Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DIY : Slouch beanie with old clothes

How's it going everyone, hope you're all doing well!

Here is another DIY making a slouch beanie using old unwanted clothes. 

Slouch beanies have been really popular for a while now since it is such a simple versatile piece that can be worn in almost all weathers whilst adding a nice touch of style for your head. They're like your average beanies however is more elongated and hangs or bags towards the back hence the "slouch". The slouch beanie is definitely popular amongst korean fashion and along skater/punk fashion.

Now I know there are ALOT of tutorials for this DIY but I just thought I'd make one for my blog. And also simply because whilst I make some for myself, might as well share on how to make these slouch beanies.

So lets get started! Here are some things you'll need:
→ Unwanted clothes or any kind of stretchy fabric. NOTE : the fabric should somewhat be stretchy so it can fit and wrap around your head
→ A beanie for template (optional)
→ Scissors
→ Sewing machine OR Thread and Needle

1. Lay your fabric or unwanted clothes down onto a flat surface and smooth out and bumps/creases.
Here I'm using an old singlet that has been quite worned out and stretched.

2. If you have a beanie, place it down in the bottom centre of the fabric where there the edges are hemmed/overlocked. Use this as a template and mark out how big and long you want your slouch beanie to be. The longer the beanie, the longer the slouch. If the slouch is too long, it'll look like an elf hat.

If you don't have a beanie, just mark out how big and long you want your slouch beanie to be along the bottom centre of the fabric where the edges are hemmed/overlocked.

The reason why you want to ues the bottom hemmed/overlocked edges is because it just saves you time to hem the ends, especially when their type of hemming allows the fabric to stretch without loosening up the thread.

 To make the cutting process more easier, you can fold the fabric in half lengthwise.

3. Cut our your marked fabric and you should end up with a beanie pattern that is slightly longer than a usual beanie.

4. Place your fabric inside out so the correct sides face each other and start hemming around the endes of the beanie (red ziggzagg in the picture below), REMEMBER NOT TO SEW UP THE ALREADY HEMMED EDGES/OPENING OF THE HAT.

5. Turn your hat inside out and you should end up with a slouch beanie. Try on the beanie and style accordingly. Adjust by cutting and sewing if necessary.

And there you go, you're own slouch beanie :D

Sorry for the low quality pictures. Hope you enjoy this tutorial!
Until then, stay well & take care!

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  1. I'm totally doing that, thank you for the tutorial ^^