Tuesday, 20 May 2014

[REVIEW] The Face Shop - Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well!

Today's review will be on a sunscreen by "THE FACE SHOP" called the "Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream". (PHOTO HEAVY)

This product was purchased on cosmetic-love.com and retails for $15.13 USD. (Apparently out of stock so I can't link it >_<;;).  I think there's also a possibility that it may be discontinued as they recently released a new one called the "POWER LONG LASTING" with an SPF 45+ PA+++ BUT I will check with that.

Package claims to be "A daily sun cream that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Protects skin better and has less oilliness, making it usable everyday"

Left side of box : Click to enlarge
Direction : Apply an adequate amount on the face and neck at the final stage of skincare

Right side of box : Click to enlarge
  • Contains 50mL/1.69 fl.oz. and an SPF 50+ PA +++. 
  • Contains purified extract of sunflower sprouts (600 μg [micrograms])
  • Is a/contains NMF (natural moisturizing factor) [imitates and functions like healthy skin, keeping skin complex stabilised or moisturised]
  • NO animal sourced ingredients (YAAY MY FRIENDS! but I hope you don't test on them ;A;!)
Box packaging is VERY nicely design with a matte finish.

Front & Back of package - Click to enlarge
The package inside is a wide squeeze bottle/tube that is approximately the size of a hand, pretty travel friendly. Matte soft plastic bottle/tube with a nice orange hard plastic twist cap. 
The back of the bottle is mainly in korean but judging from the icons on the top - I guess this sunscreen is also water friendly for swimming but I'm not so sure since I can't read korean >_<;;

Front & Back of Bottle - Click to enlarge
The tube comes with a squeeze nozzle which is a BIGGGG plus as it lets you control the flow and amount of product you want.

click to enlarge
The consistency of the sunscreen is fairly like standard sunscreen however I feel this has a more lightweight consistency with a slight water-base/gel texture rather than the chunky cream. If I had to shorten this consistency- it'd be a wet cream. :D
Because of this texture, a little product comes a long way as it spreads so easily and blends into skin really nicely.

Click to enlarge
Scent wise- there IS a subtle scent of floral and at the same time the sunscreen zinc smell but you smell more of the floral scent. Overall the scent is subtle and light.

Upon using this on skin, it absorbs into the skin really easily and nicely and does NOT leave any white residue. Feels really light BUT does give a slight sticky feeling. In comparison to alot of the sunscreen I've tried- the sticky feeling isn't much at all. 
On a good note though- it doesn't give that white cast as most sunscreen give off but it does give off a sheen.

click to enlarge
Oily-ness/Oilliness isn't bad and does live up to what it claims. Only VERY little oil is produced on my T-zone but for the rest of the face, almost none. 

Moisturising wise - pretty good I'd say and I'm sure this is due to the sunflower extracts and the product's NMF properties.

Just a little side research - Sunflower extracts (notably oil) is high in vitamins A, E and C and has antioxidants and antiflammitory emollient properties which helps protect and moisturise the skin from the environment.
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SO! TL;DR- to summarise :

  • SPF50+ PA+++ UVA/UVB
  • Moisturising
  • No white cast
  • Not so oily
  • Lightweight
  • Squeeze tube
  • Slight floral scent with some traces of typical zinc sunscreen smell (may not be pleasant for sensitive skin)
  • Leaves a bit of a sticky feeling
  • Gives off a sheen
Overall I do like this sunscreen and I think it'll be great for colder days as winter is approaching as it MAAYYY get quite sticky in the heat of summer.
Sensitive skin may have to be aware because of the high SPF content, the scent and the sunflower extracts.
Dry skin users may enjoy this as it is moisturizing.
Oily skin users will have mix feelings because of the sticky feeling + oil = not nice.

Hope this is somewhat helpful! O3O)/
So sorry for the picture heavy post >_<; my bad habits ;w;
Until then~ stay well & take care!


  1. Thanks for the awesome review :) Sounds like an ideal sunscreen. Do you know if it has any parabens?

    1. Hello, thanks heaps! I'm not quite sure myself since it doesn't state but it doesn't seem to contain parabens. Here is the ingredients list ^_^)/ http://i1308.photobucket.com/albums/s610/dannchu/Faceshop%20super%20perfect%20sun%20cream/ingredientslist_zps219a5234.jpg~original

    2. Quick reply, thanks for the list ^^ I don't see any parabens so this looks promising :D btw your blog is awesome, keep it up~

  2. Hey do you think it's physical sunscreen or chemical ?