's a good chance to sell yourself! (not that way...LOL)

    Another thing is to apply EVERYWHEEEERE!!! I mean it, at least 15-20+ maybe? Just apply like crazy (even of the job description is not suited, close enough is fine). Places like gumtree have heeeaps of jobs. Think it'll be a good place to start for no experience.

    Hope that helped. Though you probably know a whole lot of this already >< I'm going through the same problem right now trying to get my own source of income.

    Good luck~


    Hope to be able to meet you at any future Sydney cons!~ Keep up the awesome cosplay~ ^^