Friday, 23 May 2014

[REVIEW] BYS Ultra fine Liquid eyeliner pen

Hiya! Hope you're all doing well!

Today's review will be on a liquid eyeliner by BYS called the "Ultra fine liquid eyeliner pen".

This was purchased at Kmart for $7.95 AUD and retails between $5.95AUD to $7.95AUD depending on different stores like GLOSS or KMART.

The eyeliner is like your generic liquid eyeliner pen shape, thin black pen shape tube/cylinder with a pull off cap containing 0.8mL of product. 

Has a super fine felt tip brush (0.05mm) and claims to be:
  • Waterproof
  • Smudgeproof
  • All day wear
  • Smooth gliding with precision and line control
  • Non-irritating and is safe for sensitive eyes.

Color selection - I think only comes in one shade that is Black.

The packaging really caught my attention with these claims and I immediately thought of the K-palette 1 day tattoo because of the same pen shape and all.

Did a couple of swatches on my hand and tested out the formula & the flow when drawing and it was all good (on my hand at least)
The flow was nice when I first tried it on my hand and I was able to create both thin and thick lines.

The formula I have to say is pretty good
I did a smudgeproof test by trying to smudge it after an hour and minimal smudging was seen. So smurdgeproof wise wasn't so bad.
Waterproof wise it is pretty good. I sprayed water onto the lines I drew with the eyeliner and then patted it dry- no transferring or fading. HOWEVER that being said, not really appropriate for swimming because over time it does fade and come off with constant exposure to water.
I also did an oil test since it was smudgeproof and it was a no go as it just removed the eyeliner completely. So oily eyelids- sorry! 

I also did these test on one of my eye where I used the eyeliner (you'll see why I only used on one eye) and the results are the same as above.

There was no stinging or irritation from the formula so that's definitely a good thing.

So I thought this was all good until I tried it on one of my eye.

The brush tip was just WAAAYYYY too stiff. Legit it felt like I was jabbing my eye out and dragging it (so I guess this is how it feels when people tattoo their eyeliner). It was a painful experience which led to irritating my eyes.

Putting the stiff brush tip aside - the flow wasn't consistent. At first it was good on my hand but on my eye, the product wouldn't come out which makes me face the problem of retracing over the eyeliner countless of time and facing that painful experience just to achieve the dark color. 
Because of this - it legit took two-three times longer to apply my eyeliner than usual with my other liquid eyeliner.

That being said, the color payoff (when flows well) is really nice and strong. Does have a slight glossy film look to it but not entirely glossy like the Maybelline Hyperglossy. 

SO to summarise-

  • Waterproof - quite good
  • Smudgeproof - not so bad
  • Color is intense and nice
  • Formula is not irritating
  • Good slim pen packaging, easy to hold and control the eyeliner
  • Good price

  • Inconsistent flow (sometimes comes out dark sometimes light)
  • Comes in only one color

Not sure if I got a faulty one or a bad batch BUT from this experience- I wouldn't recommend this. It's such a pity because the formula is actually quite good. 
But yeah, you can definitely pay just a few extra dollars for a definite better eyeliner where you can actually draw the desired shape quickly without pain.
I have heard from people that if you keep using it - the brush tip softens. But goodness me I DO NOT want to go through that experience. Maybe I'll practice and soften the tip on my hand? I don't know, we'll see ;w;

Hope this was somewhat useful. Please leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts as well! 
Until then~ stay well & take care!


  1. hi. I will buy one and see how much it irritates my eyes B) /maso

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  3. wow.. that's very small brush dear :)

  4. I bought 1 day tattoo liquid eyeliner pen all day wear and it is abosolutely the worst. The brush tip is stiff and the ink flow is inconsistent.