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Beautynetkorea haul *^*)/

Hello! Hope you're all doing well!

Recently received my package from and thought I'd share what I bought :D

It was my first time purchasing skincare products from Beautynetkorea as I usually purchase from and overall I am really happy with their services.

I found Beautynetkorea through many other bloggers who mention they bought their korean cosmetics/skincare from there so thought I gave it a go especially because their price was cheaper as well! (YAAY!)

They surprisingly stock ALOT more things and brand than cosmetic-love so I was really amazed and took around 4hours+ to browse through the skincare products hahaha! 
Website was relatively easy to use and categorized nicely as well which was great, cos then I found some things that I never even intended on buying ^^; (not sure if a good thing or not but OOPS ;O)

Postage fee was FREE (yayers!) and was surprisingly really fast. On average it would take 2-3 weeks to arrive to me from Korea but this took only a week! Not sure if because the freight traffic was empty or something but hey- definitely not complaining there ^_^)v

Packaging was simple filled with bubble wrap but I feel that they could put a tad more effort in packaging in such to wrap the products in the bubble wrap rather than just throwing it in because I could imagine if worst comes to worst- there would be definite breakage as the products just sit on the edge of the packaging and there's not really bubble wrap on the sides, just the top and bottom. 
But that being said - I'm glad all my items were safe :D The packaging/arrangement inside was nicely done or to sound more smart -tessellating well. *raises glasses* ;D

Got some free samples which were mainly from Etude House which was really nice and also a business card from them thanking for the purchase.

SO! What did I purchase?
  • 2 x Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen multi stick/balm (one for a friend)
  • Holika Holika ONE solution - Antiwrinkle
  • Holika Holika ONE solution - Clear
  • Tonymoly Panda's dream So cool eye stick.

Just to give a quick summary/review or first impression of these products since I've been using them for almost 4-5 days now. Will do a more indepth review soon for some of these :D

  • I have used this before and it is amazinggggggg. Hence why I bought my friend one :D 
  • Smells really nice like chamomile & white tea. Also lingers the skin (may be bad for those that don't like the smell)
  • Comes in a fairly small twist tube and in a consistency of a solid balm- like your chapstik, just larger. 
  • Super easy to use, just apply the balm to where you want to moisturise and pat into your skin. I usually apply this around my eye area, forehead and expression lines where wrinkle starts but the result is just simply amazing. 
  • Skin legit is much more supple and firmer because it contains 58% collagen and does keep those areas hydrated really nicely.
  • Does NOT lift the skin or treat wrinkles. Nor would it completely hydrate dry skin. However it's a nice thing to apply afterwards or throughouts to dry spots/patches to keep it hydrated and moisturised throughout the day. 
  • 10g / 0.35 oz. of product
  • Retailed for $9.90USD on beautynetkorea

  • Packaging was so cute I couldn't help to buy it QAQ and thought it'd be nice for my eyes since I wear contact lenses often
  • Claims to hydrate the area to keep eyes cool and from drying. Also to help with wrinkle care and brightening.
  • Small cute packaging with a pop off cap containing a solid blue balm.
  • 9g of product
  • Super easy to use like the multi balm- just apply around the eye area and pat in to absorb
  • Retailed for $8.99 USD on beautynetkorea
  • Result - I don't think this does anything but wets my skin LOL! I feel like I got duped because it doesn't live up to what it claims to do. Doesn't really bring much of moisture or hydration. And I don't sense any tingling or cooling sensation either. 
  • So I don't recommend this. Feels like a waste of money honestly :(

  • Love the sleek packaging however it is a glass bottle with a nice dropper.
  • Contains 100% Autumn bell extract to aid in anti-wrinkle functions. (I don't know what this Autumn Bell is but I googled image and it was a female and i saw some nudity which concerned me). But what they meant was Gentiana Scabra root extract which is mainly used for inflammed skin. Which doesn't really aid in anti-wrinkle function, it's more of the glycerin content that provides the collagen to aid in the anti-wrinkle function. >_>;
  • Contains 30mL of product
  • Thick dense consistency with a nice very light floral scent.
  • Easy to use - just use the dropper and use 2-3 drops and apply to skin.
  • May leave a sticky feeling (as I read other reviews mentioned) BUT I did not experience any of this stickiness.
  • Absorbs into the skin really quick and nicely.
  • Not heavy on the skin
  • Not oily
  • Preferably to be used for night time regime. 
  • Skin does feel really hydrated however haven't been using it long enough to know the anti-wrinkle properties
  • Retails for $13.45 USD on Beautynetkorea

  • Sleek glass bottle packaging with a dropper like above.
  • Contains 100% Wintergreen extract to aid in troubled skin such as acne pimples etc. Wintergreen has anti-inflammatory properties which help kill germs and also soothes the skin from redness and pain.
  • Contains 30mL of product
  • Thick clear transparent consistency with a nice herby tea scent which I know some people apparently didn't like from other reviews. The consistency is not as thick as the antiwrinkle.
  • Easy to use - 2 to 3 drops and apply to the skin
  • Apparently also leaves a slight sticky feeling BUT once again I did not experience this. Instead mine made my skin not sticky at all.
  • Not oily
  • Absorbs into the skin really quick and nicely
  • Not heavy at all, light and fresh.
  • Preferably to be used for night time regime BUT I also use this during the day because I don't experience any sticky feeling and it absorbs into my skin immediately.
  • Result is amazing. Used this for 4-5 days now and all my breakouts and redness has gone down and has made my pimples dry up and healed. Can literally see the skin around the pimple peeling but it's not a dry-peeling, more of dead skin just appearing. Soothes the skin really well.
  • Does NOT clear the skin from blemishes (as far as I know). I've heard the Whitening version lightens scars and blemishes but I haven't used this long enough to know if it lightens scars.
  • Retails for $13.45 USD on Beautynetkorea
  • I actually really like this and would recommend it :D

That concludes for my haul and quick review for the products I purchased on 
Hope this was somewhat helpful - please leave a comment below on your opinions ^_^)/
Until then, stay well & take care!

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  1. The collagen multi stick seems nice to use! *U* I feel like trying it to buy now xD Also my first time hearing about that site, it's nice how they give you a few different samples!