Wednesday, 13 March 2013

DIY bracelets with jewellery cords & hexnuts

How's it going everyone, hope you're all doing well.

I've been really in the mood for DIY and make some new bracelets or arm candy since I always love to wear something on my wrist with my outfits as I feel it ties the outfit together and also adds character and definition to who you are and your outfit.

Here are a few bracelets I made using jewellery cords and hexnuts, inspired by 'Anneorshine' on Youtube.

I really think these bracelets look really cool, edgy yet subtle enough for a classy look. Both bracelets are fitted nicely around my wrist without sliding around since I thought they looked better when they're fitted on the wrist.

To make these bracelets, all you'll need is:
→ Hex-nuts (I use 4mm hexnuts found at hardware stores)
→ Waxed Jewellery cords (I use black 1mm waxed jewellery cord)

For easier references to make the top bracelet which has a zipper effect, please watch the following video by Anneorshine:

The technique involves a basic 3-part braid, slotting in hexnuts on each side and braiding through.
You should end up something like or simile to this:

The bottom bracelet is more complex and requires a more complicated technique called square knotting.
Here is a great video by Secretlifeofabionerd on how to square knot:

While square knotting, you add a hex-nut in the centre rope and do the square knot and then insert another hex-nut in the centre rope and do another square knot and repeat the steps to the desired length. You should be able to achieve something like this:

It's preferred that you get the hang of the square knotting technique because then adding the hex-nut and square knotting will be extremely easy. I also made the bracelet adjustable with dangling hex-nuts.

To make the adjustable part, I also used the square knotting technique. Please watch the following video to learn how to do an adjustable square knot closure (the voiceover is quite bad imo) :

And you should be able to learn how to make an adjustable square knot closure :)
Once you learn the many techniques such as basic braids and square knotting, you're free to be creative and make many bracelets like the one I made here using different type of jewellery cords:

That's it for the post. Sorry that it's not much of a DIY, really just wanted to share my experiences and my creativity and where I learn and get it from.

Until then, stay well, take care and goodluck!

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