Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Canley Height's Le Caravelle

Hey everyone, it's been a while - hope you're all doing well.
This blogpost will just be my impression and review-ish on a new restaurant I tried out, I'll make a proper blogpost to update you all on what I've been up to. Will also add proper pictures as well real soon.

So my cousin and I have been talking about this new local restaurant that's always so packed especially during the nights whenever we are driving along the roads of Canley Heights, The restaurant is called "Le Caravelle" which is situated at 233B Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights, NSW 2166. Apparently the place is known for its gelato hence the crowd and so we decided to try it on Tuesday night 12th March 2013.

When we got to the restaurant, one of the waiter comes to us and serves us- asking us whether we were dining in or just having dessert etc. At this point my mind was thinking that the service was great but.. where are the other waiters/waitresses? There was only one guy running around while another is behind the counter taking care of orders. 
Anyway we get to the gelato area and take a glance of all the gelato flavours they have. The presentation of the gelato in their tubs and the garnishes just look amazing, similar to 'Gelatissimo'. 
Cousin tries the 'Kinder Surprise' flavor which was alright but we ended up getting two medium sized cups which costed around $8.00, each containing two flavors. One cup consisting of 'Choc Mint' and 'Hazelnut', the other with 'Coconut Pandan' and 'Crazy Monkey' flavors. 
We noticed while the gelato was being scooped, it looked and felt really soft as if it was already melting, was kind of worried at this point. 

So that's what they looked look, nice and smooth. BUT was a total let down for both of us, it was such a disappointment that my cousin commented that 'it's a waste of my stomach'
Long reason cut short into points why it was a total let down:
→ Super soft & melting, becomming a milkshake
→ Did not have a gelato texture, more of ice cream texture
→ Taste was SO artificial, for example for choc mint- the peppermint essence used did not make the taste pleasant
→ Lacked pieces, 'choc mint' had no chocolate and 'crazy monkey' did not have any nuts.
→ Sweetness was inconsistent, for example the hazelnut was super sweet but the mint was just plain.

The only decent tasting one was the coconut pandan which subtle and easy to eat. Unfortunately we just couldn't eat it anymore because it all melted and mixed flavors with each other so we just stopped pretty much only half way. 

Was really a let down and disappointing to experience this because the place had a really nice interior and atmosphere, somewhat modern with a classy twist with the damask wallpaper and the chandeliers.

Would I try it again? I might give it another chance maybe with the dining and drinks and maybe the gelato too. But that won't be for a long time.

Overall rating for "Le Caravelle"'s gelato - 1 / 5

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